Saturday, February 2, 2019

Don't Worry! I'm Still Here


I bet you thought I was abducted by aliens. Wouldn't that be a hoot. I am sorry that I haven’t posted in a while on this blog. I do try to keep up with TV and film reviews on Gilbert Speaks, but there is so much going on in my life. It's all good.
I’ve been a bit lax on finishing the fifth and final book of my Roof Oasis Series. Don’t worry, my characters are hounding me to finish their story, and I will have the book done after I return from my trip to Greece and Italy in October.

It is hard trying to juggle the many sides of me. I am an author and a blogger, but I am also a Psychic/Medium with a respectable following, and most nights of the week I am out doing psychic events. Last year, I was certified in Basic Integrated Energy Therapy Healing (IET) and this year I was certified in both Transformation and Cognitive Behavior Life Coaching. My goal is to introduce life-coaching methods into my readings for my clients. I felt it was more important to help the soul sitting in front of me than to connect with the souls who have returned to GOD. The dead are quite happy and safe…it is the living that need to be protected and comforted.
This year I was fortunate to meet another psychic medium who wanted to join forces in order to reach more people. Renice and I started our own business, Angel Connections. You can find us on Facebook, and check out our event page to see where you can find us for a reading. Renice and I will also continue with our private readings for those of you who need more than a 20 minute reading.

As you can see, I have been very busy, and my blogging and writing suffered, but I intend to spend equal time on all my loves from now on. Lilith’s Tribe will pick up five years after Warriors in the Mist. Planet Earth is slowly healing. The demons are back in hell where they belong, and peace has returned to the surviving nations. Things should be great. Right?  There is a new enemy heading towards Earth, and it’s up to Patty and her tiny army to make sure they have enough help to defeat this new adversary.

Did I mention that I am taking a cruise to Greece and Italy. I am really excited about this trip. I promise to keep you posted on my many adventures, and I will definitely take you on my cruise to Greece and Italy via photos.