Monday, June 11, 2018

Spiritual Reading for 6/11/2018: Simplify Your Life


This reading is perfect for today’s world. Every one of us starts our day hitting the ground running. Life becomes a blur as we rush from one choir to another. The only way we keep in contact with friends and family is by texting. No one makes eye contact because we are chained to our cell phones. Depression in on the rise, tempers flare, and…a butterfly flits past unnoticed. What the heck are we doing to ourselves.
Mind you, I am not preaching to you because I am the biggest offender. My daughter calls me “Zoom Butt because I never sit still. I don’t know how because my siblings and I were raised to keep busy. What can we do to change?
Ten of Fire tells us that too much work is no good for us. We need to accept help from others. Stress can make us sick and, if we don’t tend to our health…stress can kill us. On our jobs, we might not have a choice because the boss wants what the boss wants, but when we are home, we call the shots. Do what you can, then let the unimportant stuff slide. No one is going to remember if your carpets were vacuumed every day, but they will definitely remember that you took the time to be with them.

Archangel Jophiel tells us with Ego that the feeling of entrapment might be of our own making. Stop focusing on material stuff and reconnect to spirit. When we become robotic in our motions, we become overwhelm with negative thoughts and fears. LET IT GO!

Do you really need a new car every two years, or that big McMansion? Simplify your life. Live small. Have time to enjoy life by becoming one with spirit, nature, and loved ones.

Eight of Water represents cleansing to me. Wash away the old, and bring in the new. What good is working yourself to death if your spiritual and emotional growth become stunted? We need to stop and focus on what is really important. Even though our work lives are not in our control, our home life can be.

With the Hermit Card, Archangel Raziel tells us to become quiet in spirit. Spend time in meditation and self-discovery. Go for a walk with your family after dinner. Play board games instead of video games. Simplify your life and allow only the peace and calm that comes from a balanced way of living.

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