Thursday, July 25, 2013

Take An Amazing Magical Adventure with Cathy Young


Do you like adventures, nature, fossils then you need to check out this site.
Fossil And Nature Trips

Cathy Young was a good friend and co-worker of mine when we both worked at the Academy of Natural Sciences. Cathy Young had worked in the Membership Department and she was in charge of activities for all the members. I was the manager in the Changing Exhibit Hall and the Birthday Party Coordinator and I also did the Diorama tours up until I retired a few years ago.

Before Cathy  left the Academy to start up her own business, she ran the activities for the members and their families on weekends. She would often ask me to help her with the events by taking the members on a Diorama Tour. After I did the tour, where the members learned about the animals featured in each diorama, the families would return to Cathy for a diorama featured arts and craft project. Sometimes, Cathy would arrange a behind the scene tour of the Academy's collections. The members, led by one of the Academy Scientists, would get to visit some of the close to 20 million specimens housed in the Academy’s research portion of the building.
But, the best part of the year was when Cathy took the members on a fossil hunt near Monmouth N.J.  Plus, in June, she would organize a weekend camping trip to Delaware. You haven’t lived until you’ve tried to locate frogs by their sound; in the dark.

Or, helped the Wildlife Rangers to count the horseshoe crabs that were coming out of the water to lay their eggs in the sand. This was an activity that ran into the early morning hours. It was exhausting, but exciting  to know that our group was helping to keep a record of the number of horseshoe coming onto the beach.  Those eggs are is vital to the survival of many migrating shorebirds. One such shorebird travels thousands of miles and without the horseshoe crab's eggs will go extinct, yes, I'm talking about the RED KNOT.

Cathy Young is now running her own Nature Adventures called Mid Atlantic Fossil and Nature Adventures, LLC. Some of the trips are close to the tri-state area and some further away. Most of the trips are family centered and reasonably priced.

My ghost hunting friends and I are signing up for the Philadelphia Minerals Trip, but you can check out the listing for other trips, here.

Philadelphia Minerals Trip

Saturday, August 31st, 2013


       Join us for a day of rock hunting.  Yes – even Philadelphia has wonderful rocks!  We will meet at Valley Green in Fairmount Park, and see and learn about metamorphic rocks and collect some interesting minerals.  Karenne Snow, past president of the Philadelphia Mineralogical Society and co-author of Gem Trails of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, will lead this extraordinary trip.  We’ll collect garnets, and possibly staurolite and kyanite, while taking a beautiful hike in the woods.  Karenne will also teach us about the geology of the area.  We’ll have a picnic lunch by the stream, and then go to the Bells Mills area to look for more staurolite, tourmaline, and perhaps magnetite.  

Yes, my little zombie snacks, it’s not only ghosts that I hunt for; I also love fossils. Check out Cathy’s site and make sure to say hello to me. I’ll be wearing my zombie shirt.

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