Friday, April 26, 2013

Episode Sixty-four of Lilith's Escape


Heavy artillery was ringing out in front of them, but Edward’s attention was on the woman he carried in his arms as he rushed to safety. Rita was screaming something, but the explosion from the grenade that had gone off several feet behind them, made it impossible to hear anything but the ringing in his ears.

“We’re not going to make it to safety, please…put me down,” Rita was struggling to free herself from his tight hold of her.

Edward needed to catch his breath and lowered Rita to the ground, but when he realized that she was bleeding, his heart sank. “I’m not giving up and neither are you, he told her.”


Instead of replying Rita pointed her gun at Edward and shot. When he realized the bullet wasn’t meant for him, he turned and saw the zombie lying on the ground. There were another twenty or more heading their way. “These bags of bones picked the wrong day to start with me,” Rita said through clenched teeth.
The sound of a loud engine caught their attention and when Edward spun around, gun aimed, he was surprised to see an elderly woman sitting on a four wheeled vehicle.  This was Edward's first introduction to a quad.
“What the hell are you waiting for? I ain’t here to take your pictures; climb on, now,” the grandmotherly rider shouted out.
Edward had no time to question the woman, not with the zombies within hand’s reach. He helped Rita onto the back of the bike before joining her. Edward was forced to hang on for dear life as the driver raced away.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

My Favorite Game of Thrones Character: Daenerys


I’m hooked on the HBO series, “Game of Thrones.” I love the opening music and special effects as I watch each kingdom’s inner clockwork gears raise their towers and battlements. The show is based on the book, A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin and lucky for us we are now on season three. All the characters in the show have the usual epic background history, but the one character that really keeps me interested and coming back every week, and every season is Daenerys Targaryen.
Little Girl Lost

Emilia Clarke does an outstanding job playing the character of Daenerys Targaryen. In season one, we watch as a young Daenerys suffers not only her brother’s cruelties towards her, but a forced marriage to Drogo a Dothraki khai. Deanery’s father, King Aerys, was killed towards the closing days of Robert’s Rebellion. Her mother, Queen Rhaelia died giving birth to her during a violent storm, earning the infant girl the nickname, Stormborn. She and her brother, Viserys were forced to live on the streets after their protector, Sir William Darry, died. This girl in season one, behaved shy and obedient to the men who claimed to have her best interests at hand. I foolishly thought that she would remain a victim, boy was I mistaken, big time!
Watch out for the quiet ones

Daenerys marriage to Drogo proved to be the best thing that happened to her. She comes out of her shell and stand up to her brutal, greedy brother.

 Her happiness grows when she learns that she is pregnant and all is well for Drogo and Daenerys, except for her brother’s impatience to wear a golden crown upon his head, which led Drogo to execute one of the best “Beware of what you wish for” scenes, ever!
When Drogo is injured gathering an army to fight the Seven Kingdoms, Daenerys has a witch perform a blood ceremony to save Drogo. When the ceremony not only causes Daenerys to lose her child, but leaves Drogo an invalid, she acts decisively and bravely and smothers the husband she loves with all her heart, but in doing this, there is nothing keeping the Dothraki from killing her.
 How does she react? Does she hide and whimper in the corner? Not this girl! She builds a giant funeral pyre to burn the body of her husband and that of the living witch. Then to everyone’s surprise she enters the center of the burning pyre with the three dragon eggs. Later, when Ser Jorah and the Dothraki see her emerge from the fire unharmed and holding three baby dragons, Daenerys proves to everyone that she is a kickass, super heroine, princess. Daenerys now has the loyalty of her people.

Keep your hands off my babies

In Season two, Daenerys steps up the game, constantly reminding Ser Jorah that she is not a child but a queen. When Daenerys and the starving Dothraki reach the city of Qarth after almost dying in the desert, they are refused entrance.

Daenerys threatens to have the dragons burn the city to the ground if they are not admitted. No one takes her seriously; she is nothing but a young girl with nothing but her young dragons to call her own. That is where everyone makes a mistake, what they think is weak, is stronger than steel.

Daenerys is one smart cookie and even when she is held captive along with her young dragons in the House of the Undying by the warlock Pyat Pree, she keeps her calm. With one command to her dragons, the warlock is burnt to a crisp.

She and her dragons free, Daenerys now has the money to buy a small ship.

Hit them with your best shot

In season thee, the search for an army brings Daenerys and Ser Jorah to the town of Astapor. This town survives on the broken backs of slaves. She and Ser Jorah Mormont (Iain Glen meet with the master of the Unsullied. The master is cruel and obnoxious.
 The training of the Unsullied is brutal, horrid, and heartbreaking, with only one in four making it to adulthood. The Unsullied are captured as babies, castrated, and by the time they are young men, forced to obey all their master’s commands. To prove their obedience, they must kill all the babies of the female slaves.
When the slave girl, who is translating for the creep master, tells Daenerys about the babies, you can see the smoke rise from her ears. She is pissed off. Plus she isn’t aware that the slave master is calling her vile names. Or so we think!!

This guy is a pig and has the Unsullied stand for days without food or water and even cuts off the nipple of one of the men to prove their obedience. He needs to die!!

Big wonderful spoiler alert

Daenerys not only understands everything the creep master is saying but she has her own revenge in mind. After making a deal to trade one dragon for 8,000 Unsullied, Ser Jorah and Robert Baratheons (he saved Daenerys life and swore to protect her) give her some “man” advice. “You’re making a mistake, dumb girl. Don’t give away your dragon,” they say, or something along that line.
To which she replies in somewhat this manner, “Bug off. Don’t tell me what to do.”

Daenerys not only shows the slave master why you shouldn’t piss off a woman who owns dragons, but she has the Unsullied soldiers kill all the slave owners and free all the slaves and their children. With one word from Daenerys, the dragon not only toasts the slave master but also the whole town like yesterday’s burnt bacon.

This is no little girl to be bullied, or counseled by men who think they have her best interests in mind. She is a true leader and with her dragons at her side, and her 8,000 loyal soldiers marching towards the Iron Throne, nothing will stop her.  

Saturday, April 20, 2013

HBO'S new show "VICE"


I’m a Bill Maher fan. Yeah I know he’s not religion friendly, but so what, I admire his dogged search for the truth, despite the fact that certain people in power and news stations, try to keep the general public in the dark.

Bill Maher’s talent is to bring us the news, the real news, with a touch of comedic timing that often softens the one-two punch to the gut that eventually gets people thinking outside of the box. On his show, Real time with Bill Maher, Bill doesn’t pull his punches and brings to light the stupidity of not only our political parties, but also the wacky missteps of leaders from around the world.

Recently, I began watching a new show which followed immediately after Real Time with Bill Maher on Friday nights at 11 p.m. This new show is called “Vice”. You need to watch a few episodes and I’ll guarantee that you’ll be hooked. The stories featured on “Vice” come from around the world, and cover subjects that are not easily found in the local news shows or newspapers.

The people behind the curtains are Executive Producers Bill Maher, Shane Smith, and Eddy Moretti as Chief Creative Officer, CNN’s Fareed Zakaria serving as Consulting Producer and B.J. Levin as Co-Executive Producer.

Each episode features two stories with the journalist covering the story risking his life to get the scoop.  In Episode One, correspondent Ryan Duff explains in Assassination Nation why the Philippines can be a most dangerous place to run for office.

 In the second segment, Killer Kids, correspondent, Shane Smith tells how the Taliban in Afghanistan is using children as young as six years old to be suicide bombers. The children are so young that they don’t understand that they die when the bomb goes off.

This is a great show and I think that you should take a chance and watch this thought provoking, hard hitting, eye opener show on Friday nights at 11 p.m.

You’ll thank me for the heads up.



Friday, April 19, 2013

Episode Sixty-three of Lilith's Escape


Lilith and the soldiers in the front began to fight the zombies while Edward and the older children began running towards the museum that could be seen in the distance. The little ones were scared and were crying. Edward picked up one of the little ones in his arms, while shouting to the others to keep running. Bradley was in the lead, making sure they would not be surprised by any zombies coming out of the bushes, but something was wrong. Someone was missing.

“Where’s Rita?” he shouted out to Bradley.

“I thought she was keeping up,” Bradley replied, but he had to keep the children moving.

Edward felt sick to his stomach and when he saw Scouter coming up with the last of the children, he turned over the boy he carried, to Scouter and said, “I’m going back for Rita.”
He ran as fast as he could, past the soldiers and armed civilians who were putting up a good battle, past the bodies of zombies who were cut down. But he couldn’t see Rita and called out her name.

“I’m here,” she called out, the sound coming from above Edward’s head. He looked up to see her wrapped around a branch high in the tree.
“How the hell did…” he was about to ask.
“Don’t ask…the baby’s coming, help me,” she pleaded and then began to cry.

Edward didn’t know how or where he found the strength, but he was able to get Rita down from that tree and then he picked her up and began moving towards the other soldiers.

“I bet you’re cursing the day you first climbed into that caddy,” Rita teased, trying to make light the dangerous situation they were in.
“On days like this, yes,” he answered, but when the sound of heavy artillery rang out in front of them, he added, “Now what?”


Friday, April 12, 2013

Episode Sixty-two of Lilith's Escape



The children were warned, “Keep quiet and move fast.”

The older children, who were heavily armed, moved into action and formed a protective barrier around Edward, Rita and Bradley who stayed with the youngest, making sure that they could keep up with the caravan.

The caravan began its journey and moved like a snake around the abandon cars that lined their side of the road. Lilith and several soldiers were in the lead, followed by the oldest of the children, the middle of the snake held the weakest and the tail consisted of heavily armed soldiers. They moved quickly and silently out of the subway and across a street named Broad Street. The caravan made its way to the cover of the trees before several drones made their fly over.
“How often do they fly over?” Edward asked Rita, taking notice that she was struggling to keep up. “You okay?”

“We think every twenty minutes, but I might be wrong,” Rita replied.
“Are you okay?” Edward asked again.

“I might be in labor, but don’t worry about me.”

Before Edward could reply, there was a commotion at the front of the line. He saw the flash of Lilith’s sword and a scream. He moved the children deeper into the nearby bushes and told Rita to stay with them, while he ran ahead to help.
“What the hell…?” Edward had begun to ask, but he saw that Lilith had already killed the female zombie, and that she held some type of collar in her hand. “What is that?” he asked.

“The zombies are being controlled by radio waves,” Lilith replied and then threw the collar away. “We need to move quickly,” she urged and pointed to more zombies trying to make their way through the woods.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Being Human and Haunted Collector Recaps


I love the Syfy station and two of my favorite shows are Being Human and Haunted Collector. Being Human just ended season three with three cliffhangers, so we’ll start with them first, but I promise to make this quick and painless. Ready, set. Go!
Sally the ghost is alive and back inside her own body after Josh and Nora go to visit Donna the Witch. Good news, right? Wrong, with Donna the witch, it’s the hidden information on the contract that will come back to haunt Sally.
Sally and her two ghost buddies are having a blast with their second chance at life. There’s one little problem, if someone from your past sees you, they die and Donna gets to eat their soul. To save her brother’s life, Sally promises her soul to Donna.

Soon, Sally and her friends begin to rot, yep just like zombies. To keep from rotting, they must eat fresh kill, be it human or rodent. Donna gets the souls of Sally’s ghost friends, but Sally, with the help of Aidan and Josh, escapes...or so she thinks. Sally dies again and Donna is not out of the picture.

Josh killed his maker and is no longer a werewolf, but in a battle to save Aidan’s life, Liam bites Josh. If that wasn’t enough, vampires are drinking the blood of werewolves to survive the deathly results of tainted human blood.

Why is human blood tainted? It has to do with the flu, but werewolf blood is the cure. Liam won’t leave Nora and Josh alone, even bothering them on their honeymoon. Yes, lovely wedding and Sally, back to being a ghost, was a bridesmaid.

After Liam is dead, Nora and Josh go back to celebrating their honeymoon and Josh’s first werewolf change…but he’s not a nice one; has Liam bloodline now. Are you dizzy yet, no?

Last one. Aidan and all the other vampires are dying from the lack of untainted blood. Aidan is caring for Kenny, a bubble boy (no, not someone from Fox News) who is unable to live outside of a sterile tent. The teen is sick of living in a sterilized world and begs Aidan to change him. Aidan changes Kenny and gives him blood enhanced with werewolf blood. What Aidan didn’t know is the werewolf blood does more harm than good. After promising Josh that he will kill Kenny because Kenny tried to drink Nora dry, Aidan instead lets the boy live. Aidan comes home, only to see someone who looks exactly like his wife Suzanna, from the Revolutionary war, step out of a taxi. 

Is this the real Suzanna, or a descendant ? Okay, I told you it would be quick,  but I left a lot out, so if you want the slow version, watch the show on demand.

Okay now on to the last episode of Haunted Collector, where John Zaffis and his team arrive at the historic Emmett House in Waverly Ohio.

The new owner Ashley Anthony has been frightened by paranormal activity ever since she began restoring the Inn.  It started when the owners found a boot, pouch holding a white powder and a tattered infant’s dress. John sends the powder out to be identified and they learn that the powder is a French salt used in the past to fight infections.

John and his team set up their equipment and see a small hurricane of smoke over the floorboards of one of the rooms. When they investigate they find a lace handmaid’s veil wrapped around a small box holding patches. The patches were used by victims of small pox to cover the scars.

The original owner of the house John Emmett, Ohio’s first millionaire, lost two young children to the disease. John Zaffis take all the items and brings them back to his museum and the new owners have no further problems with unwanted guests.

The second part of the story takes place in Brighton Michigan and Corey Moore is the person who calls in the team. There have been several deaths in the family and Corey moved in with his mother Pam to help her. One night he took a stroll through the town cemetery and found a strange coin. 

The problems began when he brought the coin home. Pam is the target of whatever spirit has been introduced into the home. The spirit is attacking Pam and leaving scratches and bruises on her arm. 

John and his team set up the cameras and……this is scary……especially since I’ve had encounters with this type of haunting….but on the camera, you the viewer see the dark shadow appear out of nowhere and slide over the sleeping Pam. In her sleep, she rolls over to her side to get away.
 John Zaffis does his research and learns that the coin is the culprit. It belonged to a traveling circus and there was a horrible accident in 1903 when two of the circus trains crashed right there in Brighton, killing 26 people who were then buried in the local cemetery. John takes the coin to his museum and the attacks on Pam stop. Go on demand and watch this episode.


Most hauntings occur when an object that is haunted is brought into your house. John Zaffis has to do a special binding ceremony to keep the objects in his museum from attacking any visitors that enter his museum. Just recently, a friend of mine purchased some antique funeral home objects and is now is experiencing ghostly visits. I’ll be checking this out and maybe…I’ll write about it.