Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Gilbert's Christmas Eve Escapade

                                                     I love Christmas!! I love shopping for gifts.
                                                                    I love Christmas Cookies.
I love Christmas for several reasons, but most of all because it’s God’s birthday, although we never have a cake with candles for HIM.
 I love how people are nicer during this time of year. Even the drivers with chronic road rage will shout out “Merry Christmas” before giving you the finger.
When my grandkids were younger, I loved watching how excited they were as they tore into their gifts and how we spent most of Christmas Eve either playing games or eating.
                                    Sue and Allie
Now all the grandkids are older and most of their requests are for gift cards to their favorite store. Good for them because they don’t have to suffer another well-meant, but not wanted gift from granny.
But sad for me and my husband because a little of the Christmas magic was lost. Three years ago I began a new tradition.
 The grandkids had the regular gifts to open on Christmas Eve, but their gift cards had to be earned. One year, I placed their gift cards inside a pinball game and they had to win the game for them to be able to open the back of the game and claim their prize.
Another year, I had placed their gift cards inside a magic wooden box and they had to figure out the secret to get inside for their prize.
This year, I placed all their gift cards inside of a strong nylon bag and padlocked the zipper. I gave each child a number or one word instruction and the rest was up to them. 
They had to work as a team to get the padlock open. It took a while, but they did succeed.
We also have another new tradition. I pack a secret gift and pick a name from a hat. This year, my son-in-law was the lucky winner.
                                                           they get to take home the gift.
                                    My granddaughter Allie, a fashion designer with her boyfriend Sean
 made me a beautiful skirt for my next outing to Dorian’s Steampunk Event.

                                       Joshua who is a fellow zombie lover got a neat shirt
                                                         And so did I from my husband
The grandkids are dying to know how I’m going to make them work for their gifts next year…hmmm. I don’t know, but maybe something to do with Fort Knox?
Hope your Christmas was wonderful and Have a Happy, Healthy, Productive, Loving YearJ

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