Thursday, March 1, 2012

Part Five of Lilith's Escape

Edward climbed into the passenger side of the caddy after opening the door for Lilith to enter the driver’s side. Once settled in the car, he asked her, “So is it possible for us to travel into the future?”
She seemed hesitant to reply and chewed on her lower lip before she answered him. “Yes…but I try not to go too far…you wouldn’t like our future world.”
“It can’t be any worse than this time period. It’s rather frightening with what’s going on with the Yanks and Cuba and this Russian chap pounding on a desk with his shoe. We might be in the middle of World War Three if things aren’t mended soon,” he replied.
She smiled at him, but the smile was forced. She appeared so fragile at that moment and he found himself wanting to hold her in his arms. “Would you like to see Elizabeth?” she asked.
“Do you mean?” he replied. It would be wonderful to see a Queen he admired the most. “How? And will they be able to see us?”
“Not if we stay in the car. I’ll take you as close as I can to the castle, but when we return, you must start your investigation and find the man.”
“Is this man, someone important to you? Your husband, or lover?” Edward hoped it was neither that she searched for.
“Yes, but not for the reason you think.” She removed her sunglasses and placed them on the seat next to her, before saying to him, “Hang on, this is one hell of a ride.”



  1. I'm looking forward to where you'll be taking us with this story.

    1. It's a shoot off from my trilogy in a way.

  2. I agree, I'm totally intrigued! And at the meetup tomorrow, we'll put the link to the next story at the bottom of the previous ones :)