Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ghost hunting

 So, this weekend, I'll be heading out with some friends to Gettysburg, ghost hunting. Looking forward to the adventure, I packed what I need, to survive. Equipment will be given to us and we'll be working with professionals, but I always bring along my own tools, such as my rosary beads, holy water, and my St. Michaels medal. So far, I've never experienced an encounter with an angry spirit, which is good, since I have to tolerate angry living people, in my journey through this world, but...it doesn't hurt to be prepared.

My family is blessed? cursed? with this ability of awareness, sensing things before they happen, sensing people's true intentions, enabling us to sometimes escape a bad situation, so it was a natural for me to say yes, when friends of mine invited me to participate in the different ghost hunting trips. I have the best time and learn so much about the history of the place we visit. We're amateurs, but participate in organized groups led by professionals.

I'll let you know in my next blog, if we met with any spirits.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

How the hell, did I get this old? or Receiving the 'CARD'

Okay, so around two weeks ago I received a letter from our government, the envelope stating official business.

"Now what?" I asked myself, as I pulled open the tab, only to find 'the card' inside with a book of instructions.

"Welcome to the band," my husband, who has been on Medicare for three years already, teased.

"Wait, I think there's some mistake. I'm not ready for Medicare," I replied, while mentally subtracting my date of birth from the present year.

He watched silently, as the realization hit me, knowing after thirty-one years of marriage, not to say a word, when steam begins to seep from my ears.

"Well this sucks," I said, throwing the unwanted information onto the dinning table, grabbing my purse and keys before announcing, "I'm going to visit the boys."

The boys are three of the nine grandchildren we have, and are experts at diversion, and I needed diversion to take my mind off that damn card. After picking them up, we went for ice cream and talked about their upcoming school year, music, zombies, and my writing. Finally, I brought up the card, explaining how it upset me.

"Well grandmom, you were born around the time of the Dinosaurs," the eldest teased, knowing I had worked at the Academy of Natural Sciences.

"Yeah, didn't you get to see the first moon landing?" piped in the second eldest.

"I'm surrounded by clowns. Thanks for perking me up," I teased back.

Finally the youngest spoke, saying, "I don't think you're old, because you do fun things, and always play pirates in the back yard."

"Yeah, you're a fun, grandmom," the older two chirped in, "You take us hiking, fishing, and you love zombies."

"Hey yeah, we do have fun. Thanks guys."

They accomplished what I wasn't able to do own my own, they helped me look at the whole picture,
when I returned home, after spending time with my advisors, I took the time to read the instructions   included with the card.

"You okay, now?" my husband asked, catching me reading, treading softly, in case I was still in a bad mood.

Yeah, I'm fine," I replied, and I was.

I was born in time to see the space program begin, watching the first landing on the moon. I got to see the Beatles live in 1964, took part in the peace marches against Vietnam, protested for equal rights, lived and worked during the feminist movement and loving every bit of it. I'm surrounded by a large and growing family, and I'm still on the go.

Even though, I'm retired from the Academy of Natural Sciences, I didn't retire from life, and in fact, I'm doing more than ever. I advocate for Unicef and Somaly mam against human trafficking, I finished my first book of a Paranormal trilogy, I'm into steampunk, going out once a month to Dorian's. I've joined a ghost hunter's group and will be going on a three day haunting this month, I took my granddaughter to see Lady GaGa, getting a super box, front row seats. I loved the show and became a GaGa fan. My next concert will be with Usher, next time he's in town, per Nathan's wishes.

So, the Medicare card, no longers upsets me. It's a 'token', telling the world, "Watch out because you're dealing with a boomer and we kick butt."

The only down side to this story is the tons of advertising coming to me from insurance companies eager to make me a member.

I'll end now with a quote from Spock. "Live long and prosper."  Amen to that.