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                                  Steampunk Granny Marie Gilbert                       
Marie Gilbert aka Steampunk Granny is a multi-dimensional super-heroine with more adventures than a comic book museum, stuck in a grandmother’s body. Retired from the Academy of Natural Sciences, Marie finally has time for her first love: writing. She writes primarily paranormal and science fiction stories.

Marie has published her first three books of her Sci-fi Apocalyptic Roof Oasis Series: Roof Oasis, Saving Solanda, and Beware the Harvesters. Book four, Warriors is the Mist, will be out in the summer of 2017.

Books can be purchased on CreateSpace.com, Amazon and Kindle. This is an action packed science fiction series with a twist. The story takes place in the future and involves two worlds that must work together to fight the zombies created by a mysterious man bent on revenge. 

Marie is also published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Touched by an Angel which came out in October of 2014. She is also featured in Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine. Her vampire story, New Home, is published in the Bloody Kisses Press, Babes and Beasts Anthology.

This year, Marie will be taking a plunge into the world of screenwriting. She is one of the writers for a new film called Shadows of the Forest by Director Christopher Eilenstein. Check the link below. Filming starts this year 2015. Check out what we've done so far.



Marie's popular blog, Gilbert Curiosities, chronicles her adventures with her nine grandchildren, her ghost hunting investigations and, her love of Steampunk. Marie is the senior staff writer for the pop culture website Biff Bam Pop! You can check out her articles here

Marie served as co-editor of the South Jersey Writers' Group short story anthology, Tall Tales and Short Stories from South Jersey. Marie's stories "Night of the Attack" and "Where Are You Zeppie?" appeared in the collection. Marie is also a contributing writer for Go Jane News, Geekadelphia and Intertainment Hub.

                                    A word from Steampunk Granny                                       

My weekly episodes of Life with Fred & Lucy are about my siblings and me growing up in South Philadelphia. My childhood was full of strange but true events. People in my family tend to be ghost magnets; it's hereditary. My parents are no longer alive, although they do keep it touch, in fact, they haunt my house. This may explain why I'm not afraid of ghosts.
My nine grandchildren supply me with some great writing material for my blog. Even though I write about horror, paranormal events and science fiction, my blogs are mostly about family. The little devils drag me into many of their adventures and I try to incorporate them into mine.
I've interviewed many writers, actors, directors, producers, Steampunk Entrepreneurs, Steampunk Designers and musicians. Check out the page marked Interviews.
                                        Sisters Jane and Marie
I'm not your typical granny. I'm a member of the Zombie Squad and I'm ready to "bug in" and "bug out" when that zombie horde comes stumbling down my street. Check my page on zombies to learn how to prepare for the apocalypse.

I am a psychic and I do angel card readings and professional ghost investigations. If you have an unwanted guest, contact me. My e-mail is mariegilb@comcast.net  Not all ghosts are harmful, but if you're not sure what you're dealing with; call in someone who does.
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