Monday, June 11, 2018

Spiritual Reading for 6/11/2018: Simplify Your Life


This reading is perfect for today’s world. Every one of us starts our day hitting the ground running. Life becomes a blur as we rush from one choir to another. The only way we keep in contact with friends and family is by texting. No one makes eye contact because we are chained to our cell phones. Depression in on the rise, tempers flare, and…a butterfly flits past unnoticed. What the heck are we doing to ourselves.
Mind you, I am not preaching to you because I am the biggest offender. My daughter calls me “Zoom Butt because I never sit still. I don’t know how because my siblings and I were raised to keep busy. What can we do to change?

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Spiritual Reading for 5/20/2018: The Power of the Soul


I have done many psychic readings, and the most prominent complaint from my clients is the feelings of powerlessness. They won’t even attempt to buck the system because they feel that they are not important enough, or worthy enough to cause a change. What if I told you that we are as powerful as the angels?

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Spiritual Reading for 5/6/2018: Dehumanizing of Others


Them vs. Us! Those people, that country, that nationality, those immigrants, those refugees…does this rant sound familiar? What is it about the human nature that makes us fear diversity? Today’s reading is about hatred towards others. This is the most dangerous of sins, and Jesus specifically spoke against this hatred.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Spiritual Reading on Resistance to Change 4/22/2018


One of the hardest things for us humans to do is to change our way of thinking. We sometimes are stuck in a rut, and after some time, that rut begins to get comfortable even as it hinders our chance to be happy. We’re not happy with our lot, but it’s just too much trouble to change…maybe we’re afraid to change…maybe we really rather whine than change. When our friends and family attempt to give advice, we attack. Sound familiar? I actually did a reading for a person who wanted more out of life, but anger, regret, and depression made her deaf to suggestions. She did not want to change, for whatever reason; the fear of change made her a prisoner to her unhappiness. Nothing I said could help her. Her mind snapped shut to every chance to free herself. Why are we so resistant to change? The angels have the answer and the solution.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

When You Encounter Failure: A Spiritual Reading


We have all gone through this…FAILURE! How do we start over again when that resume didn’t pan out for a better job, or that project you handed in, landed in the trash can, or that business venture vanished into thin air? Failure can bring on a sense of loss, and depression. We look for someone to blame for our misfortune. Maybe we are our own worst enemy. Today’s cards talk about starting all over again. In other words; dust yourself off, pick yourself up, and start all over again.

Five of Michael tells us that maybe, just maybe, this promotion, this new home, this guy or gal you were interested in wasn’t for you. Not at this time. Let it go! Reflect on how you originally approached the task, whatever it was. Did you put enough effort into arriving at the end-results?  Did you look at the whole picture to see if the expected results were what you truly desired?  You know that just because your family think you are the best thing walking the face of the earth, to your employer, you’re just a square peg in a round hole. You don’t fit in. Stand back, take a deep breath, then look yourself in the mirror. Michael, our warrior angel, is featured in this reading.

Nine of Michael tells us not to worry. Focus on the outcome you desire. Okay, so that promotion didn’t come through, or that girl flipped you off, or that house you wanted was not feasible because of your income. Don’t lose hope. Put your trust in GOD, then get to work improving yourself for that next bid. Fix what is wrong with you before trying to tweak a chaotic world.

Five of Raphael tells us that everything happens for a reason, so release the anger and guilt. “You worked so hard to get that promotion, and some little snot nose right out of college gets what you want.” Maybe, you would have hated the longer hours, or maybe you’d be required to work with an obnoxious co-worker. Maybe that little snot nose was actually the right person for that particular job. Even when things don’t go our way, Heaven has your back. Let it go, heal, and try again.

Seven Of Michael tells us that there is a better course. Review the details of what it is you desired. Work on improving the abilities you don’t already possess. Get a little help from your friends with introductions or references.

Six of Michael tells us that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. You have to swim to that light. Make the changes necessary. Make a plan, then live up to that plan. Live up to the high expectations that you desire and that means working very hard for what you want…even if the change needed is relocation.

This reading in dedicated to the beautiful people who I did readings for yesterday at the "On Angels Wings Spiritual Awakening" . You can do it! GOD has your back!

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Handling Indecision and Confusion, a Spiritual Reading


Some people, like me, make quick decisions. They do enough research to feel confident, then make their decisions. No matter if the results or good or bad, these people go with their gut instincts and most of the time, they’ve made the right choice. When they do make a mistake, they store this failure away for future use, and then, go on with life.

Some people, like my hubby, have to arrive at a decision at a much slower pace. They will do the research, get advice from other people, then weigh the evidence before acting. They too are using their gut instincts, but act only when they feel confident that there won’t be any negative feedback. If the desired results are a failure, they might become hesitant to act on the next big decision. Luckily for my hubby and me, we balance each other out: daring yet sensible eliminates a lot of mental potholes…and things get done.

This reading is for the third group. I call these people ‘Spiritual Procrastinators’ these gentle souls never fully believe in their own powers to do the right thing at the right time. The Spiritual Procrastinators will handle each decision as if they are making a life or death choice. Each decision is handled with fear even though they are intelligent people, who know what the correct choice is. These gentle souls freeze up when making a decision; never trusting their gut feeling; never trusting the research they’ve done; never trusting others who have made a similar choice.

This inability to act on a decision and to stick to it, is usually seen in new souls. This is their first time in a corporal body, and the mechanics of trusting in one’s power hasn’t seeped in yet. They concentrate so fully in making their way through this life, that they’ve forgotten the lessons learned in Heaven, or that they are divine creatures who are temporarily inhabiting this body. I’ve also seen this inability to make a decision in a few old souls, who may be still reacting to choice from the perspective of past memories when they had chosen wrongly. They are afraid to trust in themselves…but how do they move past their spiritual procrastinating?
Seven of Raphael tells us to make a decision! Be clear on what you want, then take action. How can these souls take this first step?

Decision with Archangel Jophiel tells us to release yourself from your fears. Detox from past lives and past mistakes. Stop worrying. You know who you are and what you need. Trust your instincts. They are from GOD.

Seven of Michael tells us there is a better course of action available to you. If need be, consult with professionals, then make your choice

Two of Michael tells us that it is better to make a decision. Do not stagnate in this life because of fear. Our overanalyzing keeps us from obtaining what GOD wants for us. He wants us to be happy and, to make sure that we allow other people to be happy. Michael’s advice is compromise. Make a decision, stick to it, and if it is the wrong decision…learn from it.

Knight of Gabriel tells us to take action! Put some passion into your decision, and trust your instincts!

Now get out there and live your life!

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Spiritual Reading for Forgiveness and Accountability


This was a hard reading to do because I am touching on two character flaws that I find in myself. It’s hard to forgive. I have a problem with this and, it’s the first thing I pick up on people when I’m doing angel card readings for them. We’re hurt. We feel betrayed…and we want revenge. Don’t deny it. We all picture ourselves turning the table on those that hurt us badly. I wanted to take a fresh look at the power of forgiveness. But first, I needed to ask a very hard question. Was I responsible for the rift that happened between a friend or family member? Meet me after the jump.