Friday, March 30, 2012

Part Nine of Lilith's Escape

“Do you mean right now?” Edward asked as he pulled the hood from his head. He was still dressed in the metallic jumpsuit and although he was more than eager to act on her request, the hair rising on the back of his neck, warned him to run like hell.

She had seen his hesitation and lowered her eyes. “No, not now, but I wanted you to know I trust you and when the time is right, I won’t refuse you.”
He was trying to make sense of everything he had gone through since meeting her, but he couldn’t. He had traveled back in time inside an old caddy, and got to see the young Elizabeth, a queen whom he had always admired. The woman next to him was possibly alien or God knows what, but even so, he felt compelled to help her. “Thank you, Lilith for letting me see her.”
“Let’s get out of these suits and go home,” she replied. She left the car and headed towards the trunk. He got out and followed her, watched her as she removed her suit.
“What will happen to this man, I’m supposed to find for you? Will you kill him?”
“Why would you think that?” she asked him.
“Because, I think you’re dangerous,” he replied as he struggled to get the jumpsuit off.
She turned away from him and walked to the driver’s side and climbed in. Would she drive away and leave him stranded here in the past? He hurried to join her inside the car after closing the trunk. It wasn’t until he climbed in and closed the door that he noticed her tears. At that moment she looked more childlike than dangerous.
“I’m not bad, my only crime is that I’m strong and I love too passionately.”
“Why are you looking for this man?” he asked again, but this time his tone was gentle.
“Because I had accidentally killed him ,” she replied.
“What the hell are you?” he asked. His heart thumped wildly inside his chest.



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    1. Thank you for always giving me the power to fly. love you.

  2. The x-ray image of the rose seems so appropriate for this segment. It's like we're now seeing through Lilith's tough exterior.

    1. You're very observant, yes and we will see her gentle side further on in the story. Thank you for keeping up with this story.