Friday, March 16, 2012

Part Seven of Lilith's Escape

Edward watched as Lilith walked to the rear of the caddy and popped open the trunk. He took this brief moment to calm his frayed nerves, due to both the trip and her intimate touch of his thigh.
“You’ll need to slip this on,” she said as she leaned into the car.
“What is this?” he asked as he took the thin full body metallic jumpsuit from her grasp.
Her reply was to lean into the car and kiss him gently on the lips. What little control he had left, went out the window and he pulled her into his arms.
“It feels good to be around flesh and blood. I’ve been lonely for my own kind.”
“What are you?” he asked as she slipped out of his embrace, but she only smiled at him in reply.
“Once you slip this on, pull the hood over your head, she instructed after they had both left the car.
“What are you?” he repeated.
Ignoring his question, she added, “Once I set the controls, we will become invisible.” She began to pull the jumpsuit over her clothing.
“What about the car?” he asked as he slipped on the suit.
“It won’t be seen after I set the controls.”
After she had dressed herself and before she pulled the hood over her head, she played with the controls on his suit. “I’m curious as to how you knew I was an admirer of the first Elizabeth and this particular time period,” he asked as she helped him pull the hood over his head.
“Later,” she replied and then kissed him again before adjusting the hood over his chin. “Just go with the flow, Edward. Sometimes, knowledge can be a dangerous thing.”
Before he could ask more questions, she adjusted her own hood and pressed the controls on her suit. She was gone, no longer before him, and when he raised his gloved hand, he could no longer see it.


  1. This scene really worked well for this prompt. I never told you, but I've always loved the name Lilith, but then I found out that in Assyrian myth, it is the name of a female demon.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I've always wondered if the bad rap that Eve and Lilith received in the bible and myths weren't due to the fact that men wrote the books and they feared strong women. In my trilogy and this short story, you'll learn that Lilith is nothing like the false stories told about her for centuries.

      I wanted to mention that I read your interview and I loved it.