Sunday, July 15, 2018

Healing with Angel Energy


We should never stop learning. The search for knowledge is what keeps us alive, and in my opinion, young at heart. Although I am quite busy with my writing, and doing psychic/medium readings, I have been searching for more ways to help people. This search let to me taking a class on healing. What is Integrated Energy Therapy? Find out after the jump.

Healing Space
I have always been interested in the mystery of healings ever since I was a child. My maternal grandmother may have been a healer. Grandmom was from Benevento Italy. She was a very spiritual and religious person. She never spoke a word of English, but I always knew what she was saying.

I was sickly as a child, but whenever I spent the week with my grandmother, she could stop the pains in my stomach just by laying her hands on me and praying. The pains would eventually return after a week, but another visit with grandmom would always do the trick until the next attack. My mother once told me that grandmom had a special connection to angels. I believe this because there was always a golden glow emanating from my beloved grandmother every time she did one of her healings. Grandmom would lay her hands on my head and pray, then she would lay her hand on my tummy. I watched silently as grandmom, eyes closed and rosary beads in hand, would pray in Italian. After twenty minutes, my pain would disappear. Not only was I able to eat, but I was able to keep it down.  
Once I started Catholic School, I learned about GOD and the healings performed by Jesus. How did these miracles work, and could anyone perform a miracle? How were the apostles and saints able to heal people? Why can’t we?

The apostles loved and followed Jesus. They were his friends. They spent many years with him. This connection to Source enabled them to perform miracles. Miracles were common in both the Old and New Testaments. In modern times, many saints, due to their connection to Source, were able to heal the sick. This is all fine and good if you happen to be an apostle or a saint, but what about the average person. Can we, in this tech-savvy modern world, heal others and ourselves? I believe that God gives us everything we need to survive in this world, even the ability to heal ourselves mentally, spiritually, and physically. Some people will credit strong will, or mind over matter…but I believe miracles happen because of our connection to Source.

Integrated Energy Therapy
Can our worries, stress, anger, frustration, fear, and guilt makes us sick? Yes, and in some cases, our stress can turn on a gene for a disease. With IET, the practitioner uses the violet angelic energy ray from the nine Healing Angels to work directly with our 12 strand spiritual DNA. The IET practitioner supports their clients into safely and gently releasing the energy patterns of their past, while empowering them to live in the present. The IET practitioner helps their clients focus on clearing physical and emotional energy blockages from the cellular memory, while leaving in place positive empowerment energy imprints.

I have completed and received my certificate for Basic Level IET, but my goal is to become a Master Instructor. It will be a long journey, but I am excited to help myself and others live life for the highest good.
If you live in New Jersey and are interested in taking a class. You can contact Michelle Troupe here.  


  1. This is amazing, Marie. I truly believe in the power of prayer and belief. Stress definitely adds to ailments. I also remember sisters all having the same haircuts and clothes. We did that, too. I hope you are well, my dear, and had a beautiful summer. Talk to you soon!