Monday, June 6, 2016

A Serenade for the Living, Dead, and Mother Nature


I’ve posted about the many events offered at the Laurel Hill Cemetery way too many times to count. I guess you can say that I am a big fan of this Historic Philadelphia Gem near to the Zoo and you would be right on target. My friend and I volunteer whenever I’m not busy doing a book signing, psychic reading or ghost investigation. I love this place that much.

This past Friday, Rita and I headed over the bridge and to the cemetery to see the Divine Hand Ensemble. This is about the fourth year that I’ve been fortunate to see these amazing performers. The Divine Hand Ensemble consists of Mano Divina Giannone who plays the Theremin, Monique Canniere who does vocals and violin, Julie Myers who does vocals and violin, Brit Walmsley who does vocals and violin, Hannah Richards on the Viola, Jonathan Salmon on the Cello, Gloria Galante on the Harp, Mary Kelso Bryson on the Harp and Randall Rudolph on vibes and percussion.

The Ensemble played in front of an ancient mausoleum and the music was a collection of a multitude of styles including funerary, classical, rock, and spiritual. The best part of the show was when the Ensemble performed a David Bowie tune and their rendition of the theme from Edward Scissorhands. I particularly love the Funerary tunes.

While the music played and the bats flew overhead, I was watching a female ghost along with the several spirit children who stood at her side. I’ve seen this spirit before. She usually stays close to the old tree to the left of Benson’s mausoleum. The dead really enjoy the activities at the cemetery as much as the living does, but we were not the only ones enjoying the music this past Friday night.

The guests and the performers took a thirty minute break, which gave everyone enough time to head to the restrooms and stretch our legs. On the way back from the restroom at the rear gate, Rita and I were surprised to see four young foxes outside their den. These animals were not frightened by the small crowd that gathered to watch them play out in the open. The crowd stood silently as the foxes chased each other or investigated their admirers from a safe distance. I was even able to film one of the more playful of the foxes.
I didn’t think the magical evening could get any better, but it did. Monique Canniere was kind enough to serenade the foxes with her violin and beautiful voice. The human onlookers were not the only ones mesmerized by the spiritual connection between beauty and beast. Music is the communication between all living things.
Cemeteries are not only for the human vessels left behind by souls. Cemeteries are home for the many creatures in nature. Laurel Hill offers nature walks in their long list of events. Become a member! Volunteer! Help keep the cemetery vibrant for the dead and the living...the foxes will thank you.


  1. Truly magical. Especially the fox violin whisperer!

  2. Loved this. Sounds like an amazing evening.