Steampunk, Ghost Hunting, and Zombies

This page is devoted to my love of Steampunk Events and Fashions. My adventures in Ghost Hunting, and of course my love of zombies. I'm a member of the Zombie Squad and have included helpful hints on staying alive when the zombie apocalypse happens. So please take your time and check out these articles. You never know when you'll come across a ghost or a zombie, but if you do; you'll want to be properly dressed. Maybe in something Victorian.

                               Philadelphia Zombie Run Zombie Articles
Be Prepared: On Zombies and the Zombie Squad

Packing for a Zombie Adventure

Zombie Run-Philadelphia

Having Fun During the Zombie Apocalypse

Fun at a Zombie Autopsy

Marie, Rita & Jean helping the Keystone Spirit Seekers

                                                        Ghost Hunting Articles

A Ghostly Adventure at the GAR

Ghosts-Gettysburg-Movie Review of Lincoln

Bed and Breakfast With a Side Serving of Ghosts

Gilbert and the Angry Ghost

Gilbert's Helpful Ghost Hunting Tips

Ghosts of Charleston

Steampunk Granny Sees Dead People Investigation at the Salem Mansion in Norristown, PA

Article in Newspaper about my ghost investigations

Don't bring in bad spirits

Investigating at Pennhurst Asylum

Eating with Spirits

                                                    Steampunk Articles

Steampunk Granny

Steampunk Granny Does Her Thing at Dorian's Parlor

Jimmy joins the Marines