Tuesday, August 4, 2015



I believe in Karma. I have to because if I didn’t, the evil that is happening in our world would overwhelm and crush my spirit. Sure, I believe in GOD and, I know he has our back, but...I don’t see him sending down lightning bolts to eradicate some very bad situations...like stopping the spread of ISIS, or stopping self-centered rich people from thinking they are special. I want justice, now!


Yeah, I know that we were given free will, but I’m pretty sure that GOD was also handing out working brain cells with that package deal, and yet, some people could care less about the repercussions of their selfish actions. Most religions preach a judgment day, but for those of us who are impatient for this universal pay back, there is KARMA.

According to Krishna.com, Karma is the cosmic law of action and reaction. Under its control we should reap good or bad results according to each act we perform. I love this video because of its examples.

You can’t escape the consequences of your actions: “As you sow, so shall you reap”, “What you send out into the universe, will come back to you”, which means you get what you give.

I’m pretty sure that Minnesota dentist, Dr. Walter Palmer, wasn’t thinking of Karma when he ended Cecil’s life while in Zimbabwe. He never counted on the global outcry, but you get what you dish out and Zimbabwe officials want to extradite Palmer and make him accountable. I hope they succeed.

I’m pretty sure the fanatical, lower than rat shit, terrorist group, ISIS, that has been brutally massacring innocent men women and children, never thinks about Karma, but they should. ISIS is using Social Media to do their recruiting and, three Chechen women used social media to con thousands of dollars from ISIS by pretending to be jihadi brides. You can check out the story here:

or better yet, watch John Oliver's video here https://youtu.be/yiuVemRxM7M

We need Karma more than ever. I have the perfect solution. I would be great at this job.

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