Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Sisters review RIPD


 I love all the Men in Black movies. Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith work well together as the new, fresh and hip, agent verses the grumpy, seen it all, older agent. When I saw the previews for RIPD , I had a feeling that it was going to be an imitation of MIB, but….the sisters went, anyway. Did we like it?
RIPD is based on a comic book written by Peter Lenkov and published by Dark Horse Comics , check it out.


Nick (Ryan Reynolds) is an honest cop gone bad. Not completely bad, mind you, but sort of stepped in a pile of dog doo type of bad. His wife, Julia (Stephanie Szostak) thinks that her husband is a good man and because she does; he wants to do the right thing.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished!

Nick tells his partner, Hayes (Kevin Bacon), that he wants to return the gold they had found when they arrested a couple of drug dealers. Hayes tells Nick that he understands and that they will return the gold after they return from a drug bust. During the bust, Nick is killed and this is where the fun begins.
Purgatory or Bust

Nick is sucked up through a wormhole in the sky. I’m hoping that this isn’t the normal way our dearly beloved are transported to the pearly gates. But maybe the effects of the bad economy even reach the heavens. Anyway, Nick finds himself in front of God’s version of the H.R. Department. The Proctor, played by the delightful Mary Louise Parker tells Nick the bad news. He’s busted and has to work off his theft. How? He has to partner up with another officer of the law, but this lawman is from the wild, wild, west. Roy (Jeff Bridges) is a bossy, know it all, straight shooting cowboy and he doesn’t want a partner. Apparently God’s H.R. department is just like it’s counterparts on earth; H.R. personnel may have oodles of noodles of government regulations telling them how to handle certain employee/employer problems, but the man in charge of the company, usually has the last word and the most pull.

The Quest

Nick no longer looks like himself. His avatar on earth is an Asian man played by James Hong, while Roy’s avatar is played by the stunningly beautiful, Marisa Miller. Nick and Roy have to hunt down the demons that make their way to earth, using all the technology featured in Men in Black, including the guns and cars. The demons are looking for a gold altar, but the pieces are scattered around the city. Unfortunately for Julia, Nick has some of this gold hidden in their backyard. Nick and Hayes must find all the gold before the demons open the gates of hell. Can they do this?

Okay, so RIPD was a lot like Men in Black, but that was okay. The inventive use of avatars led to some really funny scenes. But it was the give and take between our heroes and the sharp wit of the Proctor that made this movie enjoyable for all three sisters. The sisters are highly recommending this fun summer movie. Let me know if you agree.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Episode Seventy of Lilith's Escape

Episode Seventy of Lilith’s Escape

Edward disguised as David Brandish and Scouter acting the role of prisoner made their way towards the Philadelphia Naval Base. This base was now used by the Illuminati as a prison and medical research center, and the zombies who had attacked the rebel’s underground hideout were created here.

“I hope we don’t run into another herd of zombies. I’m almost out of ammo,” Scouter said as, he pulled his knife from the skull of the dead man.

“Hopefully, they’ll see my uniform from the towers,” Edward replied, pointing to the lookout towers rising above the entrance.

 He had seen the soldiers moving about in the towers; they were scanning the area with their binoculars. If they recognized his uniform, they might send out a vehicle to investigate. Edward was counting on this because he was down to three bullets.

“Here they come,” Scouter cried out as several more zombies stumbled towards them.

"Give me your gun," Edward said. They were too close to the base for Scouter to use his weapon on the zombies heading their way. Scouter needed to act the part of prisoner. Edward quickly snapped on the handcuffs and then pointed his gun at the first zombie to reach them. That one went down, but there were more coming

"Don't miss," Scouter said.
"Don't worry we have company," Edward replied, as the jeep sped down Broad Street towards them.

Friday, July 26, 2013

News from the Dark Side, July 26th


What is it with male politicians and their junk? Why do they need to show it; text it; or wind up on National News because they can’t keep it safely tucked away. Just saying…I’m not gonna trust a man to handle a city, state or country if he can’t even keep his junk tucked away….Okay, I’m done ranting. Now for the weird stuff:
Love John Oliver's take on Candidate Weiner

In the "Don't they drive those down the shore?" category, here is an article from Huffington Post by David Lohr about an unusual car.

From the Telegraph, here is a cute story about very clean critters.

From the Express a "You can't make up this shit" animal story.

I'll return next week and hopefully, no one will be flashing their body parts all over the news. Stay safe and if you have some weird news to share, send it to me.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Take An Amazing Magical Adventure with Cathy Young


Do you like adventures, nature, fossils then you need to check out this site.
Fossil And Nature Trips

Cathy Young was a good friend and co-worker of mine when we both worked at the Academy of Natural Sciences. Cathy Young had worked in the Membership Department and she was in charge of activities for all the members. I was the manager in the Changing Exhibit Hall and the Birthday Party Coordinator and I also did the Diorama tours up until I retired a few years ago.

Before Cathy  left the Academy to start up her own business, she ran the activities for the members and their families on weekends. She would often ask me to help her with the events by taking the members on a Diorama Tour. After I did the tour, where the members learned about the animals featured in each diorama, the families would return to Cathy for a diorama featured arts and craft project. Sometimes, Cathy would arrange a behind the scene tour of the Academy's collections. The members, led by one of the Academy Scientists, would get to visit some of the close to 20 million specimens housed in the Academy’s research portion of the building.
But, the best part of the year was when Cathy took the members on a fossil hunt near Monmouth N.J.  Plus, in June, she would organize a weekend camping trip to Delaware. You haven’t lived until you’ve tried to locate frogs by their sound; in the dark.

Or, helped the Wildlife Rangers to count the horseshoe crabs that were coming out of the water to lay their eggs in the sand. This was an activity that ran into the early morning hours. It was exhausting, but exciting  to know that our group was helping to keep a record of the number of horseshoe coming onto the beach.  Those eggs are is vital to the survival of many migrating shorebirds. One such shorebird travels thousands of miles and without the horseshoe crab's eggs will go extinct, yes, I'm talking about the RED KNOT.

Cathy Young is now running her own Nature Adventures called Mid Atlantic Fossil and Nature Adventures, LLC. Some of the trips are close to the tri-state area and some further away. Most of the trips are family centered and reasonably priced.

My ghost hunting friends and I are signing up for the Philadelphia Minerals Trip, but you can check out the listing for other trips, here.

Philadelphia Minerals Trip

Saturday, August 31st, 2013


       Join us for a day of rock hunting.  Yes – even Philadelphia has wonderful rocks!  We will meet at Valley Green in Fairmount Park, and see and learn about metamorphic rocks and collect some interesting minerals.  Karenne Snow, past president of the Philadelphia Mineralogical Society and co-author of Gem Trails of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, will lead this extraordinary trip.  We’ll collect garnets, and possibly staurolite and kyanite, while taking a beautiful hike in the woods.  Karenne will also teach us about the geology of the area.  We’ll have a picnic lunch by the stream, and then go to the Bells Mills area to look for more staurolite, tourmaline, and perhaps magnetite.  

Yes, my little zombie snacks, it’s not only ghosts that I hunt for; I also love fossils. Check out Cathy’s site and make sure to say hello to me. I’ll be wearing my zombie shirt.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Sisters do Steampunk at Dorian's Parlor

                                       Here I am with Gil Cnaan, the mastermind behind Dorian's
Yes, my little zombie snacks, when I’m not writing horror stories or ghost hunting, I’m Steampunking. Gil Cnaan did it again! He and his staff pulled together one hell of a grand Steampunk Event on Saturday, July 20th. Dorian’s Parlor was a flurry of activity as the guests began to arrive.
                                                                    Jane  and Steampunk Granny
                                                  Marianne, Jane, Me and Patti
My sister Jane had her first encounter with Steampunk and absolutely loved it. I wrote an article about the event on Biff Bam Pop! Check out the site and the other writers on this Pop Culture website.

Marianne Bascelli: a writer; health wellness coach, and a very good friend from my days at the Academy of Natural Sciences, attended the event for the first time. She looks stunning. Here is her site:
                                                       Patti and Steampunk Granny
Patti O’Brien: member of the South Jersey Writers Group, Editor, writer, and a very good friend was also a novice of Steampunk, but I think she’ll be attending other events. Here is her site:
It was a grand night and I wanted to mention a few people who made the night special.

                                      Hugh Casey:
                                                    Jessie Orsini:

                          Mano Divina:

Jessie who modeled an outfit from Utopia Armoury:
                                                                            Lee and Ralph
Here are my friends from Steampunk Works:  Make sure you check out their site. They have fabulous clothing and antiques. I also promised a young lady who was a model in a fashion show for Steampunk works that I would promote a few events for her. Here goes:
Pump It Up on July 24th at the Barbary.
Safari Themed Event on August 23rd at the Starlight Ballroom

Makeup Artist Triell Freschi, it is always a pleasure to see you:

The Fashion show was presented by Nikki Cohen, owner and designer for May Faire Moon Corsets & Costumes:  The dresses were stunning.


The Acts
Gil Cnaan always schedules enough diverse entertainment to keep everyone happy. There was a special presentation of Georges Melies Voyage to the Moon with accompaniment by DJ Kiltboy.

When Hugh Casey introduced the movie, all chatter ceased and everyone settled down to watch it. What a treat. If you have a moment, learn about the amazing Melies.


There were jugglers, a classy striptease with a hula hoop; I kid you not. We were treated to several great musical groups: Psych Corporation, The Cog is Dead,

                                            Frenchy and the Punk (my favorite act),


                        This Way to Egress, was awesome and we all danced the night away.


In November, there will be a special Steampunk Event called The Gilded Festival and as soon as I get more information, I will be sharing it with all of you. 

Well, my little zombie snacks, it's sad to say that I have to pack away my outfits until the next Dorian's event. But that's okay for now because I'm busy taking classes in ghost hunting 101 in order to join a professional ghost hunting investigative team. Wish me luck.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Sisters do Steampunk At Dorian's Parlor


                                                             Sisters Jane and Marie

Hello my little zombie snacks. I have so much to tell you about Dorian's Parlor and the big Steampunk Event that was held on Saturday, July 20th.


                                                               Doctor Andy

                                                                 Hugh Casey

                                           I met a lot of old friends and made some new.

                                                             Models from the Fashion show

                                                I'll be posting pictures and details on my blog this week.

                                                                           Stay tuned!!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Episode Sixty-nine of Lilith's Escape


Edward was dressed in the uniform of the dead Illuminati Captain, David Brandish. He had all the proper identification and a prisoner. Scouter was dressed in his rebel camouflage outfit. Once they got closer to the Naval Base, Edward would place the handcuffs on Scouter’s wrists.


But, there was one thing he wanted to do before he left. He headed to the makeshift infirmary to say hello to a special little boy.


Rita was holding little Tommy in her arms. “How is the boy?” Edward asked, kissing Rita on her forehead. “And how is his mum?”

“Both are fine, thanks to you, Edward. Are you leaving now?”

“Yes, in a few minutes, but…may I hold him?” Edward normally kept away from children. Thinking most of them; little spoiled brats, but spending time with the rebels had changed him somehow.

“Sure, slide your hand under his head…” Rita instructed as she handed the baby to Edward.

“I’ll do my best to bring back his father,” Edward said to Rita, but his eyes were on the sleeping child in his arms.
“I know.”

Edward handed the baby back to his mother and left the room. He found Scouter talking with the toddler known as ‘Little Bit.’

“Bring me a dolly when you come back from your trip,” the child said to Scouter.
Scouter promised her that he would. The two men were led to a tunnel that led to the outside.

“Think we’ll make it there and back in one piece?” Scouter asked Edward as they began their quest.

“If we don’t, then I’ll be dying alongside a friend and comrade…” Edward knew that Scouter was fishing for encouragement, but Edward wasn’t feeling any of that at the moment.


News from the Dark Side 7/20/2013


I'm always saying that real life is much stranger than fiction. There are a lot of looney tunes out there and they do weird shit. No, I mean it. They do weird shit like the article below for Huffington post.

I think we can safely call this a fly by shitting.

Do they have doggie bags for people?

This video from Huffington post is too funny. Watch the whole thing. That raccoon reminds me of how I am when there are jelly beans nearby.

This article from Huffington post goes under the category of "Did you remember to lock the door, honey?"

This article from NBC News Science can be filed under "Why and who cares"

Well, that's all for now, my little zombie snacks. See you next week with more weird news from around the globe

Friday, July 19, 2013

Robin Renee, Singer Extraordinaire

                                             Robin Renée, Singer Extraordinaire 


What a wonderful opportunity for me to introduce to all my followers the fantastic singer, Robin Renee! When I hear music that I like; I want to share it. 

Below is some of Robin Renee's links to her music. I'll be doing an interview in the next few days, which I will share with you. But first let me tell you what I know about this talented Songbird, Robin Renee.

I met Robin when she attended several of our meetings for the South Jersey Writers Group.
We have several writers in our group who also write music, so, I guess Robin felt comfortable hanging with us. A mutual friend kept telling me how good Robin's music was, so I listened to her music on Youtube. Guess what? My friend was right and I was hooked .Robin Renee has a beautiful voice and I know you'll love her music as much as I do.


  I've listened to some of her music from This, which was released in September of 2012 and I really enjoyed Robin's style. She has a sequel called, Everything Else, which you can find out more on this site.


 If you didn't think that this young woman was amazing enough, Robin also released a new pop/rock single, with proceeds going to the You Will Rise Project, an anti-bullying organization

The single, "All I Am," is available at CD Baby here:

and the information for, You Will Rise Project is here:

So, what are you waiting for my little munchkins? Start listening to Robin's music. Check out the included links and give a big hand to an amazing woman




Robin Renée’s Video Trip:

The Dream Between:


CD Baby:   

rr Mailing List:

On Saturday, July 20th, Hop over to Becca's Blog to see what she has to say about Robin