Marie Gilbert, South Jersey's Italian Psychic/Medium

Marie Gilbert is the South Jersey Italian Psychic! She is a professional Psychic/Medium who uses her GOD given gifts to bring inspiration to others. Marie uses “Angel Cards" for her psychic readings to guide and encourage others to live their lives in harmony with the universal life force.

She posts monthly blogs about living life to the fullest and avoiding negative energy and people. Check here:
Marie is also a ghost investigator
If you suspect that your house is haunted, then you'll need a professional paranormal team to come in and investigate. Most spirits are friendly and will usually keep out of your way. Some are not.
There is no charge for the service.
You can contact me by e-mail at
Here I am on God's Way TV




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    1. It is and I have several more. Thank you for visiting my blog, Loretta

  2. Congratulations, Marie. It sounds like you've started a business. Or is this another endeavor without pay but much of your time and resources? You keep me inspired.

    1. We don't charge to investigate. This is a universal code for any professional investigator. If someone needs our help, we go!

    2. I knew it. More volunteer stuff. You're a saint, Marie. Saint Marie, that sounds good.