Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Fabulous Glenn Walker

I am honored to have Glenn Walker as a guest on my blog today. Besides being my friend, mentor and a fellow member of the South Jersey Writer's Group, Glenn is an expert in Pop Culture and writes about movies, music, comics, Television and so much more...but why don't I let him tell you himself.

Glenn, tell my readers a little about yourself?

There's really not much to tell. I'm older than dirt. I have a wonderful tolerant wife who after knowing me forever still loves me, and I still call her my bride. I live with her and two neurotic cats, and I write online. I know more about movies, television, music, and especially comic books and French fries than any normal person does, or should. That's about it.

 What got you interested in writing and when did you start and what have you done?

Well, this is probably a bit embarrassing. It goes waaay back to when I was a widdle kid, maybe around four or five. I would play make-believe, pretend to continue the adventures I had seen in television, movies, and comics, but during playtime. Eventually I began to write this stuff down, then make up my own stuff. I had been writing for some time before it actually occurred to me that, number one, people write for a living, and number two, I could probably do it better than the folks who were already doing it. I sound like I was an arrogant little brat, don't I? I hope it didn't, and it doesn't seem like that. But let's face it, confidence is a big part of the job. Anyway, by the time I was in about fourth grade, I had determined I was going to be a writer. I have been writing in some form or another since then. Currently, I write about pop culture, and whatever else pops into my head at my blog Welcome to Hell, about French fries at French Fry Diary, and about videogames at The Non-Gamer's Gamer's Blog.

  I also write about comics at the All Things Fun! Blog, and do a weekly online video broadcast from the All Things Fun! comics, gaming, and toy store in West Berlin NJ, called The All Things Fun! New Comics Vidcast, where I discuss the new comics on the shelves each week with co-hosts Allison Eckel and Ed Evans. Finally, I am the associate editor and a frequent contributor at the Biff Bam Pop! website, and regularly appear in their bi-weekly Biff Bam Popcast!. My articles for the site can be found here.

 Tell us more about your journey with Biff Bam Pop!.

  I have known Andy Burns, the editor-in-chief and mastermind behind Biff Bam Pop!, for more than a few years through social media. We had chatted from time to time, and one day he asked me to contribute an article to the site about the then-current Marvel Comics crossover event called "Fear Itself". After that, he asked me to write about V, and then Metropolis. I guess I must have passed the audition, because from there I became a regular contributor. Andy and I have become great friends, and maintain a terrific business relationship. Biff Bam Pop! is an amazing website that I would praise, even if I wasn't affiliated with them. Everyone should check it out.


 Tell us about your story that’s in Biff Bam Pop!’s anthology and why you picked this story?
  It is a pleasure and a great opportunity to appear in Strange World: A Biff Bam Pop Short Story Anthology. Besides including the work and talent of writers like Jason Shayer, Lucas Mangum, Ian Rogers, David S. Ward, Anne Michaud, and the aforementioned Andy Burns, among others, it also includes an introduction by award-winning bestselling novelist Jonathan Maberry. Honestly I had not attempted a short story in quite some time, and had not finished one in about two decades. So when I was offered the chance to appear in the anthology, I got to work, and finished an idea that had been in my head for quite a while just simmering. In a whirlwind of creativity, I finished "Live to Write, Write to Live" quite quickly, and there you go. It was ready - that's why it was picked for the anthology. The story itself begins with a novice writer tapping out a story on her iPhone while sitting on the toilet. As that's a bad habit I've gotten into since getting my iPhone, that was where the idea for the story began to percolate. The rest comes from the world of the local writing community. Anyone who recognizes themselves in the story… well, let's just say there's no denying it, but I'm not going to admit it. Bottom line, it's based on the old advice that goes 'write what you know,' and how sometimes that can go too far. The story is also my first attempt at a black comedy. I hope it comes across that way. Enjoy it, or don't. Either way, there are a dozen other terrific stories in Strange World that you will enjoy even if you don't care for my contribution. Strange World can be purchased here, for only a dollar. Such a deal!

What inspires you to do what you do so well?

I don't know that I do it well at all, first off. What inspires me? Everything. A writer writes. Period. That's what it's all about. If you're not writing, you're not a writer.

What would you like to write about if you had enough time?

  I'm doing it. When I have time, that is, nothing keeps me from writing about whatever I want to write about - not even common sense or an innate survival instinct. I'm dumb enough to write about just about anything.

What advice would you give to those who are trying to make a name for themselves by writing the best that they can?

  Read everything. Read everything both in your genre and outside of it. And read all the writing newsletters and magazines both in print and online. Know your market, know what is selling, know what folks are reading, and buying, and talking about (those last three are not always the same thing). To make a name for yourself, you have to get your name and your work out there - as in social media. In the slush pile situation, you have a better chance if the person going through submissions recognizes your name versus non-recognition. A platform matters because publishers don't do book promotion any more, that is your job. If you have an existing platform (i.e. blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), you are better equipped to do that sort of thing than someone who is not. That counts.

You’ve been named the Patron Saint of Blogging by our writer’s group. Don’t blush, it’s true. Why is it so important to be part of the social media with blogs, Twitter and Facebook?
Just because I do a lot of blogging, and talk far too much, it doesn't make me all that and a bag of chips. I'm just helpful, that's all. I'm the first to admit that there is a lot I don't know. As far as social media being important, I think I answered some of that with the last question. Facebook, Twitter, and all the others - when used correctly - are also very helpful in networking, making contacts, knowing who's who, and how to get what and where you want. Many writers get a publishing gig by who they know. How do they know? Through social media, that's how. Learn it, live it.

 I hope, dear followers, that you enjoyed this interview as much as I did, and I want to thank Glenn for joining us today.

I'm sending out good vibes to all! Have a Happy, Safe, Healthy and Productive, New Year! 

Friday, December 28, 2012

Episode Forty-eight of Lilith's Escape


Fighting his anger and the blood lust, Edward demanded, “Untie me, now.”

Not totally convinced, Tzaddik waited for Lilith to give the okay and after she gave her consent, Edward was cut free. “Don’t make any quick moves,” Tzaddik warned.
Edward rubbed the back of his head and felt the golf ball size bump. He couldn't remember what happened or what he had he done. He took hold of Lilith’s wrist, but Rita shouted out, “Let go.”
 “I need to see the wound,” he replied. Edward winced when he saw the damage his teeth had done to her tiny wrist. There was a large chunk missing, but luckily the skin was beginning to heal as he watched. “I never meant to hurt you,” he said to Lilith who was still unclothed and not the least embarrassed
“I know...but we need to be careful until we know for sure you can control yourself.” Turning towards the female soldier, Lilith said, “Bring him  food.”

Rita stared long and hard at Edward before saying, “Get your act together. I want my husband back.” Then she walked out of the room to fetch the food.

“Edward…” Lilith pulled his face back towards her. “Tonight, we will prepare you for surgery.” She walked over to the bed and grabbed her clothing. As she began to dress, Edward remembered that they weren’t alone.
“You don’t need to babysit me. I have it under control,” Edward told Tzaddik. But the man didn’t hear a word, his eyes were on Lilith.
 Edward was doing a good job of fighting the blood lust, keeping the urge under control, but his jealousy…was another thing all together. “Get out,” he told the soldier.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Press Release for Dorian's Parlor

Dorian’s Parlor

Enter the World of the Mysterious at

The Grand Steampunk Event of the Year

Immerse yourself into the world of beautiful Victorian fashion and Steam powered ideology.

Not sure if you know what Steampunk is all about? There is only one way to find out dear ladies and gentlemen and that is to attend this amazing event. Don’t have the proper clothing? Well come dressed in your finest and check out what our members are wearing

January 26th, 2013

Doubletree Hotel, located at 237 South Broad Street

Event starts at 8 p.m. and ends at 1 a.m.

For the small price of 25 dollars you receive a ticket for the purchase of one drink, delicious finger foods, music, magic, dancing and some unique entertainment. The entertainment for this month includes:

The Extraordinary Contraptions:

Radium Angels


 Katie Kat       



DJ Dave Ghoul



                           Miss Rollerhoops will also grace us with her presence


Venders will be there to sell a wide selection of the best Steampunk jewelry and clothing.

The age requirement to participate starts at 21, but we have become a hit with older members too.


Don’t be shy! Give us a try!

The Gilbert's Christmas Eve Escapade

                                                     I love Christmas!! I love shopping for gifts.
                                                                    I love Christmas Cookies.
I love Christmas for several reasons, but most of all because it’s God’s birthday, although we never have a cake with candles for HIM.
 I love how people are nicer during this time of year. Even the drivers with chronic road rage will shout out “Merry Christmas” before giving you the finger.
When my grandkids were younger, I loved watching how excited they were as they tore into their gifts and how we spent most of Christmas Eve either playing games or eating.
                                    Sue and Allie
Now all the grandkids are older and most of their requests are for gift cards to their favorite store. Good for them because they don’t have to suffer another well-meant, but not wanted gift from granny.
But sad for me and my husband because a little of the Christmas magic was lost. Three years ago I began a new tradition.
 The grandkids had the regular gifts to open on Christmas Eve, but their gift cards had to be earned. One year, I placed their gift cards inside a pinball game and they had to win the game for them to be able to open the back of the game and claim their prize.
Another year, I had placed their gift cards inside a magic wooden box and they had to figure out the secret to get inside for their prize.
This year, I placed all their gift cards inside of a strong nylon bag and padlocked the zipper. I gave each child a number or one word instruction and the rest was up to them. 
They had to work as a team to get the padlock open. It took a while, but they did succeed.
We also have another new tradition. I pack a secret gift and pick a name from a hat. This year, my son-in-law was the lucky winner.
                                                           they get to take home the gift.
                                    My granddaughter Allie, a fashion designer with her boyfriend Sean
 made me a beautiful skirt for my next outing to Dorian’s Steampunk Event.

                                       Joshua who is a fellow zombie lover got a neat shirt
                                                         And so did I from my husband
The grandkids are dying to know how I’m going to make them work for their gifts next year…hmmm. I don’t know, but maybe something to do with Fort Knox?
Hope your Christmas was wonderful and Have a Happy, Healthy, Productive, Loving YearJ

Friday, December 21, 2012

I'm Still Here!



Okay for the last year, the news had all kinds of stories on how we would die on December 21, the documented end of time, according to the Mayans.


People were worried and rightly so. Would there be enough time to do everything before our home, Mother Earth, became toast as depicted by an ancient people.
The other day on the news I heard about this mountain located in Bugarach, France.
It boasted a secret cave that allowed alien visitors to travel back and forth to earth.
Actually that story didn’t seem too weird, as I’ve always believed that aliens lived among us.
                                      with some living right in my own family.
I wasn’t worried and had no intention of dying…I have so much to do like edit my paranormal novel.
watch the next season of True Blood, “The Walking Dead”, and Dr.Who.
                              Plus, I’m not too sure the Creator is ready for me, yet.
Anyway, I don’t think we should worry too much about how we’ll die or when. The destination is not relevant; it’s the journey through life and how we treat each other that should be forefront in our thoughts.
So for you Doomsday Sayers, I have one thing to say, phooey.
I’m going to party and enjoy life and besides, I belong to the Zombie Squad
                                   and we’re prepared for everything that comes our way.

Episode Forty-seven of Lilith's Escape



He couldn’t get enough of her blood, frantic, Edward bit into the flesh of her wrist to get at the warm liquid. He wanted more even though he heard her cry out for him to stop, but she sounded so far away and he was so thirsty.

“Let her go,” Tzaddik yelled out, but Edward ignored him, until something heavy hit the side of his head and all went black.
Edward heard Rita and Tzaddik talking. He tried to move but he was tied up and his head hurt like the dickens. What happened? He remembered that he was feeding...on her blood, but he had lost control…did he hurt her? He tried to focus on the room, but it spun wildly, making him dizzy. “Lilith”?

“Don’t move a muscle,” Rita ordered.

“Why would he would react this way? What went wrong?” Tzaddik asked someone. Edward heard the fear in the old man’s voice.

“Lilith?” Edward’s query was met with a swift kick to his side.

“Don’t move,” Rita warned.

“This wasn’t the first time that I fed him,” Lilith replied.
Thank God! She was alive. Edward turned his head towards the sound of her voice and called out to her. “Did I hurt you?”

Lilith and the Israeli soldier were arguing and Rita stood over him with her rifle aimed at his head. “For your sake, I hope you didn’t f_ _ _k up this mission.”

“Let me see him,” Lilith demanded. But as soon as she knelt next to Edward and touched his cheek, her sweet smell hit his nostrils and the blood lust hit, full force. “You’ll need to control your hunger, love, or they’ll kill you. Can you do this?”
Edward heard the click as Rita squeezed on the trigger. He shook his head, blinked his eyes, tried to get out of the madness he now found himself in and forced the hunger to the back recess of his mind. “I…I’ll try.”
Edward felt sick to his stomach, but he kept the hunger under control and watched as Lilith signaled to Tzaddik. The old man held a machete in his hand and as he leaned over Edward, warned, “If you try anything, I’ll kill you.”