Friday, March 30, 2012

Part Nine of Lilith's Escape

“Do you mean right now?” Edward asked as he pulled the hood from his head. He was still dressed in the metallic jumpsuit and although he was more than eager to act on her request, the hair rising on the back of his neck, warned him to run like hell.

She had seen his hesitation and lowered her eyes. “No, not now, but I wanted you to know I trust you and when the time is right, I won’t refuse you.”
He was trying to make sense of everything he had gone through since meeting her, but he couldn’t. He had traveled back in time inside an old caddy, and got to see the young Elizabeth, a queen whom he had always admired. The woman next to him was possibly alien or God knows what, but even so, he felt compelled to help her. “Thank you, Lilith for letting me see her.”
“Let’s get out of these suits and go home,” she replied. She left the car and headed towards the trunk. He got out and followed her, watched her as she removed her suit.
“What will happen to this man, I’m supposed to find for you? Will you kill him?”
“Why would you think that?” she asked him.
“Because, I think you’re dangerous,” he replied as he struggled to get the jumpsuit off.
She turned away from him and walked to the driver’s side and climbed in. Would she drive away and leave him stranded here in the past? He hurried to join her inside the car after closing the trunk. It wasn’t until he climbed in and closed the door that he noticed her tears. At that moment she looked more childlike than dangerous.
“I’m not bad, my only crime is that I’m strong and I love too passionately.”
“Why are you looking for this man?” he asked again, but this time his tone was gentle.
“Because I had accidentally killed him ,” she replied.
“What the hell are you?” he asked. His heart thumped wildly inside his chest.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Another Great Weekend

            Last week, I promised to get back to you about the little vintage clothing store we happened upon on our visit to Mt. Holly’s Ghost Store. The name of the store is Vassies Couture Vintage and Retro Boutique, located at 18 High Street in Mt. Holly, N.J. 08060. Gloria and Ada are the two sisters who own this special shop, and these wonderful ladies go out of their way to make sure you leave their shop happy.

          Sharon(friend of sisters) far left, Jeanine Dupree( center) and Gloria and Ada (owners)
     One of my ghost hunting friends wasn’t able to find an outfit last week for the next Steampunk Event, but the sisters made sure that when we returned this week, they had what Jeanine Dupree needed. Take a look

The ghost hunters, Gretchen Ziegler, Jeanine Dupree, and I will be returning to this little Treasure Chest, again.

This month starts the Bicentennial Celebration of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University. I took two of the grandsons to visit. There were plenty of activities to keep the boys busy, and I got to visit with former staff and volunteers.

                                       Amanda ( part of my birthday angels) and good friend.

                                          Barbara Perlmutter and husband. She worked as a volunteer in the
                                          Changing Exhibit when I was the Manager. She still volunteers for the
      Nathan and Joshua had a chance to do some digging in the Big Dig, visit the butterfly exhibit and Outside-In. Make sure you take the time to visit this amazing place. You won’t regret the trip, and tell them, Miss Marie sent you.

                                             Me and the boys!!! See you soon                                          


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Part Eight of Lilith's Escape

When Edward was unable to see his hand, he became disoriented, but after feeling Lilith's hand on his chest, he relaxed. After she made some minor adjustments, he was able to see a shadow outline of her and when he glanced at his hand, he could make out its form.
“It takes a little getting used to, but you’ll adjust quickly,” she said.
“I’m ready for the adventure, let’s get started,” he replied.
She took hold of his hand to lead him past the now invisible car and towards the rear of Hatfield House. “No matter what happens, don’t speak,” she warned.
They heard the laughter as they made their way into the rear courtyard, which housed the kitchen and stables. Two older women were sitting at the open door of the main kitchen, laughing among themselves as they plucked the feathers from the game hens.
Edward wondered if they suspected that two time travelers were standing right in front of them, but by their actions, he knew they were unaware of his presence. The dog, on the other, had caught their scent and began to sniff around their feet.
Lilith pulled him away just as the creature began to howl. “Can he see…?”
“Shush,” she commanded, as the two cooks yelled a few choice obscenities at the dog.
There was a large Oak tree in the center of the courtyard. A young woman was sitting on a blanket and although her back was to him, Edward knew at once that it was Elizabeth. She was reading a book.
He headed towards the tree to get a better look, when the sound of an approaching horse, stopped him in his tracks and good thing too, because he would have been knocked to the ground.
The horseman dropped to his knees before the young woman on the blanket.
“Listen,” Lilith whispered to Edward.
He felt his heart give a jump inside his chest as the messenger delivered the news of Mary’s death. He watched as Elizabeth thanked the messenger and then with his help, rose to her feet and walked towards the house.

“Come on,” Lilith urged as they followed Elizabeth into the house and to her private room. They watched, silent, as Elizabeth threw herself on the bed and began to cry for the loss of her sister.
As members of the household rushed in to speak to the new Queen, Lilith pulled Edward from the room. So overwhelmed by what he had just witnessed, Edward was unable to speak.
They made their way back to the car and after climbing inside, Lilith removed her hood and said, “I want you to make love to me.”

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Another Busy Weekend and why I don't sleep

Another Busy Weekend and why I don’t sleep

            On Friday, I met with a good friend Denise Ferraro to see a special exhibit at the Constitution Center. Denise and I were excited to see the Bruce Springsteen exhibit, which was showing on the first floor of the Center, wonderful exhibit, go see it.

     After stopping in the café situated on the first floor, we made our way to the second floor to see a live performance called “The Living News”.

            You need to see this and I mean soon. It’s free, okay, no excuses. What an exciting and unique way to introduce the current constitutional issues at stake today. The three talented young actors presented both sides of a controversy using film, music and current news broadcasts. They covered religion, gun control, and the death penalty in such a way as to open the door to meaningful discussion between opposite sides.
            After the performance, the actors, Felicia Leicht, Katie Keith, and Jamal Douglas, along with the Stage Manager Allison Heishman and Assistant Manager Robin Stamey took the time to ask the audience their feelings on the issues presented in the show.
            See this show and take the kids.

            Friday night, my ghost hunting friends and I went to the Quarter Note Café on Kings Highway.  We were treated to an amazing night of great music, and I do mean GREAT.

            The band is called Biker Fish and consists of three very talented young men, one who’s only 15. They played multiple instruments and did it well. Their names are Peyton Pleninger, Jeff Deppa and Michael O’Leary. I hope to have pictures soon and will let you know when they play again.

            Saturday, two of the ghost hunters and I visited Mt. Holly, N.J. to visit our favorite Ghost Hunter Store,

but on the way we stopped at this new vintage clothing store hoping to create a Steampunk outfit.

     The helpful owners were able to show a large selection of true vintage dresses, blouses and skirts. Gretchen Ziegler, collector of wayward spirits is now ready for the next Steampunk Event, but we need to return next week to Mt. Holly to find an outfit for Jeanine Dupree, a Representative and Protector of the Spirit World.

            So…what am I doing on Sunday? Putting the finishing touches to my Sci-fi Short Story, and then send it out to a Publisher.


Friday, March 16, 2012

Part Seven of Lilith's Escape

Edward watched as Lilith walked to the rear of the caddy and popped open the trunk. He took this brief moment to calm his frayed nerves, due to both the trip and her intimate touch of his thigh.
“You’ll need to slip this on,” she said as she leaned into the car.
“What is this?” he asked as he took the thin full body metallic jumpsuit from her grasp.
Her reply was to lean into the car and kiss him gently on the lips. What little control he had left, went out the window and he pulled her into his arms.
“It feels good to be around flesh and blood. I’ve been lonely for my own kind.”
“What are you?” he asked as she slipped out of his embrace, but she only smiled at him in reply.
“Once you slip this on, pull the hood over your head, she instructed after they had both left the car.
“What are you?” he repeated.
Ignoring his question, she added, “Once I set the controls, we will become invisible.” She began to pull the jumpsuit over her clothing.
“What about the car?” he asked as he slipped on the suit.
“It won’t be seen after I set the controls.”
After she had dressed herself and before she pulled the hood over her head, she played with the controls on his suit. “I’m curious as to how you knew I was an admirer of the first Elizabeth and this particular time period,” he asked as she helped him pull the hood over his head.
“Later,” she replied and then kissed him again before adjusting the hood over his chin. “Just go with the flow, Edward. Sometimes, knowledge can be a dangerous thing.”
Before he could ask more questions, she adjusted her own hood and pressed the controls on her suit. She was gone, no longer before him, and when he raised his gloved hand, he could no longer see it.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Busy Weekend

     This past Saturday night, one of my ghost hunting friends and I went to the monthly event at Dorian's Parlor. I was excited to be wearing my new Victorian steampunk outfit and also to observe the other well dressed guests. I even had my persona picked out. I went as Emele Watson, private detective and zombie slayer.

     My friend Rita was a German detective and zombie slayer named Gretchen. This was her first trip into the world of steampunk and although she was apprehensive at first, she relaxed as the night moved on and I think she and the other ghost hunters will be attending Dorian's Event next month.

    On Sunday, after meeting with the South Jersey's Writer's Group for a blog tune up, I took one of the teenage grandsons to my first meeting with the Zombie Squad. This is a great group which was featured on the History 2 Channel. Their slogan, "We make dead things, deader," might confuse people to their real purpose, but what they're really about is getting your every day citizen prepared for any type of disaster.

    I had the honor of having a late lunch with ZSC 021, a group of intelligent and concerned citizens who want to help others prepare for the worse case scenario, any long term disaster can bring. I was at first, a little nervous about attending this meeting and wondered what I would be able to contribute in the form of helpful information, to the group. But their easy welcoming ways, put me immediately at ease and my grandson, Joshua ( one of the desperados from my other blogs) and I were made to feel right at home.

    I'm looking to meet again with the group and Joshua has already told me, he wants to tag along. I'll keep everyone posted on further adventures.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Part Six of Lilith's Escape

Part Six of Lilith’s Escape.

           She hit the gas pedal and the force of the car moving forward threw him back against the seat. The road ahead of them disappeared and they seemed to be flying through the town at such a high speed, everything became a blur.
“What’s happening?” he asked, feeling a bit unnerved by the sudden brightness inside the car. He took notice of the dashboard’s instruments spinning wildly in the opposite direction, and that one of the gauges, which showed the day, month and year was moving slowly backwards. “Is this thing safe?”
She giggled like a schoolgirl. Her laugh was hypnotic and the urge to hold her in his arms became stronger. Normally in complete control of his emotions, he found himself attracted to this strange and unusual client. “Lilith, is it safe?"he asked once more.
“This machine, although old, will get us where we’re going and back. Don’t worry, Edward.” She glanced at him and smiled and then surprised him by laying her hand on his thigh, but before he could react, she added, “We’re almost there.”
Within minutes, the car began to slow down, but as it did so, it created a dust storm. “I recognize this place,” he said, but his mind was focused on her hand, which still rested on his leg.

“We’re at Hatfield. I wanted you to observe Elizabeth on the day she learned of her sister Mary’s death. Let’s get ready to enter the palace,” she said as she removed her hand and climbed out of the caddy.
Previous Episode: Lilith's Escape Part Five

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Muaythai Tournament seen through a Grandmother's eyes

     Yesterday, I went with the family to see my oldest grandson Jimmy Reid (one of the desperados I frequently write about) compete in the Muaythai Warrior's Cup Tournament. It was held at the Rahway Rec Center in Rahway, N.J. He is the one on the far right.


     Jimmy, if you remember my blog on "Pull Toy Granny, is the one who asked me to punch him in the face in order for him to practice his moves, needless to say, I wasn't a willing opponent. Well he has been training hard these past few years and I had a chance to see what Muaythai was. After reaching the rec center, we left him with his trainer and then went out to eat. When I'm nervous, I eat a lot and let me tell you, I was nervous. I will need to live at the gym this whole week to lose what I gained from the meal.


     We paid extra and had front row seats, but unfortunately my son-in-law asked me to use his video camera in order for him to film the fight with his phone. After being married to my daughter for 20 years, he still forgets how tech challenged I am, but I love him anyway.

     The tournament started with the welterweights, and I watched as the two young men went through three rounds of punching, kicking, and wrestling. Thankfully, there was no blood, not from them anyway, but I drew some from chewing my fingers, I told you when I'm nervous, I eat. Jimmy was in the middleweight group and was scheduled for round six, but he and his opponent were presented in the fourth round.

     I hear my daughter scream out, "Mommy, start the video and make sure it's on record."

     "Okay," I reply and turn it on. I was trying to take snapshots with a digital camera in my left hand and her video camera in my right hand. Remember I'm tech challenged and I can't walk and chew gum at the same time.

     I'm doing what I thought was a good job of getting all the action recorded while worrying about my grandson getting hurt, luckily he wasn't. Jimmy's opponent was Jordan Mamroud and both young men put up a great fight. I kept checking the video to make sure the record display was still on, but I kind of ignored the low battery display. My grandson won the match and a medal, just as the screen on the video camera went dead.


     I glanced back towards my son-in-law and asked, "Is it okay if the screen went blank?"

     Well...due to technical difficulties, there is no film, but I do have snapshots from the digital which shows the fight and also the youngest grandson (a player at the age of ten) with the score girls.


     There's another tournament in April, I'm going to this one also, but I've been banned from all cameras.

Another fine night of music

This past Friday, my ghost hunting friends and I were once more entertained by the Eric Marley Jazz Trio. These young men are unbelievably talented and offered the crowd a wide range of good jazz tunes. The Quarter Note Cafe has become a favorite for my friends and I and you should check it out, I'm sure you'll be impressed with the weekly performers and the always smiling and helpful staff, Gary Rooney.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Part Five of Lilith's Escape

Edward climbed into the passenger side of the caddy after opening the door for Lilith to enter the driver’s side. Once settled in the car, he asked her, “So is it possible for us to travel into the future?”
She seemed hesitant to reply and chewed on her lower lip before she answered him. “Yes…but I try not to go too far…you wouldn’t like our future world.”
“It can’t be any worse than this time period. It’s rather frightening with what’s going on with the Yanks and Cuba and this Russian chap pounding on a desk with his shoe. We might be in the middle of World War Three if things aren’t mended soon,” he replied.
She smiled at him, but the smile was forced. She appeared so fragile at that moment and he found himself wanting to hold her in his arms. “Would you like to see Elizabeth?” she asked.
“Do you mean?” he replied. It would be wonderful to see a Queen he admired the most. “How? And will they be able to see us?”
“Not if we stay in the car. I’ll take you as close as I can to the castle, but when we return, you must start your investigation and find the man.”
“Is this man, someone important to you? Your husband, or lover?” Edward hoped it was neither that she searched for.
“Yes, but not for the reason you think.” She removed her sunglasses and placed them on the seat next to her, before saying to him, “Hang on, this is one hell of a ride.”