Spiritual Readings from Marie Gilbert


I am a psychic who relies on GOD for the messages that I deliver to those who need comfort. This page is devoted to the sensitive souls in the world. Learn to protect your mind, soul and body from the negative entities and people who are drawn to us because of our light. "Be part of the world, but not of the world." Break free of the Matrix. Above all things, avoid the people who tell us to hate, to judge others, and to destroy what is not ours to destroy.

The Prophetic Meaning of Roof Oasis

Simplify Your Life

The Power of the Soul

Dehumanizing of Others

Resistance to Change

When You Encounter Failure

Spiritual Reading on Indecision and Confusion

Spiritual Reading on Forgiveness and Accountability

Spiritual Reading on Negativity

Loss Spiritual Reading

Fear Spiritual Reading

Handling Setbacks Spiritual Reading

Gentle Heart Spiritual Reading

Career Change Spiritual Reading

Believe in Yourself Spiritual Reading

Negative Energy


Protecting Your Aura

My Brother's Keeper

Dominion Over the Earth

What the Narcissist Lacks

Superheroes in the Shadows

Smudging and Why We Do It

Zodiac Signs

The Most Dangerous of the Seven Deadly Sins

Stepping Off That Ledge

Psychic Readings Using Angel Cards

Keeping Drama From Your Life

The Metaphysical Parasite

Miracles, Here and Now

Disconnecting from the Matrix

Frozen in Time

Yield Signs


Walking the Tightrope of Friendship

Can You See Me?

Follow the Cards

The Sound of Silence

What Do You Fear

Stinking Thinking

When Absence is Necessary

Planting Spirit


The Experiment

Walking A New Path

The Pirate's Chest

The Children of Cain

Metaphysical Time Travel

The Necessity of Truth

Identifying God

Hate Groups in Politics

The God Particle

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