Monday, January 25, 2016

Granny Needs Your Votes

                                          Battle of the Bands
I need all my little zombie snacks to help out Steampunk Granny. A member of my family, Frankie Granados, and his band, The Turnouts, are in a Fire Department Band Contest that is for fire fighters across the United States.
Not only is Frankie a fire fighter, but so was his father. Two of Frankie’s band members, Mark and Jeff, are Captains with the Tucson Fire Department.
You can only vote once, but that one vote will mean the world to me...and we do want to keep Granny happy because I have pet zombies.

The Turnouts are on the lower right block on page one. Click on their site and listen to their music. Awesome!!!

Now, click button at the top right to vote by adding your information. Don't make me send out my zombies!!


  1. I voted! Band did a great job covering one of my all-time favorite songs!

  2. Wow!! really good. Love that song : )

  3. Nuts! I missed the voting by one day. So sorry, Marie. But I LOVED the number, complete with big microphones, shuffling, cuffed jeans and all. I liked when the men were playing their "instruments" using their fire station equipment. Looks like they got the most votes. Who won?