Thursday, January 7, 2016

Yield Signs to the Enlightened Life


When you’re behind the wheel of your vehicle and you come to a yield sign, what do you do? Do you ignore this traffic sign? Do you plow through oncoming traffic like you own the road... like the idiot that almost broadsided me today? Or, do you slow down and observe before proceeding on your merry way?
Why do we have yield signs? A yield sign calls on the driver to slow down and defer to oncoming or intersecting traffic. It’s there to make you aware of possible danger, and once the way is clear, to continue on your journey.
Life is full of signs and most signs are very helpful. They: warn, guide, inform and regulate. We are surrounded by signs in our physical world, but did you realize that there are traffic signs for the spiritual world, too?
If we are like that guy in the silver pickup truck that whizzed past his yield sign and almost into me, then we are going to create a lot of heartache and problems for ourselves. Being cautious is not a sign of weakness, but a method of survival.

Enlightened Traffic Signs to help us:

Belief: Do we strive for a better us by believing that we are all worthy of love? And, if we are all worthy of love, then we must live and let live. Our Creator made us in HIS/HER image. The Creator wished for all of us to be free people, equal in all things, worthy of love.
Trust: Do we hold back because we are afraid of being hurt? Life is a chance; it always was, and if we don’t trust in ourselves, how can we trust others?
Knowledge: As long as there is breath in our bodies, we should never stop learning. We become stunted in mind and soul when we settle for what we think we know. We don’t know much. Read and research. Take classes; join groups that are interested in the arts, science or travel. Think outside of the box.

Truth: They are many truths in the world, or so we think. But the soul knows and so does the heart what is truth and what is lie. Truth will never have to explain. It’s there for you to dissect. Lies must hide behind a curtain of illusion, the tale changing when caught under bright lights. If you are truthful in small things, you will be truthful in big things.
Honor: An honorable person will never destroy another’s self-worth. An honorable person will never bully or belittle or shame another person. Be someone that you can face in the mirror.
Duty: There are things in life that we must all do to survive. Unless you were born into wealth, we all have to work, pay the rent and care for our families. But who is our family? Are we talking immediate, We have duties that need tending to not only for ourselves, but for the good of the planet. We must keep our bodies healthy and we must keep what goes into our bodies healthy. Right now, our planet is sending out many signs that it is sick. We are the cause. We can be the cure.

Go organic. Eat non-processed foods. Keep yourself free of toxins. Protect the environment in your home and outside of your home. I'm talking nature. We are the caretakers of all the wildlife on the land, in the sea and, in the air. What happens in nature will happen to us. We are not above nature, but part of it. We can be wiped out as easily as the dinosaurs...not by asteroid or meteor...but by our arrogant sense of entitlement.
Mercy: We are only as strong as the weakest of us. Think about it... really think about it. We will not grow into our enlightened selves if we don’t protect the other humans who live on this world with us. Mercy is as important as love...and in times of war and famine...mercy may be more important.
Love: The most important of the road signs is love. We are unable to love another until we can love ourselves for who we are; exposed with all faults displayed. Only then can we love another without strings attached.

And, if we claim to love a GOD, then we are forbidden to hate another of HIS/HER creatures. We don’t necessarily have to like our fellow man, but to strike them, terrorize them, enslave them, exploit them, or kill them, makes us unhuman and an affront to the universe.
So, as we all travel through this life, watch out for the Yield Signs that call for us to stop and observe and, before you pull into the oncoming adventure called Existence, look out for roadblocks and potholes better known as racism, greed, violence, pride, and aggression.

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