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Steampunk Granny Interviews Author Michael Stern


I recently hosted a Steampunk Granny Authors’ Bonanza at the Treehouse in Audubon New Jersey. Most of the authors belong to the South Jersey Writers’ Group, but some of the writers were friends that I had previously interviewed. At the event, I was introduced to Michael Stern, a published author and husband of author LC Bennett Stern. I had previously interviewed Linda for my blog and you can check it out here. I guess great talent runs in this family and I was excited to learn more about Michael’s books. So, join me now as I chat with Michael Stern.

Michael, tell my readers a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to write.

Michael Stern: I’ve always enjoyed stories, fact and fiction, written, televised and verbal. And I believe that everyone has a story to tell. After a long and varied business career, I have had the wonderful opportunity to join the family of writers to offer my stories to the universal collection of creativity. And hopefully provide some other storyteller with the motivation to try their hand.

Quick bio—easy. I’m a native of Garden City, New York, a graduate of Cornell University with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. I live with my family including a fellow writer, L.C. Bennett Stern, know to me as Linda, or Wifey, in Riverton, New Jersey. In my career, I’ve had many experiences, some of which really happened. I was executive director of a humane society, sold mortgages, operated a medical laboratory, drove a cab in New York City, and sold Good Humor Ice Cream.
Linda told me for years that I should write something. The opportunity came in a sad way. Seven years ago, my father passed away. Originally, I intended to write anecdotal memories for my family. When I began to go through his papers, waiting for me there was my story to tell. Dad lived to almost 98 years old, and with almost a century to talk about, and with so many important events he experienced and shared, I began to fashion the story of his generation. Born in the early years of the 20th Century, struggling through the Depression, fighting the war, the generation that returned built the most impressive democratic movement and the most dynamic nation in the world. He lived long, as a participant, not a spectator, and is one of the many unsung and unnamed heroes to whom we owe so much.

What genre do you prefer to write; History or Science Fiction?

Michael Stern: I have studied history since I was a kid. Even my science fiction is stocked with history. But writing about history, whether fiction or non, keeps my attention. It’s my hope that history lovers will find my efforts worthy.

Where do you get your inspiration for your books?

Michael Stern: Inspiration comes from living. All around us, stories call out to be written. Even a garage door, or a chain link fence have stories awaiting a writer to give them voice. At the same time, when my brain is in gear, words find a way, so I guess my inspiration is floating out there somewhere. Reading helps too. A single word can set off a story. That’s why I know everyone can tell a story. For example, a friend responded to a comment I made on Facebook about aging, and she responded with “I’m right behind you.” I wrote a short story for Halloween with that line.

Can you give us a short synopsis of your books?

Michael Stern: Thus far, I’ve written and published four books. The first, REFLECTIONS ON A GENEROUS GENERATION, is mentioned above. By the end of September, I expect to have the fourth book of my Quantum Touch series available. The series tells the adventures of Fritz Russell, a high school history teacher, whose classroom door enters a time travel portal to the past, as well as a tunnel in present time.

In the first book, STORM PORTAL, he discovers the portal, meets Robert E. Lee the day after Appomattox, and to assure the principal that nothing unusual was happening, they walk together into the Oval Office and meet the president. Setting off alarms in government security, the president recognizes the potential value of the portal. As Fritz attempts to unravel the portal’s mystery, the nation’s security apparatus gears up to protect the president and the country.

Book two, SAND STORM, establishes the value of the portal under fire, as the president asks Fritz to help eliminate a rogue Middle Eastern country’s nuclear weapons program.

SHADOW STORM, the third book, a hidden enemy casts an ominous grip on world affairs. As violence escalates and Fritz becomes a target, the portal may be the only way to end the danger, identify the source, and bring peace back to the globe. The next book, STORM UNLEASHED, ends the waiting, as a conspiracy is unmasked, but not before constant violence erupts, while the president and Fritz work together to fight back.

Do you and your wife ever consider co-authoring a book?

Michael Stern: At this time, Linda and I haven’t discussed the possibility of co-authoring a book, but YA Never Know.

What are you working on now?

Michael Stern: My current work in progress is twofold:  the final book of the series, book six. With the fourth book about to release, the fifth is written, has been through the first edit and rewrite, with more to come, and the last one is about halfway written. I am also writing a book called Sarah and the Dragons. Sarah is rescued from a storm by two dragons, and the real storm begins when they take her home.

I would like to encourage those who are reluctant to try a paragraph, then a page, then another. You might like what you see. But be careful, the bite is contagious and chronic.

I appreciate the opportunity to talk with your readers, and should anyone have a question, please ask away. My email address is I am a regular Facebooker and my author page is My Amazon author page link is

It was a true pleasure to learn about your books, Michael, and I will definitely have you as a guest for Granny’s next Authors’ Bonanza in early December.

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