Friday, December 7, 2012

Episode Forty-five of Lilith's Escape


They laid in each other’s arms, happy, spent and giggling. Edward had just told Lilith about a case that he and James had worked on.

 There was a quick tap on the door and then the Israeli soldier walked into the room. “Goddess, I have his papers made up,” Tzaddik announced and then sat on the chair next to the bed. “Here,” he said and held the envelope out for Edward.


Edward tried to cover their nudity, but Lilith pushed the sheet away, quite content to expose all her charms.
“Do you mind, old chap?” Edward asked Tzaddik, hoping the old man got the message. But Tzaddik wasn’t one to give in so easily. He was enjoying Edward’s awkward situation and remained where he was. Edward grabbed his pants from the floor and was about to get dressed when there was another tap on the door.

“Come in,” Tzaddik called out.

“Good, you’re awake,” Rita said to Lilith.

“What have you learned?” Lilith asked Rita who eased herself slowly onto the edge of the cot.

“You know, you two could give us a minute to get dressed and then we can talk,” Edward said to both intruders. With Rita in the room, he was hesitant to pull away the sheet.


“Oh, please. You don’t have anything I haven’t seen before,” Rita snapped back.

“You two need to leave, now,” Edward countered, but when they made no move to leave, he stood up and began to dress.

“Have you fed him?” Tzaddik asked Lilith.


“He needs to be made strong,” Tzaddik instructed Lilith, but his eyes were on Edward.

“What’s he talking about?” Edward asked.

“You will need to feed on me before you’re sent on your mission,” Lilith replied.
“Won’t you be coming with me?”

“No, Edward. I’ll send Scouter with you, but I must stay hidden for now.”

“You'll take Scouter back to their headquarters as your prisoner and once inside, find and rescue Lazarus and my...the other men,” Rita instructed.

“Give me those papers.” Edward said and grabbed the envelope from Tzaddik’s hand. Inside were two passports, a map and money. “When do I leave?”
“Tomorrow,” Lilith replied.

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