Sunday, August 16, 2015

Dominion Over the Earth

I went over our responsibilities and what was expected of us in our dealings with fellow humans on my post, My Brother’s Keeper, here. But, are we responsible for the land, water and animals that share this world with us? The bible says that GOD gave man dominion over animals. Didn’t that passage from the bible mean that we humans would be allowed to kill animals at our own discretion? That we could pollute the water if it suited us or that we could destroy the land?  Did a Creator give humans free reign to destroy what HE created.


Let’s look at the wording for a second. Dominion does not mean to dominate or exploit. It means to serve. My giving humans the power of dominion, GOD was actually giving us responsibility to take care of his stuff. HIS STUFF! Got it? It’s not ours to destroy.

GOD, if you follow the bible, created everything on this planet before finally making Adam...and later, Eve. Someone had to keep Adam from getting into trouble. Really! Did we really expect Adam to be able to survive on his own?  GOD then made us his managers over the earth. HE expected us to grow in numbers and intelligence and to keep HIS STUFF safe. We have failed. Oh sure, we’ve grown in numbers, but we haven’t shown any smarts as far as taking care of what he gave us.

What would our heavenly report card say about our stewardship? F-, most likely and, it is because we’ve become arrogant and think ourselves above nature. Shame on us!

We suck big time when it comes to taking care of the poor, the orphans and the widows, and now, a day doesn’t go by without us reading in newspapers or listening to the news just how greedy and exploitative people have become. We have pursued a lifestyle that is creating sickness both mentally and physically. We have caused a global catastrophe with our lack of concern for what climate change will do to our food and water supply.

A dentist feels peachy fine to go all the way to Africa just so he can kill a beautiful creature that never did him any harm. This dentist thought that his trophy was legal. It was not! Not in my book and certainly, not in GOD’s. Greedy men push their corporate rights over other peoples’ land to do their FRACKING, which is, in my eyes, a raping of Mother Earth.

Are we doomed to remain selfish? No, we can do things differently. We can live with nature and not against it. We can use the Sun for power and the ocean’s mighty waves. We can build, live, and work “GREEN”

The more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the universe about us, the less taste we shall have for destruction.  Rachel Carson

Unlike what a certain Political Party wants us to believe, we won’t lose jobs if we go green. More jobs will open. Whatever we do, we should start now because I have a feeling that we will eventually destroy ourselves; go extinct.  It doesn’t matter if we do it with bio-warfare, nuclear war, or climate change. We’ve failed as stewards and, if you believe the stories in the bible, this is not acceptable. You don’t want to mess with Mother Nature and you certainly don't want to piss off, GOD.

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