Reviews on The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead


Are you ready for some zombies. I love the shuffling dead and have been doing the weekly reviews for the last four seasons of The Walking Dead for Biff Bam Pop! This year, I've added the companion series Fear the Walking Dead for my recaps.

The Walking Dead Season 7 can be found on Gilbertspeaks

Marie Gilbert on Rick Grimes on Season 5 Season Five of The Walking Dead

Lessons from Robert Kirkman on Surviving the Apocalypse

Complete series to date on The Walking Dead up to and including Season 6.

Complete series to date on Fear the Walking Dead


  1. It is the ultimate zombie series by the AMC network. After the mid seasaon finale of TWD series, now its upcoming episode is ready to return on Feb 8. It would be very interesting to see what will happen in the 9th episode. So guys, don't miss : watch the walking dead season 5 episode 9 online on this Sunday!!

    1. I can't wait to see this and I agree, Deepak, this is the ultimate zombie series.