Thursday, June 28, 2012

Part Twenty-Two of Lilith's Escape

Edward checked her pulse, thankfully, it was strong and so was her breathing. Relieved that she was still alive, he carried Lilith to the bed and gently laid her down on top of the thick coverlet. He turned her over to check on her wound as was surprised to see that it was almost healed.

“Well, I guess there are some advantages to being immortal,” he said to the unconscious woman. She needed to continue her healing, so Edward decided to let her rest while he inspected the room with the hope of finding out where he was.
After walking around and searching behind every drape, he was troubled by the fact that there were no doors to be found.
The only way in or out of this massive room was the large balcony. Resigned to the possibility that he was trapped here until Lilith recovered, he stepped onto the open balcony.
They were high up in the mountains, but he could see the pinpoints of light popping up here and there as night moved in to cover the valley below, which meant there was a town nearby. Something about the location of the town made him suspect that they might be in the Bavarian Alps of Germany. He had visited the town of Oberammergau a few years ago as part of an assignment, and the geographical location of the town seemed to confirm this.
 It was getting colder as the evening approached, but luckily there was wood for a fire in the fireplace, unfortunately there was nothing to light the fire.

He was hungry, cold and trapped in a tower, but there was a pleasant way to keep warm. He went back to the bed and pulled down the covers. After covering Lilith with the heavy blankets, he climbed in and wrapped his arms around her.
“You’ve got a lot of explaining to do when you awake,” he whispered into her ear, but there was no response. “I don’t think we need to worry about anyone attacking us up here,” he added and then nuzzled his face against her neck. She smelled like cotton candy and he was hungry, but after a few moments, he was fast asleep.

He never heard or saw the winged creature that stood on the balcony and watched them as they both slept through the night.

The Sisters and Bodega Bay

Today my nephew Chris and his wife Solannge took "the sisters" to Bodega Bay.

This is a beautiful site and we were excited to finally see it, but it was cold.

My nephew and niece were not bothered by the wind,
But the sisters were and later we had towels wrapped around us.
I had learned from my niece that Alfred Hitchcock had filmed some of the movie “The Birds” at Bodega Bay.
I love to play practical jokes on my sister Jane and when she was busy; I got a bag of cookies and stood behind her.
I began to throw cookies into the air and of course the sea gulls came at once. They gathered around my unsuspecting sister who thought that she was about to be attacked. She wasn’t, but the look on her face was priceless.
We had dinner at the Tides Restaurant and enjoyed the great food and view of the bay from our table.
I don’t know what plans await us tomorrow, but the “Sisters” are having one hell of a good time.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Napa and the Sisters 6/27/12

Today we went to Yountville to shop. There are a lot of exquisite shops in the area and we made sure we stopped at each store.
Here we are at the entrance of the first row of shops. You must check out the fine sheepskins and leather at the Overland. Their site is   Lucky me, I found a beautiful scarf that I can use with the pirate outfit that I’m putting together at a store called “A little Romance”
We’re taking a break in front of a fountain. Men don’t realize how exhausting shopping can me for us ladies.
We then headed to V.Sattui Winery for a fine lunch of fruit, cheese, bread and wine. I may have had one glass too much.
 My sisters and my niece Solannge.
We then headed to the Castello di Amorosa. Thirty acres of vineyards surround the 13th century Tuscan castle.
I was able to find the throne room and take my place on one of the thrones along with my sisters.
We picked up Mom and made dinner. Sometimes, she remembers who we are.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Napa and the Sisters

                                                     Here are some pictures of my family.
                         My nephew Chris, who is Navy Reserve and his wife Solange

                                                       My nephew Todd with his wife Susan
                                        My sister Lucy and I with Todd and Susan's two boys. 

                                                            The Napa Mill and Riverfront 

                                                                      View at Night                                                    
                                                                The sisters at "Happy Hour"

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Napa, and why I love it.

My sister Lucy and I arrived in Napa on Saturday to visit my sister Jane and my Mother. Mom hasn’t been doing too well this past year and we wanted to spend time with her. My brother and his wife will be joining us next week and we already have a long list of fun activities planned. I’ll be posting some pictures as I go.  Here is one of Lucy and me after being up for close to 20 hours.
In the meantime, my grandson was in his second Muaythai bout of the year and won. I’m waiting for better pictures, but check out the size of his opponent.

                               Me and Mom
                                                               Lucy and Jane (sisters)
Sending my love to all my facebook and twitter friends and I will keep you updated on any California Zombies, but like I said before, people out here are very good at chilling out.


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Part Twenty-one of Lilith's Escape


Edward placed the unconscious Lilith on his bed and rolled her over to her side to check for the source of bleeding. He lowered the linen dress from her shoulders to find the wound, which was located on her lower back.
             It was a deep cut and looked like it was made by a double edge blade.
“Lilith, wake up,” Edward patted her cheeks in an attempt to bring her around, but she did not respond. He hurried to the bath and grabbed a few towels to apply pressure to the wound. She was losing a lot of blood.

“Lilith, you need to open your eyes,” Edward ordered, but to no avail. Her breathing was shallow and her pupils were dilated.

He would need to call for help, but was it safe to do so? If someone was tracking her, bringing her to a hospital would make her vulnerable to another attack. He had to do something, but what? She was immortal, how could she be injured and better yet, how could he help her?

She let out a long gasp and the sound of it, made him freeze. He heard that sound many times before in his work and usually it was a direct result of his permanently disposing of an enemy. She was dying.
“Lilith, please,” Edward shouted as he felt for her pulse. She had none and Edward began to puff air into her lungs,
but when she did not respond to this, he gave a quick punch to her chest. Her eyes opened wide as she took in a deep breath. “I thought I had lost you,” he had begun to say, but her scream stopped him cold.
“They’re coming,” she warned and then disappeared, taking Edward with her.
Edward found himself sitting on a hard stone floor inside of a large room. There was a huge fireplace to the one side of the room and a balcony to the other. The walls were covered in white drapes, which glittered from the light of the setting sun. The room was empty of any furniture, except for the large bed against the far wall.
“Where the hell, are we?” he asked the woman cradled in his arms, but if he was expecting an answer, he would have to wait for she had passed out again.


Sunday, June 17, 2012

How to Pillage a Village

My ghost hunting friends and I headed to Mt. Holly, New Jersey to spend the day with some pirates. I was hoping to see Johnny Depp, but (insert long sigh, here.) I did meet some really nice people.
Jean, on the left, is our lead ghost hunter and Rita, on the right is our ghost whisperer. The young man in the middle is some poor soul we yanked off the trail.
There were lots of activities throughout the day, including several combats presented by the Society of Creative Anachronism. This is a living history movement where the members have a “hands-on” approach to history. The SCA period encompasses pre 17th century Western Europe with an emphasis on the middle Ages and Renaissance. Their site is

                               Here are some of the members performing.

We also met some members of the New Jersey Renaissance Fair. The lady in blue is Countess Spencer and the lady beside her is of noble blood, the Duchess of North Umberland.                  

The pirates on the street are part of the same group and they put on a wonderful show.
We decided to do some shopping while we waited for the Gypsy belly dancers to begin their act and I was lucky enough to run into a friend. Author Danielle Ackley-McPhail was there promoting her books. Please check out her site, and order some great books.
I finally found a pirate’s vest to use for my Steampunk persona, but I still need a few more items before the next Dorian’s Parlor in September. Here I am with my friends.
                We can never stop in Mt. Holly without going to the Ghost Hunter Store.
                             We did some shopping and I said hello to a friend.