Saturday, March 17, 2012

Another Busy Weekend and why I don't sleep

Another Busy Weekend and why I don’t sleep

            On Friday, I met with a good friend Denise Ferraro to see a special exhibit at the Constitution Center. Denise and I were excited to see the Bruce Springsteen exhibit, which was showing on the first floor of the Center, wonderful exhibit, go see it.

     After stopping in the café situated on the first floor, we made our way to the second floor to see a live performance called “The Living News”.

            You need to see this and I mean soon. It’s free, okay, no excuses. What an exciting and unique way to introduce the current constitutional issues at stake today. The three talented young actors presented both sides of a controversy using film, music and current news broadcasts. They covered religion, gun control, and the death penalty in such a way as to open the door to meaningful discussion between opposite sides.
            After the performance, the actors, Felicia Leicht, Katie Keith, and Jamal Douglas, along with the Stage Manager Allison Heishman and Assistant Manager Robin Stamey took the time to ask the audience their feelings on the issues presented in the show.
            See this show and take the kids.

            Friday night, my ghost hunting friends and I went to the Quarter Note Café on Kings Highway.  We were treated to an amazing night of great music, and I do mean GREAT.

            The band is called Biker Fish and consists of three very talented young men, one who’s only 15. They played multiple instruments and did it well. Their names are Peyton Pleninger, Jeff Deppa and Michael O’Leary. I hope to have pictures soon and will let you know when they play again.

            Saturday, two of the ghost hunters and I visited Mt. Holly, N.J. to visit our favorite Ghost Hunter Store,

but on the way we stopped at this new vintage clothing store hoping to create a Steampunk outfit.

     The helpful owners were able to show a large selection of true vintage dresses, blouses and skirts. Gretchen Ziegler, collector of wayward spirits is now ready for the next Steampunk Event, but we need to return next week to Mt. Holly to find an outfit for Jeanine Dupree, a Representative and Protector of the Spirit World.

            So…what am I doing on Sunday? Putting the finishing touches to my Sci-fi Short Story, and then send it out to a Publisher.



  1. Marie, I really like the new look of the blog! I need to do some updating myself. I really need to try to get to the next blogfest for some help. What new vintage store did you find? Good luck with the short story!!

    1. Thank you Fran. We found this place by accident and they had just opened up so they didn't have a name yet, but we're going back next week to pick up the items that need alterations and I'll get all the info for you. You wouldn't believe the quality of the clothing, awesome.

  2. Good luck w everything u deserve to have ur dreams come true. Love the blogs

  3. Thank you Amanda. This means a lot to me. Love you