Saturday, July 20, 2013

Episode Sixty-nine of Lilith's Escape


Edward was dressed in the uniform of the dead Illuminati Captain, David Brandish. He had all the proper identification and a prisoner. Scouter was dressed in his rebel camouflage outfit. Once they got closer to the Naval Base, Edward would place the handcuffs on Scouter’s wrists.


But, there was one thing he wanted to do before he left. He headed to the makeshift infirmary to say hello to a special little boy.


Rita was holding little Tommy in her arms. “How is the boy?” Edward asked, kissing Rita on her forehead. “And how is his mum?”

“Both are fine, thanks to you, Edward. Are you leaving now?”

“Yes, in a few minutes, but…may I hold him?” Edward normally kept away from children. Thinking most of them; little spoiled brats, but spending time with the rebels had changed him somehow.

“Sure, slide your hand under his head…” Rita instructed as she handed the baby to Edward.

“I’ll do my best to bring back his father,” Edward said to Rita, but his eyes were on the sleeping child in his arms.
“I know.”

Edward handed the baby back to his mother and left the room. He found Scouter talking with the toddler known as ‘Little Bit.’

“Bring me a dolly when you come back from your trip,” the child said to Scouter.
Scouter promised her that he would. The two men were led to a tunnel that led to the outside.

“Think we’ll make it there and back in one piece?” Scouter asked Edward as they began their quest.

“If we don’t, then I’ll be dying alongside a friend and comrade…” Edward knew that Scouter was fishing for encouragement, but Edward wasn’t feeling any of that at the moment.


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