Wednesday, September 17, 2014

In the News


I had met Rita Manno, reporter and also in charge of her own Public Relations Business, when she did a story on the South Jersey Writers' Group's first anthology Tall Tales and Short Stories from South Jersey. She mentioned me in that article because she was interested in what made a grandmother of nine write about zombies.


Over the past year, Rita discovered that I was also into Steampunk and that I was known to all my friends as Steampunk Granny at Dorian's Parlor:

But what really interested her was  my ghost investigations under the guidance of the South Jersey Ghost Research/ Sanctuary Paranormal Team that worked out of the Ghost Hunter Store in Burlington New Jersey. You can learn more about Dave Juliano, Marti Haines and Jeanne Butler- Lee here:


Although my family has been experiencing paranormal events most of our lives; it's an inherited talent, I got involved with professional ghost hunting through friends Rita and Jean. We each have our own unique ways of sensing the spirit world. We took several classes with Dave's team and went on several investigations with them.


This past year, my friends and I became friends with another ghost investigative team, Keystone Spirit Seekers. Check their site here:  We went on a very productive investigation at the Selma Mansion this past year.


Thanks to Rita Manno's interest in my book, Roof Oasis, which is the first in a apocalyptic series with a twist, I have been featured in the Burlington County Newspaper. Thank you, Rita Manno.

Here is the article featuring me.

The phone has not stopped ringing with friends and family calling to congratulate me about my book and my being in the newspaper. I'm still in shock. I work very hard at writing, sometimes spending many hours interviewing people, writing recaps for television shows, movies and books and just trying to keep up with my blog and completing  book two of Roof Oasis called Saving Solanda.


I have met the most talented people and made many life long friends because of my writing. I love what I do, but I don't travel this road alone. We never do. I have a support system with my family, friends, and fellow writers that keeps me going even when I think I can't write another word. My poor husband, Dan, has been anointed the job of agent, video, audio and tech person along with the job of chauffeur. Thank you, honey.

So the reason for this post is to thank everyone who has helped me reach where I am now and where I'm going in the future. You know who you are. Love you all.

Marie Gilbert aka Steampunk Granny


  1. Great post. I have my copy of your interview in the Burlington County Times. You're the best.

    1. Thank you Dawn for bringing be the newspaper. When I took it home, Dan was just as shocked as I was to see that the article was a full page. I could not have done it without my friends. Thank you Dawn for always supporting me, even when I involved you in a spontaneous ghost investigation at one of the venues we had visited. Love you like a sister.