Friday, December 21, 2012

I'm Still Here!



Okay for the last year, the news had all kinds of stories on how we would die on December 21, the documented end of time, according to the Mayans.


People were worried and rightly so. Would there be enough time to do everything before our home, Mother Earth, became toast as depicted by an ancient people.
The other day on the news I heard about this mountain located in Bugarach, France.
It boasted a secret cave that allowed alien visitors to travel back and forth to earth.
Actually that story didn’t seem too weird, as I’ve always believed that aliens lived among us.
                                      with some living right in my own family.
I wasn’t worried and had no intention of dying…I have so much to do like edit my paranormal novel.
watch the next season of True Blood, “The Walking Dead”, and Dr.Who.
                              Plus, I’m not too sure the Creator is ready for me, yet.
Anyway, I don’t think we should worry too much about how we’ll die or when. The destination is not relevant; it’s the journey through life and how we treat each other that should be forefront in our thoughts.
So for you Doomsday Sayers, I have one thing to say, phooey.
I’m going to party and enjoy life and besides, I belong to the Zombie Squad
                                   and we’re prepared for everything that comes our way.

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