Sunday, August 28, 2016

My Ghostly Protector


I not only see dead people, but I have two deceased family members hanging out in my home. Everyone knows about my Fred and Lucy stories from my blog, but what they don’t know is that Fred and Lucy remain quite active in their family’s lives even though they have passed to the other side.
Everyone has ghostly family members who check up on them. You do, too. Your deceased family member will make an appearance using several methods to let you know they are there:
We associate certain scents with family be it perfume, cologne, cigarette or cigar smell and even food. I always smell my mom’s perfume, but it is one that she hadn’t used for years and years; Evening in Paris. I guess Heaven keeps a healthy supply of that particular perfume for some strange reason.
Sometimes, our lives are so hectic that the only way the deceased can contact us is through dreams. Don’t dismiss the messages you receive in dreams. They offer support or warnings.
My dad likes to visit often, but he doesn’t come alone. Fred usually brings other recently departed souls to meet me. Most of the time they want to tell me how they died. At first, I was frustrated because I didn’t understand what I was required to do with this information. I soon realized that I was only required to listen and that took the stress away from the visits...that is until my dad brought a recent victim of ISIS for a visit. The man just wanted to tell me how he died. The vision he sent was graphic. He also gave a warning..."Don't allow adult male refugees into the country." I
Sometimes, when you’re thinking of a loved one, a song will come on the radio that you know they liked. With my mother, it’s usually a funny Italian song that she would sing to us when we were little.

Electrical Activity
Lights or the television goes on or off without explanation. Some spirits can even change the channel on the TV to get your attention.
Displaced or Moved Objects
Our loved ones will try everything possible to let you know that they are there. Sometimes, they can help you find a lost item. A year ago, after my husband lost a lot of weight per doctor’s orders, he lost his wedding band. We looked all over, even in the almost freezing pond because he had been cleaning the aeration set up in the pond. We searched for an entire week. Nothing! I was doing the dishes when I heard my dad tell me where to find the ring. I told Dan to check his gloves. Bingo! The ring was in his work glove. My sister knows when Fred and Lucy visit her home because they move things and make lots of noise.
Touch or Sense
If the spirit is strong enough, they can tug at your hair or touch your cheek in a loving manner. Sometimes, they don’t have to do a thing, but you can sense them in the room.
Seeing certain animals over and over every time you’re thinking about a loved one is definitely a sign that they are trying to communicate with you. I always see the cabbage butterfly for my dad...even in the dead of winter, and I see a moth for my mom.
Fred and Lucy
My dad is with me all the time. Maybe he feels the need to protect me because I am a psychic and I do ghost investigations. Maybe, because I was the eldest of the four children and he seemed to favor me. Maybe it’s because he knows that I can be reckless. Whatever the reason, other Mediums and psychics always sense him standing behind me. I’m okay with my dad being with me. I feel safe, especially, when investigating places with a dark history. My mom also stays at my house, but lately, she’s been hanging with the grandchildren.
Do you sense a deceased loved one? Do you receive hints that they are around? Do you acknowledge your loved ones when they do visit? DEATH is not dead. Death is just a change of form from the physical to the spiritual. I know my parents look out for me and it makes me feel good.
My daughter and grandsons are not afraid of the dead. They know that Fred and Lucy are watching over them. I’ve told my daughter and grandsons that I intend to visit often after I die. My grandkids are looking forward to the visits, but they're hoping I come back as a zombie.


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