Friday, April 12, 2013

Episode Sixty-two of Lilith's Escape



The children were warned, “Keep quiet and move fast.”

The older children, who were heavily armed, moved into action and formed a protective barrier around Edward, Rita and Bradley who stayed with the youngest, making sure that they could keep up with the caravan.

The caravan began its journey and moved like a snake around the abandon cars that lined their side of the road. Lilith and several soldiers were in the lead, followed by the oldest of the children, the middle of the snake held the weakest and the tail consisted of heavily armed soldiers. They moved quickly and silently out of the subway and across a street named Broad Street. The caravan made its way to the cover of the trees before several drones made their fly over.
“How often do they fly over?” Edward asked Rita, taking notice that she was struggling to keep up. “You okay?”

“We think every twenty minutes, but I might be wrong,” Rita replied.
“Are you okay?” Edward asked again.

“I might be in labor, but don’t worry about me.”

Before Edward could reply, there was a commotion at the front of the line. He saw the flash of Lilith’s sword and a scream. He moved the children deeper into the nearby bushes and told Rita to stay with them, while he ran ahead to help.
“What the hell…?” Edward had begun to ask, but he saw that Lilith had already killed the female zombie, and that she held some type of collar in her hand. “What is that?” he asked.

“The zombies are being controlled by radio waves,” Lilith replied and then threw the collar away. “We need to move quickly,” she urged and pointed to more zombies trying to make their way through the woods.

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