Reviews on T.V. Shows

This page holds some of the weekly  articles on popular television shows that I have written for Biff Bam Pop! A website devoted to the world of pop culture from comic books and video games to movies, books and music. Andy Burns is Editor-In-Chief and you can also find the site on Facebook and Twitter. Make sure to check out the other fabulous writers on this site 

If you click on the links below, you'll be able to view all my reviews done on my favorite shows for Biff Bam Pop! :

American Horror Story

Orphan Black


Penny Dreadful.


Steampunk Granny

Gilbert's Top Five T.V. Shows

Grimm a different type of cop show

Defiance: the Game and the Show

Five Best Episodes of 2013

Favorite Television Villains

Steampunk Granny on God's Way Television

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