Thursday, April 13, 2017

Steampunk Granny interviews Anna Brandimarte of Beyond Belief


I meet a lot of talented people with both my book signings and my psychic events. I met Anna Brandimarte several years ago when we were part of the same ghost investigation team. I was recently at a Spiritual Awakening Expo and discovered that Anna was making her own products. It was time for an interview.
Marie Gilbert:  How did you get interested in making the scented candles?

Anna Brandimarte: It just came across me one day and ever since then I just started making candles.

Marie Gilbert: How are your candles different than store bought candles?

Anna Brandimarte: They are like no other ones you buy in a store and the reason why is because I put my own energy and herbs into them along with the power inside the candle.

Marie Gilbert: What else do you make besides the candles?

Anna Brandimarte: I also make bath bombs to help with relaxation when taking a bath! 

Marie Gilbert: Can clients request a certain scent for you to create?

Anna Brandimarte: Yes they can. I can make whatever their wish is for the candle 

Marie Gilbert: Can clients use your candles as protection from negative energy? What candles would you suggest for this?

Anna Brandimarte: My candles are very good for protection because I use herbs to help fight the negative energy.  Lavender is a very good protection for happiness and peace. To keep negativity out of your house, I would suggest Bloodroot herb to be placed in the doorways and windows of the home. These are just a few examples of the herbs that I use in candles, but there's so much more that I haven’t mentioned.

Marie Gilbert: I know that you also do ghost investigations. Can you tell us how you got started?

Anna Brandimarte: I got started with investigations after I got out of high school.  I found the Paranormal fascinating, plus I had some weird things happen and I wanted to find answers. After my family passed away, I was getting signs from them and I decided to become an investigator.

Marie Gilbert: Can clients contact you if they suspect their house is haunted?

Anna Brandimarte: Yes they can contact me. The investigation is free; no charge. I will walk through the entire home, room by room, and tell the clients what I can pick up. 

Marie Gilbert: Can we look forward to new creations from Beyond Belief? 

Anna Brandimarte: Yes. I am always doing something new that's why it's called “Beyond Belief.” 

Marie Gilbert: How can people contact you for an order?

Anna Brandimarte: By cell and email cell 2014783544 Email 

Thank you Anna, for doing this interview and I hope to see you at a few Psychic Expos.