Friday, July 12, 2013

Interview with the Amazing Tim Turner


You meet the nicest people on Twitter, and Tim Turner is one of them. When he asked me to check out his music on YouTube, I did and was pleasantly surprised at how good he was. So, I asked him to be a guest on my blog and he said yes. So,  here we go! 

 What kind of music do you enjoy playing.

I really enjoy playing all types of music! Whether it be straight up Jazz right out of a "Real Book" or singing a part in a choral piece, I really do enjoy every single genre of music in some way or another! That being said, my favorite styles of music to play are Jazz, Soul, Pop, Blues, and R and B! Those are the styles that really speak to me best!

Do you write your own music.

I sure do! I have been writing my own music since I was 9 years old. I enjoy the writing process. For this album that's coming up shortly, we wrote 26 songs and chose the best 12 to actually produce.

Where can people find your music.

My main produced songs are currently on iTunes. Those songs are in a 5 song EP and were released in 2009.
That's the link there.

Other than that, I have a whole bunch of songs on my youtube page: all you have to do there is click the video tab, and playlists of pretty much every song I've posted will appear.

I should also say that the songs that are on iTunes are also available internationally by other digital distributors like amazon and also Napster music I believe.

If you just want to take a listen to a few, they're at  and  also

What are your plans for the future.

In the immediate future, we are releasing this 6 song first run and that is a very limited release, so only people who know me will have the chance to buy the new songs. We will then shop those songs to labels to get a little support. Then I will play some shows on the West Coast and after that, the sky is the limit I suppose! :) You never know what will happen, but we think people are really going to like what we've crafted here.

What musician or band inspires you and your music.

Boy there are really just too many to list here. But I think people have sighted that this project is a throwback to old school James Brown and the likes, but modern influences would include but are not limited to: Janelle Monae, Nikka Costa, Craig David, Robin Thicke, Justin TimberlakeJames Morrison, Michael Buble, and the list goes on and on!

I want to thank Tim for being a guest on my blog, and if you want to do yourself a big favor,
check out Tim Turner and his music. You'll be happy you did. I've included one of my favorite songs that Tim has on youtube.

       Tim Turner
           Director of Studio Operations
           E! Entertainment Television
           Comcast Entertainment Group


  1. I will surely check out his music. Seems interesting.

    1. Thank you Uriah. He's on Facebook. You should friend him. The two of you are very talented:) Hope all is well with you.

  2. I like his music, too, Marie. Writing his own music at 9! Way to go, Tim!
    Thanks so much for interviewing Tim. All the luck and success to you, Tim.

    1. Thank you Victoria. I meet the nicest people on social media