Sunday, April 1, 2012

Another Great Weekend

I had two of the grandsons sleep over on Saturday after we saw the movie, Hunger Games. It was great and it lived up to the five star reviews it has been receiving. Now I need to get the books.

                                                Josh and Nathan, the two from the left.

After dinner, the boys tried to find something fun to watch on T.V. Well we did find something new, but it was quite by accident. Nathan and Josh were arguing over what they wanted to watch and each had a death grip on the remote. By the time I wrestled the remote from their hands, we had pulled up, The Cutting Edge on demand. I then scanned down to the sci-fi section of the Cutting Edge and pulled up a show called Mercury Men.
This show is a hoot. We loved it. It’s a throwback to the old black and white cliffhangers they had in the 50’s, where you had to tune in each week to find out if the hero made out it alive. This show was created and directed by the very talented Chris Preksta

 and you can find it on, Hulu, or itunes. You can also go to the site 
Each episode is around ten minutes and there are ten episodes. The boys and I watched all ten and we want to see more episodes. There are two main characters, Edward Borman played by Mark Tierno and Captain Jack Yaeger, played by Curt Wootton.
You need to see this for yourself, we loved it.

My Ghost Hunting group and I found a new adventure to go on and it’s right over the bridge in Philly. A friend from my writer’s group suggested that we would like this. Grim Philly Twilight tour is located at 6th and Market and right now they are offering two tours. One is the Vampires, Sex and Ghosts tour, which my friends and I will be going to in a few weeks and the second is the Blood and Beer, a Cemetery, serial killers and beer tour. University professor, Joe Wojie, leads both tours. Go to, and go on your own adventure.
See you next weekend with a new addition to my Lilith’s Escape series and what other new adventures I tumbled into.



  1. I loved Mercury Men, and I wish they make more!

    Great post, Marie!

    1. Thank you Glenn. I know the boys are pestering me to write to Chris Preksta. Maybe I will. Enjoy your vacation. See you soon.