Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Where is my Lucky Charm?

I really don’t have a lucky charm, but this week I sure as hell needed one. It started this past Friday when my husband notified me while I was working, that my “older than dirt computer” had joined the ranks of the dearly departed.

“Can’t you fix it?” I asked, maybe demanded would be closer to the truth. My husband is the go to person when I run into a tech problem while working on my book or blog.

“It’s time to get a new one,” he countered. “We’ll talk more when you get done work.”

Since I’m so tech challenged, which is really aggravating for me because I’m so very interested in everything techie, I went with the only possible solution and shopped for a new computer. Long story short, I’m happy with the one I purchased, but not happy with being haunted by the spirit of the old computer.
My husband was able to rescue my manuscript, synopsis, agent’s letter and short stories from the old computer and transfer them to the new, but some of my pictures and e-mail contacts including, Zombie Squad, Unicef, Somaly mam are now floating around in space and only God knows what happened to the lesson plans I had written while working at the Academy of Natural Sciences.
Maybe the astronauts on the Russian space station are enjoying my notes on the dioramas of the Academy.

Since I’m on a rant right now, I might as well mention how much I hate the new time line on Facebook.
Is it just me? I don’t think so. What can we do? Where do we protest this change? Should I ask Occupy Wall Street for some pointers? I had mentioned to my sister, who is just as upset with the timeline, that I was tempted to write a letter to Mr. Mark Zuckerberg. It would go like this:

Dear Sir:

I’m so very happy that you gave us a fun way to connect with the rest of the world, but please give us back the old facebook page. We’re either too busy or too old to learn new tricks. Hell, I can’t even walk and chew gum at the same time, so please return us to those happier days when I could easily scan the page and participate with my friends and family. Everyone will jump for joy.
Not too change the subject, I’ve somehow misplaced my level six vampire and my webkin puppy named Zeppie.

They’re hidden somewhere on Facebook, lost forever among the misplaced requests for Farmville…or maybe the Russian Astronauts are enjoying their company along with my missing files.

Wish me luck, I’m sending you this blog from my new computer…oops what did I just hit?



  1. Oh, Marie!! That's so frustrating! I personally hate the thought of learning a new piece of equipment. I'm ok after I get started but just the thought sends shivers up my spine! I Got a new printer a few weeks ago and it just sat in the box because I couldn't think of hooking it up. Ralph is very un-techie so couldn't help. I did accomplish it myself, though!

    1. I know Fran. Why do they make this so hard for us? Hope to see you soon!

  2. This was so funny, Marie. I hope your old computer rests in pieces. That's how I feel whenever one of ours needs to be replaced. Might I suggest that you download "dropbox" to your computer so you can save your files to the "cloud." So that you don't have to worry about losing your writing files when the hardware decides to flip us the bird.

    It's been a life saver to me. I can e-mail you the link it you need it.

    1. Thank you Mieke. Yes please e-mail me the link at

      Hope to see you at the meeting on Thursday.

  3. Hey Marie! If anyone can handle a new adventure it's you....including a new computer. Your old computer is n a better plan. I wish I can say the same for your lost iles.....i hope Zeppie comes home soon!

    I will see you soon!

    1. Thank you Loretta. This was one bad week. We should make plans to meet soon. I can take a bus to 30th Street station. we'll talk on the phone.