Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Foils of Nature on the Family Car

I love nature and so does my husband, Dan. After growing up and living in Philly most of our lives, my husband and I were ready to live alongside the plentiful Jersey flora and fauna. We even built a beautiful pond in our back yard to encourage the visit of woodland creatures. Life was good as we added all types of beautiful trees and plants that attracted humming birds, bees and butterflies.

Then it happened!

My husband’s pride and joy...his GMC Terrain had been invaded...but Dan found out the hard way that this invasion had even taken place the day his car began to act up. You can imagine my husband’s surprise after taking his car to Jim Reid’s Auto Repair Shop. A few important engine wires had been chewed in half.

After the car was fixed, my husband was told to put some moth balls around the engine to keep all furry critters away from the engine and wires. The moth balls had no effect on the critters, but I began to smell like a dry cleaning service every time I used the car.

Killer Squirrel

After several trips to the Reid Auto Repair shop to repair more chewed up wires, my husband bought an animal trap. Dan’s mission was to catch the little bugger and drop him off in a park far, far away. He put the cage inside the engine, and inside the cage he placed a few crackers with peanut butter.
Then he waited. The next day, the cage was empty, but the crackers were gone. There was a note from the squirrel. It was a menu for its next meal. Jersey squirrels are known for their sense of humor, but my husband wasn’t laughing.
It took two days of empty traps and continuous damage to the engine wires before my husband finally caught the squirrel. It was huge. When caught, the squirrel was wearing a tee shirt that said, “Make my day!”


My husband took the squirrel for a long ride. He didn’t want the squirrel to easily find its way home. Killer Squirrel is now living at a nice park, and hopefully, Killer Squirrel has forgotten where we live. Just to play it safe, hubby is leaving the trap under the hood for a few more days.
I didn’t have the heart to tell my husband that I’ve recently noticed a few chipmunks surveying the car. I better get that box of moth balls from the garage. We might be very busy with potential squatters.

Friday, January 20, 2017

A Message of Love to President Obama and President Trump


Thank you for 8 years of service to the American people, President Obama. I'm wishing you the best of everything for you and your beautiful family as you start out on your new journey.
I will ask GOD to guide President Trump in his duties and for GOD's nonjudgmental love for all his children to be a gentle reminder for President Trump that the American people come before all corporations, all churches and all banks.
President Trump may you have only love and compassion for every single person in America. May you do all in your power to stop the hatred that is dividing this country by remembering that you are a servant to the American people and that we will rally around you if you do right for all of us.
When no child goes to bed hungry, when no American is denied medical treatment and when the elderly are not forgotten or treated as disposables. When we are valued as children of the Universe regardless of race, sex, sexual identity, nationality or economic status, America will become a true beacon of Love and Tolerance to the entire world.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Identifying GOD

Do I believe in GOD? Yes, with my whole heart and soul. But, do I believe that GOD is this old man living up in the clouds? That is what I was taught as a child, but as I grew older and witnessed the horrors that men commit against each other, I’ve become cynical of the teachings of religion.
How I ask, can a Creator that not only made us, but all life throughout the Universe be okay with us hating another one of his creatures? Why would a powerful Creator subscribe to one religion using murder and terrorism to attack others? Why would this Creator subscribe to the speeches of hate that have been in the news lately?
The answer is simple: The Creator does not endorse negativity of any type, shape or form. The Creator is the ultimate life force and as a life force, His mission and motto is “BE and let BE.”  And yet, here we are ready to kill in his name.

Who is GOD?
GOD is certainly not the myth of religions. God is pure energy and pure love. His energy is what created the universe and all the life forms that are evolving on all the planets that are scattered through the universes and, through the different dimensions.
Early man had no way of understanding the depth or range of the universe and mankind certainly had no way of understanding that everything, including themselves, was made up of the Creator’s life-force-energy and because he didn’t, he made up stories to explain this power. He gave GOD a name; many names to be exact. Mankind went about building temples of gold where daily sacrifices were offered to the GOD of many names. When the temples weren’t enough, Man began a methodical indoctrination of the masses.
It was all about power and control, but with the threat of an eternity spent in hell, lay people were coerced into following the laws of the many religions. For the lay people, the laws were hard to bear upon their shoulders, but for the leaders of religion, they had found Nirvana: willing slaves that followed their every instruction. Any dispute was treated as heresy and, the solution was often a painful public death. All the while, wars continued to be fought in the name of God, while the poor and the vulnerable were mowed under the wheels of the war machine.
Here we are in the year 2017 and the people of Earth are no closer to peace and harmony than they were since they crawled out of that primordial soup of evolution. Do we place the blame at God’s door? Because, after all, he is all powerful and we were promised by our religious leaders that if we followed the “True” religion, we would be saved.
Maybe...the problem is with us...maybe we are looking for God in all the wrong places...maybe science can help us understand just how powerful God has made each and every one of us.

May the Force Be With You
He is the Force...okay, I’m going Star Wars here a bit, but it will help you understand where I’m headed. We are made up of atoms, we are light, and we are truly the dust of stars long gone: We are energy with no ending. We are GOD’s energy that is vibrating at a lower level than his. Everything has his energy! Think about this...every planet, every sun, every moon, every leaf, tree, rock, animal, bird, fish, insect, bacteria and virus...we are the sum total of GOD.
There are many scientific explanations for energy and many types of energy, but the one I’ll use is this: energy is the ability to move forward. Living entities are always moving forward from one life to another. Our soul’s energy doesn’t die when we shed our bodies. Our souls go on and on and on. GOD is E=Mc2

We have been reborn over and over since the beginning of time...for God is time and space. We have lived on every planet and in every dimension and we are doing this simultaneously at most points in our existence. There is no set place to hold the energy of life except in the Soul, which is the mirror of God. We reflect his energy in our soul...and the soul craves life and knowledge. The soul wants to be like be GOD.

Become the Force
Again, I ask for your forgiveness in using a Star War phrase, but to become close to God, we need to look only within ourselves. GOD lives in each of us. He doesn’t need temples and there is only one law. “BE and let BE.”  Once we start to look at other life forms on this Earth as fellow mini gods in training, we will understand that we are all equal parts of the whole...every person, every animal, and every plant on every world and every dimension.

If we are to move forward and evolve as an energy being, we need to take religion out of the equation. We need to connect with the collective universal mind and follow the law of the Ultimate Life Force...Do no harm...create not destroy...BE and let BE.
GOD is waiting for us to make the first move.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Necessity of Truth

To understand why it’s important to tell the truth, we first need to understand what the word means. Truth: the quality or state of being true; that which is in accordance with fact or reality; a fact or belief that is accepted as true.
When Pilate asked Jesus, “What is truth” the reply from Jesus was, “I have come into this world to testify to the truth.” If we follow the words and actions of Jesus we learn that HIS truth is peaceful, loving, sympathetic, and above all, his truth is constant. But, are the truths of one man the same for another?

When the popular theory was that the Earth was the center of our universe, there were men of science who cried out to dispel that falsehood. Some were martyred for this truth as were those who said that the Earth was not flat. These brave souls stood up to the lies and misconceptions put into place by those in power. Why would church leaders lie? Was it because these men of power lacked the ability to understand the natural workings of our universe, or worse, they continued the lie as a means to control the populace.
When people tell the truth, they don’t have to worry about getting their stories right if questioned later. When people tell the truth, they are not afraid of the backlash of being caught in a lie. Truth speakers are usually truthful in words and actions. Their word is their honor. When I was young, my parents stressed the point of my being honest with them and others, but by the time I was in sixth grade, I understood that they often did not follow their own teachings. So why do we lie, when the truth will set us free?
Something seriously has happened in the world we live in today. False information bombards us via television, Facebook and the internet. How many times have we heard someone state a falsehood and when questioned, they say, “But it was on the internet, so it has to be true.” Wrong! Just because someone puts misinformation on the internet doesn’t mean you should blindly believe it to be true. With the recent elections, the people of this country were faced with politicians telling bold faced lies.

Politicians have forgotten that they are merely our servants and not our masters. We should hold them to the highest standards and when we catch them in a lie, we should tar and feather them and run them out of office. Democrats and Republicans are equally guilty of the “Big Lie” but how do we stop liars and the lies they weave?
Survival Techniques
When it comes to the internet, your neighborhood library is the best source of information for you to come to your own conclusions. You should also listen to foreign news stations like the BBC and you should read newspapers. You should be doing your own research to get to the truth. The Church and Governments are good at telling lies because they know that they will lose control once the people know the truth.
But, how do you deal with liars in your own family or in a work situation? Be aware. When someone lies, you must deal with the situation without emotion. When you are stuck dealing with a compulsive liar, your first instinct is to challenge the lie. If this is a child, then find out why they feel the need to lie. The fault might lay with you being too judgmental or controlling. You might need to change your ways in order for that child to feel safe in telling you the truth.
If you are dealing with an adult member of the family, then you need to decide how important this relationship is before deciding to challenge or ignore. Did the family member tell a little white lie when you asked how your meatloaf tasted? Were they trying to spare your feelings? Some lies are told to avoid hurting people’s feelings. We can understand this.
Some people lie to protect their own emotional turmoil. They say that they are fine, or they lie about their partner’s faults because they can’t face the truth that the failed relationship might actually be their fault.
The most dangerous of liars is the emotional vampire. They will lie to weaken our sense of self-worth. The best way of handling an emotional vampire is to dump them as soon as possible, but if you are unable to do this, then you need to set up boundaries by understanding that everything they tell you is a lie, then check out their story every single time. This seems like too much work, but it will give some protection if there is no way to escape the vampire, especially if they refuse counseling or therapy.
Everyone tells little white lies when they need to protect themselves from a harmful situation or when they really don’t want to offend someone (“This meatloaf tastes horrible”). What is unacceptable is when the lie can turn people against each other, like Trump’s claims that all Mexicans are rapists, or that Obama was not an American citizen. Hillary had her share of lies that upset many voters and allowed Trump to be elected. Our leaders have to be held accountable. When a lie is discovered, they must be made to acknowledge the lie and to apologize to the nation. Nothing less is acceptable.
How do we get our leaders to tell the truth? Start with ourselves and then demand that they do the same thing. When a politician makes a statement that doesn’t ring true, do your own investigation. Be a man or woman of your word. Be honest. Demand honesty.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

On the Go!


Question: When is a retirement not retirement?

Answer: When you’re having the time of your life doing what you love.

My husband is always telling me that he sees me less now that I am retired than he did when I worked at the Academy of Natural Sciences. He is absolutely right so I can’t argue with him, but I am finally getting to do what I love to do. This past week, I had three big events to participate in. The first event was the 2016 Women’s Expo that was hosted by the Queen of Events, Tobi Schwartz Cassell.  This is one of many events that Tobi plans for the year.

The Expo was held at the Cherry Hill Health & Racquet Club and the list of vendors was long. There was something for everyone there. Tobi also had a Keynote Speaker, Sheila Weller. Sheila is the author of “Girls like Us,” “The News Sorority” and “Raging Heart.”  The event benefitted Cantor Scott’s Animal Rescue in Cherry Hill. I was there selling my Roof Oasis Sci-fi series and my wonderful editor, Patti O’Brien was my helper.

Tobi is hosting another event on December 1, 2016 from 6 PM-9:30PM at Aenigma Jewelry on 6 Powell Lane, The Shoppes at the Lumberyard where Haddon Ave. meets Powell Lane. She will have Elsie Kerns and little ole me doing intuitive and psychic readings. Check out Tobi’s event page here and make plans to shop and get a reading. Check Tobi’s Franks and Beans site for all her events.

My second event was at the First Baptist Church of Pitman located at 30 N. Broadway Pitman, NJ. I was there for the Holiday Bazaar. This was such a great event and the church is so beautiful. Pastor Randy Van Osten was there greeting all the vendors as we entered the meeting hall. I met a lot of nice people and very talented vendors: Laura McDevitt of LuLaRoe, Joy of Crafty Roots, Reflexology with Nancy Schroeck and Maryi Sunshine.  I was very happy to have sold so many books.

On Sunday, I was at Tracy Farquhar’s Spirit Light Center at 916 White Horse Pike, Oaklyn NJ with two fellow psychic/mediums Diane Lopresti and Jean Ramalho it was a great day to do psychic readings using our angel cards. Check Tracy’s site for upcoming events

My husband is right that I’m always on the go, but I’m having a ball and looking forward to getting into more adventures. You can check my other blog Gilbert Speaks for my reviews on television, film and books. If you happen to see me out and about, make sure to say hi.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Message to Mr. Trump


Dear Sir:

We live in a country where we are allowed to protest. This is a great thing and it should never be discouraged or looked down upon. We the people protested against the Crown of England to gain our independence and we won. We protested against the Vietnam War that sent our brave young men and women to fight and, lose their lives for the benefit of old rich men, and we won. We protested against slavery, and we won. We protested for a woman’s right to vote, and we won. We protested against child laborers in unsafe factory conditions; we protested against unfair conditions for American workers; we protested for a decent living wage and a sensible work week, and we won those too. We, as a nation, were built on the ashes of revolution. Protesting is in our blood.
We are America and because we are the land of the free, we should encourage people to speak out. We will speak out and, our government officials should fear us. The constitution was set up to ensure that people and not corporations or churches had the last word. America is great and it was always great. I am standing with all the people who are not happy with your whiney and hateful messages. You are not my president. You do not represent me or my daughter and granddaughters. I will not acknowledge you as my leader of this great country until you speak out for the weakest of us: the poor, the children, the homeless, and the elderly.
You do not exist in my world and you have no power over my life. I will not acknowledge your existence until you publically apologize to every woman in this country for your sexist behavior. No woman should ever be called a pussy! This hateful name and your actions is an affront to every grandmother, mother, daughter, any sister living in this country and, it demeans the men who love them. Shame on you! Did you foolishly assume that your words would not have consequence or that you could just chalk it off to locker room babble? Your words and anything that you say from this day forward are captured for eternity on film. I will not forget and neither will future generations.
You are not my president until you stand with the Native Americans against the Dakota pipeline, or stand against the Koch Empire and Big Oil and especially the foreign banks that have the audacity to invest in destroying our drinking water…America’s drinking water! You are not my president, Mr. Trump until you dismantle Citizens United. You are not my president until you admit publically to being a bigot and change your hateful ways. In my America, all people are equal and everyone has a voice no matter what their sex, race or religion is. Shame on you, Mr. Trump!
You are not my president! You do not represent me until you immediately guarantee affordable healthcare to every American citizen. How dare you and the people in Congress enjoy the best and most expensive health benefits while we TAX Payers are left to die because you buckle under the pressure of greedy insurance companies and the pharmaceutical gangsters? Why should I worry about scraping money together from my measly social security check (that I’ve paid into for over 50 years) to pay for my medication when my tax money goes to the very people in congress who continuously get free healthcare while simultaneously trying to take away the people’s safety nets?
I am not a pussy and, you are not my president until you earn my respect. You need to apologize to me right now!

Marie Gilbert, An American Citizen and your boss come this January.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

True Tales from the Tombs


When I mention cemeteries, what is your first thought? Did you know that cemeteries are for the living as much as they are for the dead? I’ve been posting about my favorite cemetery, Laurel Hill, over the years and there is a reason that I love this place. This cemetery is a good place for me to communicate with the souls on the other side of the veil. I love learning about their history and the history of Philadelphia. But, there is so much more to like at the cemetery because of their kick-ass events.

My friend and fellow ghost investigator, Rita, and I began volunteering at the cemetery because of the many events offered during the year. One of our favorite is the one offered during Halloween. Last night Rita and I manned the refreshment table along with three other volunteers. The event was True Tales from the Tombs presented by the “Not Ready for Afterlife Players & Friends of Laurel Hill Cemetery.

After visitors stopped at our refreshment table for their hot cider, cookies and candy, they were led by guides to visit several grave sites where the actors portraying the spirits of notable people like: Benjamin Hodgson, Maurice Fagan, Martha Drinnan, Margaret and Elisha Kent, Anne W. Penfield, Singleton Mercer, Margaret Fox, Nathan Dunn, and Mahlon H. Heberton talked about their life and unexpected deaths. Isn’t any death unexpected when the Grim Reaper points at us?

Under the skilled supervision of Nick McAllister, Beth Savastana, Emma Stern, Carol Yaster, Suhee You, Casey Cappello, Bill Doran, David Gurmai, and Shawn Jacobsen, the event ran smoothly and all the guests, both living and dead enjoyed a fabulous show in the crisp fall night.

Check out the event page for Laurel Hill Cemetery to see the upcoming events and say hello to the spirits for me.