Saturday, August 22, 2015

A Night at Bogart’s

This past Friday night, my husband was enlisted to be my sidekick for my first book signing since Saving Solanda came out. Saving Solanda is the second book of the Roof Oasis Series and picks up where book one, Roof Oasis, ends. The second book also ends with a cliffhanger. Book three, Beware the Harvesters will be out next summer.  Both books (science fiction/apocalypse/romance) can be purchased on Amazon and Kindle                                                        

We headed out to Bogart’s Bookstore and Café located in Millville New Jersey. It was the town’s 3rd Friday Event where all the shops have tables outside to sell their goodies. Joining me was Cinsearae Santiago-Reiniger, author, publisher, and her husband Dan.
I wanted to change my style for this new book, taking on the character of Rosa Santiago, the commander of the Cuban Rebel Base. The stories take place during the zombie apocalypse which was started by the mysterious Leader. Playing the part of one of my characters meant that my normal Steampunk outfit, better fitted for an afternoon tea service, would not fit in with my being a zombie slayer. With the help of Historical Emporium and my fashion designer granddaughter, Allie Gilbert, my outfit evolved. I still have some more items to add over time.
There is a robot named Patty, who will be featured in all four (maybe five depending on which character takes over) books. I had just as much fun shopping for her outfit as I did mine. Thank you, Cinsearae and Dan, for finding Patty for me.
The street was busy with shoppers and I had a nice surprise when my Cousins Marie and Joe stopped by to buy the two books and visit with us. Thank you, guys! A few moments later, a very close friend and her family also stopped by to visit. Thank you, Jodie for hiking all the way there to visit. It was much appreciated.
I’ll be doing more book signings in the next month and I’ll post the dates on my blog. In October, I’m hosting the second annual Steampunk Granny Bohemian Bazaar and the theme will be Frightful Halloween Themes. I’ll post the venders, date and time in the next week or so.
It looks like I already have my zombie squad ready to pitch in.

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