Friday, February 8, 2013

Episode Fifty-four of Lilith's Escape


Rita needn’t worry about Edward. He already had the pleasure of meeting a zombie, and that was one experience that he wouldn’t forget anytime soon. When Edward arrived at the outer barricade, he was surprised to find that many of the zombies had climbed over the chain fence. Tzaddik, along with the two soldiers Bradley and Jones were doing their best to control the invasion, by making sure that every shot counted, but there were just too many of them.
“I thought there were only a handful of these buggers,” Edward said as he moved up to the others and began shooting. “There has to be over a hundred.”

“It’s spreading faster than we anticipated,” Bradley replied and then aimed his gun at Edward.

Edward was about to disarm the soldier in front of him, but Bradley shot first. Something fell at his feet; it was a young female, maybe around seventeen, but no more than that. Her eyes were open, her mouth still moving as she tried to grab hold of Edward’s ankle. He didn’t like shooting children, but there was no hope for her. He leveled his gun, took aim and put the poor creature out of her misery. “Thanks mate,” he called out to Bradley.
The zombies kept coming, no matter how many they managed to kill, they just kept coming. “Where’s Lilith,” he asked, but everyone was too busy trying to keep the zombies from getting inside to the children.

At one point in the battle, Edward got a glimpse of Lilith. She was right in the thick of the battle, wielding her sword which such speed, that the zombies were piling up around her feet. Her clothing covered in their blood.
“We won’t be able to fight off another attack like this,” Tzaddik said as he moved in next to Edward, shooting at the dead while he spoke. “Without her dragon, we’re outnumbered.”

Edward considered their present situation and felt that Tzaddik had a good point, because the dead just kept coming.

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