Life With Fred & Lucy/ Surviving My Gene Pool


This page is not only a story about my childhood and growing up in South Philadelphia, but it's also a story about the two ghosts that live up in my attic. I'm not afraid of these ghosts. They know me and I know them. They don't always stay at my house. Sometimes, they'll visit my sisters and my daughter. Ghosts don't usually like to interact with the living as much as the two who reside in my attic, but they say you are in death as you were in life. Fred and Lucy were very sociable while alive. They are the same, dead.


My book, Life with Fred and Lucy: Growing up in South Philly, will be out in the spring of 2018


  1. These are wonderful glimpses into that era; very true to the spirit of that place and time. And I love the visuals!

    1. Thank you, Joseph. I'm so happy that you enjoy these stories. I'm forever calling up family members to see if they have pictures that go with my memoir. Sometimes, I luck out and find the perfect picture.