Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Grand Opening of Comete Complexion

I meet the nicest people on Facebook. Through my many contacts, I was introduced to Comete Complexion an online site to shop for all you facial and hair needs.

All their ingredients are natural and are handmade with love by one Potions Master and apprentice. Their products are composed on organic and naturally occurring materials that help with a multitude of problems like acne, frazzled hair and, dry skin.

Now, I know you’re wondering if little ole granny used any of Comete Complexion’s products and I am happy to say that I did and I was very pleased with the results. The product that I decided to try was called Mandarin Peel Brightening Emollient. I loved the results and oils brought a natural radiance to my face and it made my skin soft to the touch. Steampunk Granny was quite pleased.

Check out Comete Complexion’s site and place your order. Tell them Granny sent you.

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