Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Spreading the News & Meeting New Friends

Since our short story anthology Tall Tales and Short Stories from South Jersey was published in November of 2012, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a lot of very nice people. My job is to market and spread the word about our first of what I hope will be a long line of books, to be published. So I try to set up dates for book signings at coffee shops, libraries and events, which is the best job for a people person like me.
Rosie Readers
I watch a little girl, who I’ve been taking care of since she was three months old and who I consider another grandchild, and often take her to the park when the weather permits. I met this charming woman, Chris Ciechon, and her grandkids at the park in Audubon and over time, we became friends. One day, I had mentioned that the South Jersey Writers Group was publishing a book and that we were having a launch party. Chris mentioned that she belonged to a book club and asked if we would be interested in speaking to her group, the Rosie Readers.
Book Club Meeting
I was invited to a meeting where several book clubs were getting together to socialize. Met some amazing people and I’m making plans to bring their groups and the authors of Tall Tales and Short Stories from South Jersey together in May for a panel discussion and book signing. While I was there, I learned about this organization that introduces books to infants. Infants, you ask? Yep, start them young and they will love to read.
Story Storks
Their motto is, creating future readers, and they can be found at www.storystorks.org
The women in charge are Adrienne Evans, Maureen Hicks and Barbara Funkhouser and what they and their volunteers do is go to Cooper Hospital with books for all the newborns. They introduce new parents to the importance of reading to their brand new babies as soon as possible and that means from birth on.
Children want to learn, and just by reading a few books a day to them, opens their mind and instills a love of the written word. Check out their website and think about volunteering, if you’re able to spare some time for a good cause.
Wine and Cheese Benefit on Wednesday, March 13th
They’re having a party at the Bellmawr Ballroom at 29 Lewis Avenue, Bellmawr, N.J. from 7 to 9 p.m.
The admission is only 10 dollars, so little a price for so worthy a cause. I’ll be there and I’m hoping to see all of my friends there to support Story Storks.
And check out the book clubs in South Jersey.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Crazy Stuff, I Love to Share

Okay, if you've been following my blog, you know that the grandkids are always trying to get me to do things with them. But, sometimes, someone gets hurt.

                                                    Jimmy is into Mixed Martial Arts,

                                                   Joshua on the right doing Aikido

                                    Re and Nathan who is very into Parkour and singing.

Everytime, I go visit my daughter, if all three boys are home, then Jimmy wants to teach me how to kick, Josh wants me to learn how to throw someone and Nathan wants me to jump out of a tree.
They want me to be able to protect myself.

Not a problem, but I was born and raised in South Philly. You pretty much know how to protect yourself before you enter school.
Most of the times, when I'm practicing Aikido or boxing with the two older boys, I can hold my own, but sometimes I get knocked down and my daughter will scream out "Don't break grandmom."
I stink at Parkour, but even so, my grandsons have announced that "when"  and not "if" the zombie apocalypse happens, they want me on their team and I'm the only one in the family allowed on this team.

My daughter said, "Mom, it's because they know you'll cook and clean for them and do other granny stuff."
"No Re, they want someone like Michonne on their team. That's why I'm allowed on the team." I counter, very full of myself.

Okay, I never said that our plans for the apocalypse were logical!

The other day, after practicing with the boys, I asked if I had improved any with my techniques. Joshua, usually the patient and encouraging grandchild, pulled me aside and shared this video with me, saying "You fighting is more like this film, but we'll keep you anyway.

My daughter might be on to something.

Friday, February 22, 2013

The Treehouse


There is a special place in the town of Audubon, N.J.

This place can be quiet, productive, musical, and sometimes full with singing and dancing children.
I’m talking about my favorite Coffee Shop, The Treehouse, located on 120 W.  Merchant Street.

The owners Tina and Randy along with their very pleasant staff, offer good food, coffee and a place where writing groups, business people, artists, and parents and caretakers bring the children to join in the Tuesday Morning activities with Miss Sarah.

On Wednesday nights, they host open mic and you can listen to upcoming and established musicians and singers. This past Wednesday my friends and I were treated to the great music of Nathan and James, along with other local talented artists.

Our writers group picked The Treehouse to have their big book launch for Tall Tales and Short Stories from South Jersey. Copies of the book are on sale at the Treehouse

 and thanks to Tina, Randy and staff, it was a big success. So come over to Audubon and visit The Treehouse. I know that you’re going to love the place as much as I do.


Episode Fifty-six of Lilith's Escape


Rita and a few of the older boys had somehow managed to get on to the steel beam that ran across the train tracks. They threw what they had into the mob. It wasn’t enough to kill all the zombies, but it helped by giving the resistance fighters time to regroup.


Lilith was still fighting the zombies on the other side of the chain fence and didn’t look like she needed any back up, so Edward and the others were left to take down the handful that hadn’t burned to a crisp from the Molotov cocktails.

When the last zombie was put down, Lilith joined the group. As she wiped her sword clean, she asked, “How many did we lose?”

“One,” Tzaddik replied and then pointed to a female soldier. “I put her out of her misery.”
Edward looked to where Tzaddik had pointed and saw that the soldier had been shot in the head. “Are you sure that she was infected?” There were no visible wounds.

Tzaddik glared at Edward and then walked over to the woman’s corpse and flipped her onto her stomach. The back of her tee-shirt in shreds, Edward saw that a chunk of flesh was missing from the midsection of her back.
“We need to patch-up up the entrance, make sure that the barricade holds in case of another attack.”

“Your enemy knows where you are,” Edward said to Lilith.

“Maybe not, Bradley replied.

Monday, February 18, 2013

MMA and E.R.

My oldest grandson, Jimmy is a Mixed Martial Arts fighter. He has won every match he's fought, including the one that left him with this injury. I'm not too sure of the exact name for this break, but "Holy Snap" comes to mind.

It will be a long recovery for him and I'm sending him hugs and kisses.

My daughter, son-in-law and the three boys have had a bad year, starting with the accident on the quads last spring. I need to wrap them in bubble wrap.


Here's hoping they make it through the year without another visit to the E. R.

   Love you guys!!!                                                                    

Meteors, Asteroids and Zombies


Okay, is anyone else a little spooked by the large rock that made a drive by, last week? No not the meteor that exploded over Russia, for which I’m sending out my sympathy and prayers to the poor souls of the Chelyabinsk region.

 No, I’m talking about that big asteroid that not only passes us each year, but gets closer and closer with each yearly drive by. Do you know that NASA keeps a list of the most dangerous asteroids? In fact there is one that goes by the name of 2012DA14. See that number 14 at the end? I think it’s a secret code for either “Holy dog doo Batman” or “Give my regards to planet Earth”

This asteroid is capable of doing to us what its older brother did to the dinosaurs that weren’t already extinct.
It’s large enough to terminate most life on earth, although I’m pretty certain that politicians and roaches will survive the blast. No, I’m not singling out the Tea Party, but all political parties, and that leads to my discussion on zombies.
The strange goings on in Congress has me worried that the zombie apocalypse is already here. I’m not talking about the drooling, shuffling, brain eating zombie. No! Those zombies we can handle. I’m talking about the clueless people on Capitol Hill. How else could you explain the strange phenomenon where supposedly intelligent people go loopy as soon as they give notice that they’re running for office. They are zombies! It’s the only explanation.
Oh, and just in case that Russian meteor was carrying the zombie virus, Canada is now preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse. Honest, it was in the news. Three cheers for our neighbors to the North.

What does this have to do with the asteroid? Everything and I’ll start with this question, “Are we prepared to survive a full scale disaster from an asteroid?” One can only hope, but…with some of the people in congress not even believing in climate change or evolution, I’m afraid that our days are numbered.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Episode Fifty-five of Lilith's Escape


Edward’s weapon was knocked out of his hand and went sliding across the ground, the zombie  before him, huge. Edward guessed the creature to be over six feet tall and close to three hundred pounds. He needed a weapon, but all the soldiers were occupied, taking the brunt of the battle, their numbers weak against the multitude that swarmed over the barricade.


“Here, catch,” someone yelled out. Edward turned just as the zombie lunged forward and Bradley’s army issued knife flew through the air. Edward stretched out his hand and was knocked to the ground, the creature’s bloody teeth snapping at his face. The knife was on the ground, but Edward was using all his strength to keep the teeth from touching him.

Edward’s arms were straining to push the creature away, his strength giving way to the zombie’s unrelenting attempt to take flesh. The zombie bit down, ripped away…white linen…? The bandage, he had forgotten all about it. The zombie momentarily startled, Edward grabbed the knife and jabbed it full force into the thing’s skull.

Edward pulled himself free from the creature lying on top of him just in time to face the two coming at him. Suddenly, they burst into flames. “What the hell?” Edward asked, stunned.

“Keep them coming,” Tzaddik yelled out.

Edward turned to see several Molotov cocktails flying over his head and into the zombie crowd.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Gilbert to NASA and Beyond


Okay, so I love the Space Program; loved it since Sputnik was sent up by the Russians. Loved that our country was able to get their act together and have the best Astronauts and rockets in the world. I love that we were the first to land on the moon.
 Why we stopped sending men to the moon, I don’t know, but the government stopped. There could have been a mall up there by now, but they stopped. I love NASA and all the bright men and women in the space program. They have made it possible for us to look beyond this little blue marble. We have a chance to visit the stars and our future.

Anyway the other day, while in the car, I was listening to NPR’s host Jacki Lyden on All things Considered speaking with Brian Shiro who wants to be an astronaut and has a webpage called Astronaut for hire. So I checked out his site. I will be cheering for Brian Shiro to reach his goal.


I’ve been following Elon Musk, CEO for Tesla Motors and Space X because if we’re ever going to make space exploration attainable for all people, this is the man to keep your eye on (Three cheers for the Dragon). The vision and know how is there and with popular support and understanding, even I might become an astronaut.

Okay, don’t go rolling those eyes! Just because I’m a mature woman, doesn’t mean that I can’t handle adventure, I’m a kid a heart and to prove it, I’m going to contact Astronauts4hire and put in my application. Yes, my little Moon Rocks, I’m going to try and get on the next rocket out of here.

Hey, I could prove valuable for any long term space travel. For example, I have nine grandchildren and I’m good at distracting them and keeping them entertained, especially on long rides. Any space shuttle with me aboard will never be dull and no space traveler will arrive to the Moon in a grumpy mood.
I’m good at calming people down, and if there are any squabbles between the astronauts because of the tedious routines of space flight, then my "granny stare of death” will put a quick end to that.
So I’m going to practice on weightlessness and G force training. The G force training I have covered. I can burn rubber when idling at a traffic light to equal 3 times the force of gravity or like the astronauts like to say, “3Gs.
              As for weightlessness, getting my grandson out of a tree; works for me.
The Space Program is mankind’s one chance at taking that giant step forward and with the technology and jobs this program returns for the initial investment, we would be foolish not to support it.
Anyway, I’m sending in my application and I’ll keep you posted and too add a smile to your day, here is a great song.   http://youtu.be/2Sar5WT76kE

Friday, February 8, 2013

Episode Fifty-four of Lilith's Escape


Rita needn’t worry about Edward. He already had the pleasure of meeting a zombie, and that was one experience that he wouldn’t forget anytime soon. When Edward arrived at the outer barricade, he was surprised to find that many of the zombies had climbed over the chain fence. Tzaddik, along with the two soldiers Bradley and Jones were doing their best to control the invasion, by making sure that every shot counted, but there were just too many of them.
“I thought there were only a handful of these buggers,” Edward said as he moved up to the others and began shooting. “There has to be over a hundred.”

“It’s spreading faster than we anticipated,” Bradley replied and then aimed his gun at Edward.

Edward was about to disarm the soldier in front of him, but Bradley shot first. Something fell at his feet; it was a young female, maybe around seventeen, but no more than that. Her eyes were open, her mouth still moving as she tried to grab hold of Edward’s ankle. He didn’t like shooting children, but there was no hope for her. He leveled his gun, took aim and put the poor creature out of her misery. “Thanks mate,” he called out to Bradley.
The zombies kept coming, no matter how many they managed to kill, they just kept coming. “Where’s Lilith,” he asked, but everyone was too busy trying to keep the zombies from getting inside to the children.

At one point in the battle, Edward got a glimpse of Lilith. She was right in the thick of the battle, wielding her sword which such speed, that the zombies were piling up around her feet. Her clothing covered in their blood.
“We won’t be able to fight off another attack like this,” Tzaddik said as he moved in next to Edward, shooting at the dead while he spoke. “Without her dragon, we’re outnumbered.”

Edward considered their present situation and felt that Tzaddik had a good point, because the dead just kept coming.

Interview with Brandon

I always try to promote other writers, who like me, want people to know about the book they're working on. I write about the paranormal world and so does my guest. His story is very interesting and truly frightening and I'm sure his book will be in demand when it is released. So with great pleasure, let me introduce you to Brandon Boston.


Thank you for stopping by and visiting with my readers. I guess, I'll start at the beginning.

Is this your first book?

Yes, this is my first book. I am currently working on a few others in different genres. One is a Romance Novel (I have a couple more outlined) another is a Motivational book, and of course my sequel to “Battling Demons of Darkness” which I have outlined but have not actually began. In other words, I have many projects I am currently working on, along with multiple movie scripts I am finishing as well.

Brandon, tell my readers a little about yourself?

 I am the Most Passionate person you will ever meet! I have many paths that will lead to my Destiny, and each path I have been told my entire life, “You Won't make it!” I feel I was created to help prove to the world “Anything is Possible if you have enough Faith.” I grew up in a small town in Tennessee where becoming an Actor, Director, and Fighter seemed to be Impossible. I never really considered becoming an Author. English and writing were my worst two subjects in school. The funny thing is I can write anything! I have always been able to write, I just need help on the proper grammar and spelling. Even in elementary school I could write poetry without putting much effort into it. I can also take any emotion or word and create a story around it. Any music I listen to, I can create my own version of the lyrics, staying within the emotion of the performer. I am truly blessed, to be given so many gifts, in so many different fields. I will never take any of the credit, I always give that to God. My life's story could have easily been another negative statistic, but I refuse to settle on anything less than my Destiny. Now I realize I have many more paths that make up my entire Destiny. I do not want to be just another Actor, Writer, Director, or Fighter. I want to be the Best! I also feel led to become a Motivational Speaker, because my entire life I have always had people tell me I inspire them in many different ways. I wish to be a role model, not only to the youth, but to every person that has breath. With the way the word has become, we need a light that shines through the darkness. I know I can become that! I want to become the greatest at all that I do, so I can Influence the entire world in a positive way. The bigger I become, the more Impact I can have. I want people to look at me, look at where I came from, look at my story, my struggles, and follow me the entire way as I Achieve my Destiny! Because I will be a living example, that no matter what the world says, you can do anything you set your mind to, if you just believe! Nothing is Impossible to those who believe!

Tell us a little bit of the background for the book?

“Battling Demons of Darkness” is not just a story, it is my own personal journey into the world of the unknown. Every single word in the book is true. (expect certain names and identities, for privacy purposes) Honestly, if I did not experience it first hand, I might not believe it myself. But no matter how skeptical you are, you can't deny the truth when it is before you. You can say something does not exist, up until it is directly in front of your face, so close to you, that you can feel its breath. I never chose the paranormal, the paranormal chose me. My first memory Ever, was an Exorcism in Church. That could have been an isolated incident, but it wasn't. That was my first encounter with the Demonic, that would literally follow me the rest of my life. At 27 I have had hundreds of real encounters with this worlds most Sadistic Evil! My grandparents raised me, I never met my father and for most of my life my mother was never home due to her drug addiction. I was in fourth grade when the last words I ever said to my grandfather was “I hate you, I wish you were dead!” I went to sleep, not realizing at the time, just a few hours later I would watch my Grandfather pass away right before me eyes. That left me and my grandmother devastated, and not long after that, a very powerful Demonic spirit came into our home and haunted us for years! It got as bad as it could get, the demon even attempted to kill my grandmother. Due to certain events, the Demon would be driven from our home, but not from our minds. We were both terrified to speak of it, in fear that it would come back. Not until I was about 21-22 did I finally get over my fear of this demon. I realized that part of my calling is to help deliver people from demonic spirits that haunt them. I would run into the darkness, that in the past I refused to even think about it. It has 3 demonic cases I worked on, with exact notes coming from the journal I kept during the events. “Battling Demons of Darkness” is not teaching you how to become a Ghost Hunter, that serves no purpose for me. It is to remove the veil that separates our world, from the spiritual realm. I feel “Battling Demons of Darkness” can be the Greatest Haunting story ever told. This is not just a scary story, it is packed with real emotional events, that we all as humans go through everyday. When you open my book, you will experience Death, Attempted Suicide, and Depression, which is something that has consumed this world. Most importantly, you will see a child that is seemingly defeated and destined to be destroyed by the Devil, answer his calling and transform into the fearless man he was created to be. No matter your beliefs, or views on the paranormal, you will question everything you thought about the world of the unknown. In this world we have to many people that are tormented by demons and have nowhere to turn. My purpose behind this particular book, is to help give hope to the one that is hopeless, help strengthen the weak, help guide the defeated into victory.

What other works have you done?

This is my first book, but I have worked in the film Industry on a few projects. My first TV show was “Paranormal Challenge” on the Travel Channel. It was a tremendous experience, and what people do not realize I took a major step in my life by doing that show. I have always loved Fitness, and worked at multiple Fitness Centers for a total of about 7 years. I knew the Dreams I had deep down to become an Actor, and Fighter would never become a reality, as long as I stayed in my comfort zone. So I ended up quitting my job before the show, even though I knew this was just a one time deal on the travel channel. My whole point of doing it was to meet someone in the film industry that could help introduce me to the right people to give me my opportunity. Not only did I have a blast on the show working with a lot of great people. I got to meet Zak Bagans, and a few other famous names in the paranormal field. I also struck up a great friendship with Lisa Wheelous, who is a big up and comer in the film Industry. I have been blessed enough to help her with scouting multiple locations for Major TV shows, and Major Films. Which allows me to meet people, that I feel will lead to my discovery as a Major Talent. I have also appeared on the Biography Channels “My Ghost Story”, and have done extra work on the USA network, and this past summer was able to work on a Major Film in Chattanooga.

Will there be a sequel?

In my first book you will encounter most of my most difficult battles with the demonic. I say most, because it was not until November of 2012 where I faced my most difficult task, my first Exorcism on a person. This book was already completed, and in the final stages of working out all the little details. I was not really where I needed to be in my life, I seemed to be just coasting in my everyday life. I needed a wake up call, and lets just say I got one. I have studied many cases of Demonic Possession and Oppression, that was the whole reason why I entered into the field of the paranormal. I knew the day would come when I was not facing a demon possessing someones home or property, it would be possessing them. No matter who you are, or what you think you know, you can never really be prepared for a True Exorcism. There are different stages of Exorcism, and different strengthens of demons. I can say my first Exorcism was against something very strong. Hollywood does not do it justice in the Movies. The only way to understand what I am talking about, is to see it with your own eyes. But in my Sequel to “Battling Demons of Darkness” I will be sure to bring you as close to the event as I can. I can promise, that will be a True story that you will not want to miss. Because nothing is more terrifying than the truth!

What advice can you give to new writers starting out in this extremely competitive field?

I would say, believe in yourself! Throughout your lifetime you will have many people try and discourage you and hold you back from becoming who you want to be. To succeed at everything in life, you must first believe in you before anyone else will. You can accomplish anything you can Imagine, if you only believe it. But as a writer, do not get discouraged no matter what others say. If your work is something you truly believe in, it might not be easy, but you can do it, you must do it! That has to be your thinking, succeed at all cost.

Is there anything else that you would like my readers to know about your writing?

 If I could say one last thing, I guess I would ask for everyone's help. I know I am destined for great things in this world, it is time we begin to see good things making headlines on the news instead of all the hate, death, and negativity that covers almost every station. I know I can help Motivate, Inspire, and changes millions of lives. Not just by this book, but with all of my dreams combined. Everyone needs a start though, and although I have been apart of some Amazing events, this is my first chance to reach the world. I hope that all who see this will go out and get a copy of “Battling Demons of Darkness” and that you will pass this message along to your friends. I want to make “Battling Demons of Darkness” the Greatest Paranormal book of All time! And with your help, I know that Dream will become a Reality. God Bless

Thank you for visiting my blog site, Brandon. I enjoyed your interview and plan on having you as a guest once more, after the book is out . It's been a pleasure and I'll be keeping my eyes open for the sequel.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

New Breed of Dating Services

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Dating can be a frustrating hurdle for a lot of people and with the help of a reputable online dating service, many have found their true mate, or so the commercials say. I have friends and family who have used dating services with equally good and bad results.

Why do people use a dating service? Well the number one reason is that many people are pretty sure that they’ll never find a true love at the local bar.
Maybe their work schedule leaves no time to find that significant other
Or they just want to find people with the same interests, religion, nationality, etc.
Most of the better known online dating sites are advertised frequently on T.V. But recently, I saw an advertisement for farmers looking for that special someone…farmers?

Aren’t most of our farms industrialized and owned by big corporations?
But if you’re an independent farmer, I guess you would need a dating service to find the perfect mate because you’re too busy trying to keep the farm from failing in today’s economic free fall.
Anyway that ad got me thinking about dating services and how there should be more of them and maybe with more selections, such as:

                                                                     Obnoxious people…
                                                                       Clueless people


                                                                                 Lazy people

See where this is going? Someone could make oodles of noodles if they wanted to start a new type of dating service.
I have a hard time falling asleep and in the wee hours of the morning, if I’m not writing a story or reading a book, I watch television. Late at night, you can find some really strange stuff on cable and this was one of them. So my dear readers, have you ever used a dating service? What type of results did you have? Let me know.