Saturday, August 20, 2016

Walking a New Path


I am not who I was when I was young. Back then, I was afraid to spread my wings. Although, by nature I’m a wild spirit, I’ve always minded my adults and followed the rules...followed the rules even though they made no sense to me.
I grew up in a family that was tied to the paranormal world. We all saw what was on the other side of the veil. We took these visits for what they were...communication between two worlds. The dead had stories to tell and we were their willing students. There was only one rule. Don’t let the neighbors know. We had a grocery store in South Philadelphia and the customers might have been spooked about talks of ghosts...and angels.

Busy with living life: working, raising a daughter and later grandchildren, I kept my gift under wraps sharing the messages only with my siblings and parents as they shared their experiences with me. What would the staff at the museum have thought about me if I told them about the ghosts that walked their hallways? What would they say if they knew that one of the mummies behind the glass display would greet me each day when I ran up to the second floor to say hello before heading to the Changing Exhibit.
I was too busy working to be with people like me. I was too busy working and had no time to take classes in developing my psychic ability to its fullest. I was too busy surviving life to do ghost investigations even though I always knew when a spirit was present. I knew they were there whenever I entered a home or building. The spirits know when you can sense them. People like me are like lightbulbs. We shine and the dead see us.

I was raised a Catholic. I went to twelve years of Catholic school, but I’ve always questioned what was preached from the pulpit. Something wasn’t right. The words from my religion and, the words of the ministers and preachers from other religions sounded empty. The laws of religion were so heavy that it crushed my spirit and I was too weak to lift my head to see the GOD that would speak to me from when I was a very young child. I never felt GOD inside a church. It was always when I was in a moment of awe that I felt him standing behind me with his hand on my shoulder.
The magic of a sunrise or a sunset, the birth of a child, the sound of nature outside my window, walking on the beach, music...these were moments that I felt the presence of GOD. I would ask my questions and GOD would answer. When I hugged my infant daughter to my heart, I would hear GOD speak about his creations throughout the universe. Over the years as I aged to where I had become more independent, I was able to rip off the chains that bound my wings. With retirement, I had time to write and create a series based on dreams that I’ve had since I was very little.
I love writing. I will always write, but my soul is evolving and I find myself studying the mysteries of the universe. I am a religious person. I am loyal to the GOD who created me, but I have discovered that GOD doesn’t belong to or subscribe to any organized religion. I have become closer to the Creator by taking the shackles off.
I surround myself with like-minded people who want to learn about the Universal life force. My friends and I are on a journey that will take us away from dictations that call for us to hate another human because they are different.
I’m not who I was when I was young. I have spread my wings. I have stopped following the rules. There are no rules. There is only universal love for all things. I am on a new journey. I will take you with me, if you like. I’ll tell you what I’ve discovered in my writings.


  1. I don't think that any of us are the people we were when younger. As I have aged, the proper attitude has evolved. I am, who I am. Take it or leave it. Many similarities between us, as it could be with many people. This is a great start to what should be a continuing story.....what has evolved from the visits as a child, how has it been applied. Many points in the blog that could be expanded to benefit those that are struggling with similar experiences both pastt and present. Take us with you, as I would take you with me..

    1. Thank you for your support, Mike, and I will try my best to help others struggling with their own shackles. It will be a series of baby steps, but we can all lean on each other as we continue the journey