Friday, August 7, 2015

Saving Solanda


I am very excited to share the happy news. Saving Solanda the second book in my Roof Oasis Series, is now available on Amazon and Kindle. I just ordered my shipment of books for when I do book signings.

Saving Solanda picks up where Roof Oasis left off. Lucy and her alien lover return to earth just as the mountain sanctuary, where her brother and his family are living, is attacked by demons and zombies. This is a fast paced science fiction thriller packed with romance, horror and action.

The Book Launch for Saving Solanda will be in October (details coming) at my second annual Steampunk Granny Bohemian Bazaar, but I will be doing smaller book signings before then. Check my calendar page for upcoming book signing dates.

You can purchase Roof Oasis here

You can purchase Saving Solanda here

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