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The Roof Oasis Series is a fast moving Sci-fi apocalyptic story packed with lots of action. If you can imagine Romeo and Juliet joining forces with aliens to fight some rather nasty flesh eating zombies, then you have a good idea of how much fun this series is. The plot follows the rebels of two worlds as they join forces to stop a mysterious tyrant who purposely causes the apocalypse.

Roof Oasis, the first book in the series, introduces us to twins Michael and Lucy. Faced with a zombie uprising, their only escape is through a mirror that leads to another world. Will Michael be able to save his family before the flesh eaters come crashing through the barricade? Will Lucy be able to contact her alien lover before she and her robot are torn to shreds? Roof Oasis can be purchased on Amazon and Kindle.

Saving Solanda is the second book in the series and picks up where Roof Oasis left off. While Lucy and Michael fight the demonic forces invading their sanctuary on earth, an alien princess must join forces with a mythic creature to save her friends on Solanda.
Beware the Harvesters, Book 3 of the Roof Oasis Science Fiction reveals the identity of The Leader and finds our alien and human protagonists separated and in a jam. While Jane discovers an unsettling secret about the commander of the Teton Sanctuary, Michael and Razhep work feverishly to gain entrance to an ancient UFO. Lucy and the Cuban rebels are held prisoner inside The Leader’s headquarters and the only one who can save them is Patty...but our little robot is missing in action. While the rebels race against time to bring down the most hated man on two worlds, Princess Bird travels to the past to find Lilith. Beware the Harvesters is a fast moving, action packed, thriller

Warriors in the Mist is the fourth book of the Roof Oasis Science Fiction Series. While Lazarus prepares for world domination after time traveling to Earth’s past, Queen Bird must help Agent Pierretta remember her true identity. As the human and alien rebels, General Horn, Michael and Razhep gain entrance into an ancient saucer, Lucy fights for her life. The zombies become more aggressive, and the survival of both Earth and Solanda depend on a pint-sized robot and a vengeful dragon.
All 4 books can be purchased on Amazon and Kindle.

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Marie Gilbert’s latest book is a humorous collection of stories about what it was like to grow up in her Italian parents’ grocery store in South Philly during the 1950s and early 1960s. It is also a tribute to the two spirits who have taken up residence in her attic. Who are Fred and Lucy? Find out in this memoir filled with heart, humor and some truly unforgettable antics from the Maratea clan.

This book can be purchased on Amazon and on Barnes and Noble, paperback and on Nook