Thursday, March 22, 2012

Part Eight of Lilith's Escape

When Edward was unable to see his hand, he became disoriented, but after feeling Lilith's hand on his chest, he relaxed. After she made some minor adjustments, he was able to see a shadow outline of her and when he glanced at his hand, he could make out its form.
“It takes a little getting used to, but you’ll adjust quickly,” she said.
“I’m ready for the adventure, let’s get started,” he replied.
She took hold of his hand to lead him past the now invisible car and towards the rear of Hatfield House. “No matter what happens, don’t speak,” she warned.
They heard the laughter as they made their way into the rear courtyard, which housed the kitchen and stables. Two older women were sitting at the open door of the main kitchen, laughing among themselves as they plucked the feathers from the game hens.
Edward wondered if they suspected that two time travelers were standing right in front of them, but by their actions, he knew they were unaware of his presence. The dog, on the other, had caught their scent and began to sniff around their feet.
Lilith pulled him away just as the creature began to howl. “Can he see…?”
“Shush,” she commanded, as the two cooks yelled a few choice obscenities at the dog.
There was a large Oak tree in the center of the courtyard. A young woman was sitting on a blanket and although her back was to him, Edward knew at once that it was Elizabeth. She was reading a book.
He headed towards the tree to get a better look, when the sound of an approaching horse, stopped him in his tracks and good thing too, because he would have been knocked to the ground.
The horseman dropped to his knees before the young woman on the blanket.
“Listen,” Lilith whispered to Edward.
He felt his heart give a jump inside his chest as the messenger delivered the news of Mary’s death. He watched as Elizabeth thanked the messenger and then with his help, rose to her feet and walked towards the house.

“Come on,” Lilith urged as they followed Elizabeth into the house and to her private room. They watched, silent, as Elizabeth threw herself on the bed and began to cry for the loss of her sister.
As members of the household rushed in to speak to the new Queen, Lilith pulled Edward from the room. So overwhelmed by what he had just witnessed, Edward was unable to speak.
They made their way back to the car and after climbing inside, Lilith removed her hood and said, “I want you to make love to me.”


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    1. I hope it's wow in that you like it. Thank you for following and I promise to add more wow factors as this story grows

  2. Well now, that was a shocker. Teehee! I hope you guys enjoy tonight's open mic.

    1. Lilith is full of surprises and I never know where she is going to take me. I'm going to miss you tonight. Hope to see you soon.