Friday, March 9, 2012

Part Six of Lilith's Escape

Part Six of Lilith’s Escape.

           She hit the gas pedal and the force of the car moving forward threw him back against the seat. The road ahead of them disappeared and they seemed to be flying through the town at such a high speed, everything became a blur.
“What’s happening?” he asked, feeling a bit unnerved by the sudden brightness inside the car. He took notice of the dashboard’s instruments spinning wildly in the opposite direction, and that one of the gauges, which showed the day, month and year was moving slowly backwards. “Is this thing safe?”
She giggled like a schoolgirl. Her laugh was hypnotic and the urge to hold her in his arms became stronger. Normally in complete control of his emotions, he found himself attracted to this strange and unusual client. “Lilith, is it safe?"he asked once more.
“This machine, although old, will get us where we’re going and back. Don’t worry, Edward.” She glanced at him and smiled and then surprised him by laying her hand on his thigh, but before he could react, she added, “We’re almost there.”
Within minutes, the car began to slow down, but as it did so, it created a dust storm. “I recognize this place,” he said, but his mind was focused on her hand, which still rested on his leg.

“We’re at Hatfield. I wanted you to observe Elizabeth on the day she learned of her sister Mary’s death. Let’s get ready to enter the palace,” she said as she removed her hand and climbed out of the caddy.
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