Friday, July 19, 2013

Robin Renee, Singer Extraordinaire

                                             Robin Renée, Singer Extraordinaire 


What a wonderful opportunity for me to introduce to all my followers the fantastic singer, Robin Renee! When I hear music that I like; I want to share it. 

Below is some of Robin Renee's links to her music. I'll be doing an interview in the next few days, which I will share with you. But first let me tell you what I know about this talented Songbird, Robin Renee.

I met Robin when she attended several of our meetings for the South Jersey Writers Group.
We have several writers in our group who also write music, so, I guess Robin felt comfortable hanging with us. A mutual friend kept telling me how good Robin's music was, so I listened to her music on Youtube. Guess what? My friend was right and I was hooked .Robin Renee has a beautiful voice and I know you'll love her music as much as I do.


  I've listened to some of her music from This, which was released in September of 2012 and I really enjoyed Robin's style. She has a sequel called, Everything Else, which you can find out more on this site.


 If you didn't think that this young woman was amazing enough, Robin also released a new pop/rock single, with proceeds going to the You Will Rise Project, an anti-bullying organization

The single, "All I Am," is available at CD Baby here:

and the information for, You Will Rise Project is here:

So, what are you waiting for my little munchkins? Start listening to Robin's music. Check out the included links and give a big hand to an amazing woman




Robin Renée’s Video Trip:

The Dream Between:


CD Baby:   

rr Mailing List:

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