Monday, March 12, 2018



 There are many kinds of loss that leaves us feeling that we will never recover, or be the same, be it, divorce, loss of a job, loss of a loved one. Each of these losses feels like an attack on our very sense of who we are. The normal reaction is to blame ourselves. What did we do wrong? What didn’t we do? How could I have prevented this loss?

When the loss concerns the death of someone we love, we ask all the above questions, but then find ourselves unable to move on. Sure, we go through the movements of everyday life…but we’ve stopped living. Our loved ones, who have gone through the veil, are happy because they are with GOD. They are free of pain and earthly cares…but they worry about the ones they’ve left behind, especially, if that person is unable to get over their grief. Saint Michael, our heavenly warrior steps up with helpful advice.

Three of Michael tells us that we have to release the past. You don’t forget your loved one, but you should celebrate their life by living yours. Each day will get easier if you truly believe that our loved ones watch out for us from the other side. We’ll never forget our loved ones, but each day the pain will eventually release its crippling hold. Remember that our loved ones are divine souls who will live for eternity.

The Angel Raphael is the healing angel, and the Eight of Raphael tells us that we need to continue to grow even though our loved one is no longer by our side. It is scary to take those steps alone, but we must celebrate life in honor of our loved ones. How do we celebrate their life? We celebrate a loved one’s life by growing both spiritually and mentally. Try a new hobby, volunteer at a museum, join a group that does fun activities. You might think that you are alone, but the universe has your back. Talk to your departed loved ones as if they are in the room with you. Tell them about your day, and what you did. This is a special meditation that helps to bring closure and peace of mind.

The Archangel Metatron tells us with the card, Leap of Faith, to listen to our hearts. Be love, be compassion, but bring into your daily life something new that gives you joy. Be happy, and your loved ones will make sure that more happiness comes your way.




We can all be frightened by what’s going on in this world, so I asked GOD how I should handle fear and then I picked these cards.

There are many things in this world that causes us to fear. While some fear is good as a motivational tool for change, most of our fears can cripple us if we give into it. When I pull the cards, I don’t read the words. I listen to what GOD tells me.

Saint Michael the Arch angel steps in to answer us.

The World: We live on this world, and we have to survive in this world. The world right now is a very scary place. There is too much anger and hate. World leaders are comparing the size of their missiles, while war, famine, sickness, and death loom over us like hungry vultures.

Saint Michael reminds us that we are not alone. GOD has given us the means to survive no matter what this world throws at us. Jesus told us that although we live in this world, we are not a part of it. We are divine souls, and we control our reality. The servants of EVIL want us to be afraid, and to cower in the corner. But to break the cycle of fear, we must face it, and see it for what it really is. Fear is the catalyst for change…growth…and understanding. What do you fear? Face it, and know that heaven itself has our backs.

New Beginnings tells us that we must look at life differently. We can no longer hate or dehumanize other people. They are divine souls just like us. We need to join forces with our fellow humans and face the fear by recognizing that power comes with unity and love. Don’t allow the evil few to frighten us. Face your fear, be it sickness, loss of income, war, or death. We are above death. Our bodies may die, but we live forever.

The Sun tells us that life is good, and that every day that we are alive, should be cause for a celebration. The life we have may not be what we wanted, but we can change this by using the law of attraction to see yourself in a good place. And when you are overcome by fear, picture yourself surrounded by the light of GOD. You are loved! You are valued! You are protected!

Handling Setbacks


Because of what’s happening in my life, and because I’ve had several family members and friends experiencing setbacks in their lives…I’ve decided to do a reading on how to best handle and survive these bothersome “potholes” that pop up in our paths.

Seven of Raphael tells us that when our plans fall apart, we need to first calm down and think clearly. The world is not out to get us, but sometimes, even the best laid plans of mice and men, fail. Don’t get angry. Find out why this upset happened, then see if your plans just need a bit of tweaking to succeed.

The Magician tells us to use the law of attraction in your life. We are magical and divine creatures. Never forget this. If you picture yourself succeeding, you will. If you always see yourself as failing, then you will fail. What you put out into the universe will return to you. Recheck your original plans, fix the problem, then resubmit both in the physical and the spiritual worlds. The law of attraction is a powerful tool.

The Moon is my favorite sign, and just my looking up at the moon has such a calming effect on me no matter what stressful situation I am experiencing at the moment. Trust in yourself. Trust in the universe. Trust GOD! Don’t allow previous failures to make you afraid to live and take chances.

Gentle Heart


Today’s reading is for the gentle heart who is surrounded by negative people. How do we keep our sanity, and our integrity in today’s obsession with anger, gossip, hate, and division? Luckily for this reading, GOD’s mighty warrior, Michael, stepped up to answer this problem.

The first card in Nine of Michael: stop worrying about what we can’t change in this world. Focus on what is right about the world. Be that person of integrity and love. Give to GOD what can’t be changed by us. HE has our backs.

The second card is Eight of Michael: We are a free people, made in GOD’s image. We are divine entities, and yet, we allow the noise makers to rule our lives. Stop! Focus! Be in tune with the universe, and free yourself of negative people and events.

The Third card is Three of Ariel: Love your life. Take joy in the little things. Concentrate on your spiritual growth, and help others do the same. What do you love to do? Why aren’t you enjoying the everyday small joys that make this life bearable? Spend time with like-minded happy people. Be the magic in someone’s life. We can do this! All of us!

Our Country


Today’s reading is for our country. We must stop fighting among ourselves. The enemy comes from outside. Stand united against the agents of fear and hate. Refuse to dehumanize. Focus on the healing within.

I had asked GOD about Russia’s successful plans to divide us. And, I asked our heavenly father to show me how we can stop this threat, then I pulled these cards.

Until we stop the hate against our own citizens, be they: black, white, religious, atheist, straight, LGBT, immigrants, republicans, or democrats…we will be at the mercy of a destructive force. We must remember that we are all divine souls that are temporarily inhabiting this human form. What you do to others, you do to GOD.

Play nice!

Career Change


This reading is for people who are in the process of a career change, or they are thinking about switching careers.

The High Priestess reminds us that we all have inner sight into what we need to succeed. What is important now is a focused evaluation of what you really want. If you want to change jobs because you want to evolve and more up the ladder, then make sure you have, or obtain the skills needed for this move.

If you want to change jobs because the working environment is toxic, then you must follow the advice of the second card.

Divine Guidance reminds us that in times of strife, we must often change how we react to the negativity that surrounds us. No job is going to offer stress-free conditions. Bosses and co-workers will stress us out, but our reaction to the stress is how we survive.

They know what buttons to push. Change how you instinctively react. If the negativity is deadly, then connect with friends who can direct you to a better job. You may have to learn new career skills. Are you ready?

The Peace Card reminds us that we must let go of old ideas that no longer pertain to today’s employment. The job you worked at for the last ten years, or so, is no longer bringing you joy. Do you stay, or go? We must evolve by embracing the coming future. Do your research! Get what schooling is needed! Connect with friends who can put you on the right path! Then, with the blessing of GOD, go forward.

Believe in Yourself


This reading is for anyone who connects with this message. This is the second week that the Two of Gabriel came up, and it tells me that you must surround yourself with people who believe in your dreams. Make plans and stick to them, and remember that trip up the ladder depends on teamwork.

Nine of Gabriel is telling me that you must stay focused and don’t be distracted by small defeats. Keep going. Nature is your healing source, so do all you can to protect the other creatures who share this home with us.

Three of Ariel tells me that success comes when you have a passion for what you want. We always do our best when we’re working at a career that makes us happy. This is so much more important than money in the long term. The law of attraction tells us that what we put out into the universe, we will receive…keep that in mind as you climb that ladder to success. Keep one hand open to help others climb that ladder with you.

Monday, February 19, 2018

The Perils of a Self-Published-Tech-Challenged-Author


I’m a good writer. I love writing. I’ve been writing since I was ten, but where my stories are excellent, I suck at the mechanical part of writing. Hence, I rely on my wonderful editor, Patti O’Brien, to remove the extra comma or to make sure the story flows, and that the reader isn’t lost in a swirl of science fiction jibber jabber. Once the editing is done, I send my manuscript to Create Space, the publishing arm of Amazon. I always order the special package that gives me my own team who will format the book for me, assign the ISBN, then after my illustrator, Shelley Szajner, submits the final book cover, publish the book on Amazon and Kindle. All I have to do is promote and sell my books. What could go wrong with such a great system? Find out after the jump.

Format Hall of Horrors

I’m not that great with math. I blame it all on fractions. I was an honor student for all twelve years in Catholic School, but even though I was good at addition, subtraction, multiplication and long division, when it came to fractions, my mind came to a full halt. I think my lack of direction when driving is connected to the same chromosome that controls my stupidity about fractions. The nuns at school could not figure out how I was able to excel in all subjects except math, and after several noted episodes, they’d learned to never send me on an errand that involved me finding my way to the school office. Really, I am that bad at directions and often wonder how I ever found my way through the birth canal.
When I began using Create Space, I was overjoyed with the fact that my assigned Create Space team would handle everything. I had writer friends who also used Create Space. Some were successful in formatting their own manuscript without paying for the extra service, but some were not, and it showed in the finished product. I wanted my book to be professional and the price of having your own team was worth every penny. I had already published four books through Create Space. My Roof Oasis Sci-Fi Series was very popular because the books looked just as good as the ones published through traditional publishers.

 Fred and Lucy

I am a psychic/medium who has been seeing the dead since I was a toddler. This gift runs in the family. My mother and father were also able to see the dead. I grew up in South Philly, and worked in my parents’ grocery store. My parents weren’t the easiest to love, and my siblings and I weren’t the easiest to raise. I had begun to post weekly blogs about growing up in the grocery store and the hilarious antics of my father and mother. People loved my weekly blogs called “Life with Fred and Lucy” and soon they were asking when there would be a book. My parents who were both dead, had taken residence in my attic. They were also anxious for this book to be written. So you can imagine my shock when I learned that Create Space was no longer offering the complete author service, especially since this book would have twenty or more black and white photos included within the different chapters. What the hell was I to do?


I kind of lost it when customer service explained that this paid and complete service was no longer available. NO! No! No!  I even explained to the manager that Fred and Lucy would not be happy and would haunt anyone who prevented this book from being published. I may have scared the shit out of the poor guy, but luckily, he stayed on line as I submitted my manuscript. I am not sure if the site will automatically format this book as well as “The Team” did.

I’ve tweeted Amazon about my unhappiness with their new rules, but so far, no answer. “Life with Fred and Lucy” is a humorous memoir of growing up in South Philly during the ’50s and ’60s, but it is also a true ghost story. I will keep you all updated on how the book is going.

Luckily, I have a good friend in my writers’ group who is taking on this project. Shelley will be professionally formatting the entire book, photos and all. So if there are any self-published authors out there who are clueless about formatting your book onto Create Space, or need a kick-ass book cover...Shelley is the person to contact. I know that Lucy and Fred are happy that this book is in good hands.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

More Than Dinosaurs


I love going to museums, and I love taking my grandchildren, nieces and nephews to museums, too. In a society hooked on Social Media and the latest Xbox games, museums might appear to be a tame place to visit, but I am here to dispute that fallacy right now. Can a museum entertain better than a video game? Find out after the jump.