Friday, October 2, 2015

I Want A Tesla Car! And, I want it Now!

One of the nine grandchildren, Joshua, is planning on joining the Navy. His older brother is already serving in the U.S. Marines. Joshua and I are big fans of Nikola Tesla who is the genius behind alternating current electricity.

Joshua and I are also big fans of Elon Musk, the brains behind Space X, PayPal and Tesla Motors. My grandson plans on working for Space X as an engineer when he is finished serving in the Navy.
Tesla Car
The other day, my grandson asked his ole granny if she would like to ride up with him to test drive a Tesla. This car is 100% electric. The Tesla uses no gasoline and doesn’t have a gasoline internal combustion engine with hundreds of moving parts that can break. There are no emissions, none! Holy wow! I just felt the planet take in a deep breath of clean air.
As soon as we reached the dealership in Devon Pa, Josh and I walked around the lot to check out the cars. I already have my future car picked out.  Once we entered the showroom, I was immediately impressed with the sleek, futuristic, and spotlessly clean area. Chris, the salesperson who greeted us, took his time explaining everything about the car: the battery which is the length and width of the car; about the four-wheel and all-wheel drive and, the dual motors.  You should just watch the video because it does a better job of explaining.

Chris took us on a test drive. I sat in the back while Chris explained some of the special features. The thing that caught my eye was the granny size computer on the dashboard. I do a lot of driving back and forth for my book signings and I use my smart phone’s GPS. I’m always squinting to see what is on the screen. I won’t be squinting with the Tesla screen.
As we drove I noticed something peculiar. There was no noise. It was silent other than Josh and Chris talking. This car is fast, too. Chris directed us to an area where it was safe to go fast. He told Josh to come to a stop and then floor it. Within four seconds, the car went from 0 to 72. In Disneyworld there is a ride called Mission Space where you get to experience the effects of a rocket taking off from Earth. I can safely say I was experiencing maximum g-force during the time Josh touched the pedal on that back road. I freaking loved it.
Since the car is 100% electric, you just plug it in at the end of the day. And, don’t worry about finding chargers. Tesla Motors and Elon Musk are making sure that there will be enough supercharging stations across these United States. You know what that means, right? I can drive straight to Napa California. Here I come, Jane!
I hope I sell a lot of books because I want to buy that car. You can get a used car for less, but I want the one I saw in the lot.

Angel Cards and Spiritual Readings

Mediums and psychics will use a variety of items to help them focus when giving psychic readings. Some readers will use Tarot Cards, while people like me and a few of my friends feel more comfortable using Angel Cards to bring messages to people who ask for guidance.
Tarot Cards
What is the difference between Tarot Cards and Angel Cards? Not much except for the pictures and the intentions that the reader puts into the cards. Would you be surprised to know that Tarot Cards were originally used as a game? Known as Trionfi, the tarot card was used as far back as mid-century Europe as playing cards, just as we use a deck of cards today for poker and pinochle. Like a common deck of cards, the tarot has four suits.

Using the Tarot Cards, which use beautiful images, help the Reader to connect to their inner eye; the higher self in order to advise the person seeking the reading. Most Readers have the gift of Empathy that allows them to connect and feel for the person being read. It opens the door to the universal consciousness. The cards themselves have no power.
Angel Cards
There are people who shy away from Tarot cards because they don’t understand that the tarot cards, themselves, have no power. They associate Tarot with the occult and the occult with evil. For those Readers and people who wish to be read who shy away from the traditional Tarot cards, we have Angel Cards.

I, as a psychic believe in a loving and forgiving GOD and, I believe his angels do all in their power to help us connect with GOD. Angel Cards help the Reader focus on the positive messages. The messages remain truthful, but they are readily accepted because the messages in the Angel Cards bring hope and support to the person being read. I love using the Doreen Virtue Cards.                                                          
When I use my Angel Cards, I call on the Angels for guidance and protection for me and the person I am doing the reading for. I tell them to pick three or more cards from the deck. After they’ve placed the cards on the table, I ask them to pray to GOD for guidance, because I am only the instrument through which HIS message will come through.                                                         

Once the intentions have been set, I begin with the first card; base card; the card that tells me what a person’s strengths and weaknesses are. The card lets me know how this person deals with present and future events from what has happened to them in the past. The second card reveals what the person is dealing with in present time and the third deals with how they should look at life’s situations with the help of GOD and his angels.
I’ve found that people are more comfortable getting a reading from people who use either Tarot Cards or Angel Cards when they understand that the Reader is getting their information from the Light and not the Dark side of the universal consciousness. Are you more willing to have a reading done with Angel Cards?

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

When is a Saint Not Saintly

Brought up in the Catholic religion, we were introduced to sainthood pretty early. Our birth names had to be based on one of the Church’s long list of saints, which meant you couldn’t name your bouncing baby boy, Snoop Dog.
When my siblings and I were growing up, the nuns who taught us in school always used the lives of the Saints to point out how incompetent and wicked we were as students. Sure why not shove that inferiority complex down a child’s throat early in life, right?
I mean really, who could compete with a Saint Francis of Assisi or St. Christopher, or Saint Maria Goretti? Why were they so good? Were they some type of holy superhero? I guess the nuns were trying to give us role models to look up to, but how exactly did one become a Saint? What are the rules? And why was St. Christopher kicked off the Saint List? What could he have possibly done?
It appears that there are five steps to becoming a saint and you can check them out here:
Recently, I was in a discussion with a good friend from Facebook about the recent canonization of Junipero Serra as the evangelizer of the western United States. Many people were happy with the news when Pope Francis announced it last week. Many more were not.
I have a soft spot in my soul for the original people of this land. Native Americans were brutalized by the Europeans coming over to this new land. Europeans treated Native Americans as less than human. So why do the Indians hate this new saint? Serra, the Franciscan Friar, arrived in the American Territories in 1749 and founded the Mission of San Diego in 1769. It was the first of nine missions that changed the lives of the native people and not in a good way.
Indian historians blame Serra for the suppression of their culture and the deaths of many of their people at the missions. Indians were treated as children who were forced to accept a religion by force. That’s like the Taliban coming over here and forcing their radical religion on us, or us forcing Christianity on them. It’s not right to force your beliefs on another person...end of discussion.
The Indians were forced to deny their languages, clothing and even marriage customs. Members of a tribe who were baptized were separated from those who weren’t. Horrible!
Okay, I’m going on a rant right now about Saints in general. The church already has enough bad press to handle as it is with the crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, the corruption of the Vatican Bank, and the sexual abuse of young children. What they don’t need to do is irritate the Tribal Nations by forcing a Saint (who to them is considered a monster) down their throats. 

I like Pope Francis, but he missed two opportunities to right a wrong while here in this country. He should have made a new rule that women would be allowed to act as deacons, just like they did while Jesus was alive and, he could have apologized to the Tribal Nations for any wrongs that the Roman Catholic Missionaries caused their people. He then could have picked a candidate that was considered worthy by Native Americans standards.
Pope Francis should have looked at all the facts on Serra before appointing him for sainthood. He should have listened to what the Native Americans had to say about the man. He did not. Bad move.
While we’re at it, I think Pope Francis should re-instate Saint Christopher into the Saint Log Book. Want to know why Saint Christopher was kicked out. He wasn’t kicked off the team because he was unpopular. The man was a star. It was because the church didn’t know enough about Christopher’s origins. Then there was that pesky problem of too many feast days. Not enough days in the week to squeeze all those saints on a calendar.
To cut down on the overload, Pope Paul VI at the Second Vatican Council decided to remove or demote a few saints. The congregation, having already invested in all those car medallions, decided to keep him as the unofficial guardian of travelers. Check it out here:

Saints have to be like super heroes, but without the dark skeletons in the closets. If Rome is going to pick a person for sainthood, then they have to find someone who caused no harm to anyone; intentional or otherwise. If Rome is going to pick a person for sainthood, it should consider people from other faiths, too. The Roman Catholic Church doesn’t own the mold that makes a person a saint. Saints can be found in every race, gender, nationality and, they have to be respected by all.

Who do you think is worthy of sainthood?

Friday, September 25, 2015

Stepping Off That Ledge

Life is not supposed to be perfect, or easy. Life is a series of adventures. Some of life’s adventures are good, some are bad, but on the whole, most adventures for a shy person can be potentially horrifying. Each phase of our lives requires us to take a leap of faith. For some, this leap is easy because the person has enough self-esteem to take risks. For others, this leap is akin to death because they view failure as a reason to give up and never try again.

I was a shy child, rebellious, but shy. It took me a long time to find my voice and, now that I’ve found it, I will not be silenced. My self-esteem grew over time because I forced myself to step off ledges. There were many crashes to the sharp rocks below and many tears, but each failure made me stronger. I find that in the twilight of my years, I have begun leaping more and more out of the comfort of conformity and into the raging rivers of the unknown and, I have never been so happy in my life. Each leap has given me power.

Because I am a psychic and an Empath, I can sometimes pick up on a person’s insecurities and I tell them that it’s okay to be scared. I tell them that they can be terrified, but they can also take that leap of faith. This year, I trusted the advice of a beloved mentor and I started doing spiritual readings.
My first reading happened by accident while I was at an event. I was at the Paraunity Expo to sell my book, Roof Oasis. Two of the scheduled mediums had not shown up for the event. As soon as I entered the hall to set up my table, I was asked to do readings. I could have said no. It would have been easier for me. Reading a person drains your spiritual energy. I could have said no, but I didn’t. My leap from the comfort zone allowed me to help others that day; to emphasize to them that they were loved by the Creator; to remind them that they were worthy of love.

I was at an event this Friday night that was hosted by our South Jersey Writers’ Group. I watched as people took turns standing on the stage to read their latest short story or poem. Some of the readers were comfortable getting up in front of the crowd; they’ve done it before and they’ve gained confidence in their work. But, there were a few new members there as well and I can imagine just how hard it was for them to stand up on that stage and read out loud to a bunch of strangers. They did wonderfully and, I’m guessing that it won’t be so hard the next time they get up on that stage.
So, what about you? Does the very thought of taking a leap into a new adventure, a new job, a new relationship, terrorize you? Don’t be afraid. Trust in yourself. Know that we can only grow and evolve when we conquer our fears and laugh at our failures. When you take that leap, look’ll see others taking their first leap, too.  

Spread your wings and fly.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Locksmith, A Graphic Novel Thriller by Terrance Grace


I meet the nicest people on Twitter and everyone of them is talented. Terrance Grace has created a great thriller. Check out the sites I've included. I think you're going to be quite impressed by his work.

NOIR meets SCI-FI in this graphic novel thriller: A cop becomes guardian of a gateway to the beginning and end of the universe.

                                                         Terrance Grace                               

The Video:

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Screaming Over Scream Queens

Holy Hell! I wasn’t sure what to expect from Ryan Murphy’s new scream fest which premiered on FOX last night, but least we forget, Ryan Murphy does know a thing or two about horror already. Murphy is the brains behind American Horror Story on FX. The difference between the shows is Scream Queens is less gore (less than AHS) and more tongue in cheek humor.
The show is set on a college campus and, everyone who has a pulse knows college campuses are the incubators for slasher films. Emma Roberts, a regular on American Horror Story, is the queen of the sorority house where everyone there is called Chanel followed by a number to designate their rank.

The series created by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan stars Emma Roberts, Skyler Samuels, Lea Michele, Abigail Breslin, Glen Powell, Oliver Hudson and, last but not least, the original scream queen, Jamie Lee Curtis.
Jaime Lee Curtis shines as Dean Cathy Munsch. Her sarcastic conversations with Emma Roberts’ Chanel Oberlin drip venom and humor.
The pilot revolves around a student, who twenty years earlier delivered a baby before dying and, the killer who is stalking the girls of Kappa Kappa Tau Sorority. 
The pilot was kick ass funny with enough scares and twists to make even the most avid horror zombie enjoy the show.  My rating for the show is four stars!

Greed, The Most Dangerous of the Seven


We can all recite the list of deadly sins: pride, envy, gluttony, lust, anger, sloth, and greed, but do we really understand how dangerous these transgressions are to our spiritual growth and our psychic well-being?  Some people think that Pride is the sin from which all other sins stem from, but I beg to differ. I think Greed is the most serious of the seven.
What is sin?
Simple answer: It is the breaking of God’s law. It is a turning away from the light and following the darkness. Not everyone believes in the same God, but the Hebrew God gave Moses the Ten Commandments as a guideline to follow. Humans are not good at following orders, so the Son of God, Jesus, made the rules easier to follow. He shortened the Ten Commandments to two: “You shall love the LORD your GOD with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.” Okay that rule is easy, right? No! Did you forget that we have free will? The second rule that Jesus gave us was the deal breaker. “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”


“I don’t like my neighbor, so why should I love him?” the cry was raised by the people of HIS time and ours. I truly think that GOD has a great sense of humor. His requests are not hard to bear, but we grumble anyway, which brings me back to Greed.

While Pride is an over excessive belief in yourself to the point that nothing or no one can compare to your awesomeness (my description) Narcissists are definitely the perfect description of a prideful person. Pride is having a high opinion of oneself, which isn’t always bad. The trouble begins when a person refuses to change their ways because of pride. Proud people find it hard to admit when they are wrong and think that they are better than others, but even though they are quite obnoxious, they are not destructors. Greedy people on the other hand, are.

I want it. I need it, now. I want it, all!

“I want to water my lawn even though there is a severe drought in the Californian County that I live in. I want to water my lawn even though the law says not to. I’m rich and I don’t have to do what the poor people do!” That last quote was actually said my one of the wealthy people living close to where the forest fires were raging in Northern California.

Who are these people? They are the new generation of selfish thinking, self-serving, acquisitionist who deem themselves above the laws of GOD and men. They love money and things more than moral or civil responsibilities. The gathering of wealth has made them deaf to the cries of the poor, to the state of our ecological sustainability, to the destruction of our and other species on this planet. They want it all and, because they do, they will: pollute our air, water, and food; they will cause a financial depression that our great, great grandchildren will still feel the effects of; they will take away human rights because of financial gain.

In my opinion, GREED opens the door to wars, human trafficking, the methodical destruction of other species, dishonest banks, corporations hiding their money in order to avoid taxes and, my number one example, Corporations having more voting rights over the citizens of our country by making laws beneficial to their raking in money over the bodies of those who work for them. Citizens United is a fine example of GREED gone crazy.  

We are all sharing this planet, together. In order for us as a species to grow and evolve, we need to turn away from the darkness and back to the CREATOR. Our psychic inner spirits will wither and die if we don’t.